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Smoking cigarettes anywhere

All over the world, millions (if not billions) of people are smoking. From place to place, this is from something very natural to something forbidden. For example, in the Philippines, children start smoking probably when they start walking [1], while in a factory of explosives, this is strictly banned. So, smoking places do exist also in Second Life, like in real life.


Many smoked cigarettes at the feet of a convinced smoker

Smoking in Second Life is much different from real life smoking. First, cigarettes usually don't end, they can be used forever, unless they are specially made in a way to be consumed. Second, it is sometimes unnatural, you can smoke with any part of your body and you might exhale also with any part of the body if the cigarette is made that way. Third, it has no risk for your health, avatars never die.

Unlike real life, cigarettes can be divided in two different staff: fixed and animated. A fixed cigarette remains on your lips, while an animated one makes your hand move with a smoking animation. They also need an exhaler, a device that blows smoke (i.e. a particle jet) from your mouth. Usually, the amount of smoke is much higher than in real life.

Permissions and land rating

There are currently no restrictions for smoking throughout the grid. It is allowed in General, Moderate and Adult places. So, cigarettes, cigars or pipes can be smoked anywhere. There is a single problem, since they are made functional by a script, they might not work properly in 'no script' areas.

According to official data [2], there is no restriction for smoking in sims with maturity level set to 'General'.

Inworld smoking places

The following list is made with the most known smoking places:

Themed places

Foxy's smoke club

Usually, these are shops. For some reasons, we don't show data about prices and quality of products here. If somebody wants, a special page about a certain merchant or shop can be created and linked here.

  • Ana's Secret Home (not in search) is a building full of smoke inside Achemon sim <215,172,57>. It is not a shop, but you can get free cigarettes from 1st floor.
  • Blazing Breedables is located in Shaka sim, Sansara. It is a shop and a place for canabis lovers.
  • Don Reginaldo is located in Tuvuca Bay sim, Far North Ocean
  • Foxy's Smoke Club is located in Rydal, Sansara. ((No Longer Active Since 2008))
  • Hot Licks Rock Club in Sensual Ecstasy, A124 Sim Cluster, is a place where you can smoke without problems.
  • Hookah Lounge Oasis is located in Yeodeol, Jeogeot and is a hookah paradise, with interesting architecture.
  • Le Cigare is a place in St John Parish sim. This is a smoking club and a shop of smoking posters.
  • Need 4 Weed is located in Olexandrovich sim, Gaeta 5. It is a place for bong lovers.
  • NikotiN Original Smoke est. 2008 , Inworld, Facebook, Marketplace, Flickr Contact : Raph DIRVAL
  • Smoker's Paradise is placed in Neo Goths sim, A074 Sim Cluster. It is a shop.
  • The Cannabis Cup is placed in Triglav sim, Satori. It is a place to smoke pot.

Not themed places

Cigarettes can be found in many other places. For example, there are chairs in Caledon (Caledon - Winterfel continent) with smoking animation. Also, at House Of Freedom (Achemon sim, Heterocera, you can get a free functional cigarette. Many other places exist.

Vanished places

  • Smoking Smoking Smoking was a BDSM place for smokers, in Gaeta 1. It vanished somewhere in autumn 2013.

Other resources

Le Cigare

There are many smoking-themed groups, more then 100 and with many members.

The Marketplace is full with thousands of cigarettes, cigars, bongs, pipes, narguiles and smoking animations.

Also, pictures and short films exist on many sites, made of people that love inworld smoking.

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