Snowglobe Test Plans/Test Pass 1

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Test plan loosely adapted from Linden Lab's internal plan for 1.23.

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Snowglobe Current Cycle


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Tracking issue

Test Scope and Strategy

We're planning to model testing on our internal cycle.

We'll investigate the feasibility of doing a broad functionality testpass, along with spot checking and day-to-day usage from the community.

Platforms we'd like to test

  • Windows
    • XP
    • Vista
    • Windows 7
  • Mac
    • Intel Mac
    • PowerPC Mac
  • Linux
    • Distros based on volunteer interest
      • Ubuntu 9.04

Test Details

Describes the release and deploy related testing that we will be targeting.

Test Pass #1

  • Functional areas
    • This test cycle will focus on the overall expected functionality of the viewer, from a user's perspective. All major functionality of the viewer is to be tested and validated against expected behaviours.
  • Related Test Plans
  • Related Docs
  • Release Test Plan
Testing Areas Description Test Plan  % Complete Volunteer Status
Viewer Smoke Test This test has been designed to cover a basic spread of functionality prior to releasing a version to the main grid. Preview Smoke Test 50% Philip_Linden, Youri Ashton 1 bug, switching into FS on XP goes to black. See VWR-13747
UI Tests UI changes and general UI coverage test plan, on Default and Silver skins. Includes toolbars, menus, UI elements. User Interface Smoke Test 100% Melinda Latynina, Twisted Laws See VWR-13748
New functionality Verify each new feature passes its own test plan see Snowglobe Current Cycle and find test plan for each item  % Rob Linden See VWR-13749
New User Test Test from a brand new user's perspective Newbie Test 100% Merov Linden, Thickbrick Sleaford See VWR-13750
Preferences and General UI Elements Verify each preference in the Preferences floater individually by selecting and hitting OK. (No formal test plan exists for this.) Unexpected Behaviour = UI issues; settings which change on toggle but before OK; obvious deviation from expected behaviour. The preferences field uses every UI element at least once. 100% Opensource Obscure OK. See VWR-13752
Appearance Editor Test Exercise the editor as a new user Exploratory/Scenario 0%
Build Tools Test Building Tools Test 0% See VWR-13751
Bug reporter Verify bug reporting links take you to appropriate landing pages  %