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There are a number of IRC channels that are used in the development process of Snowglobe by many of the contributors. The channels are all hosted on the Freenode network. If you don't have an IRC client, you can access these channels using Freenode's web-based interface.

The main channels are

  • #opensl - Main development channel related to Secondlife/opensource
  • #opensl-jira - jira bug tracker announcements in real time
  • ##snowglobe - Channel bridged to in-world Snowglobe group for two way communication.

The channels feature some support "bots" that provide various services

After a commit to the Snowglobe SVN by a developer, the Linden Labs Team City build server will attempt to build a new Snowglobe release, if this is successful it will be announced on both #opensl and ##snowglobe with a link to the link to the Snowglobe download page. The latest automatic builds are now available on Snowglobe download page.

IRC Guidelines

There are some basic guidelines to follow when using the IRC channels :-

  • The IRC channels are not a support medium - Please don’t ask for general support with Secondlife, the channels are for development related issues, if you are asking about specific issues with the Snowglobe viewer that is fine, or asking about problems building your own viewer, or issues within the source code is also on topic, but we cannot assist with things like issues with your SL account.
  • Please don't ask to ask, just ask your question and wait for a reply
  • Please have patience, if you don't get a reply straight away then please just wait. People are in different time zones and many of us leave our clients connected 24/7 but may be at work/asleep/busy or the people currently around may simply not know your answer.
  • Please try to show respect to each other. Everyone on the channels is there because they want to be. Even the Lindens on the channels are there because they want to be not because it is part of their job to be there so please be respectful.
  • Remember that anyone helping you is doing it in there own time, it is no ones duty to help you.
  • Please try to avoid bad language, although discussions do get heated at times and frustrations vented so also please don’t take offence at the occasional expletive.