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  • This page ontologically groups features from the perspective of what a user can do. Each feature will have a landing page with links to the following:
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  • you to choose a gender. (If you have selected this at the registration page, this option is not available) * Verify Home takes you to a help index page listing the various help topics available.
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  • #Hi-light 2 lines and click on Edit/Delete #Hi-light 2 lines and click on delete key to remove the 2 lines
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  • This script is to test finding interesting content in-world. It will focus on Popular p # Verify that none of the parcels on the 1st page are Linden owned land.
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  • Do not leave commented-out code in any commits that you make. Delete that code instead. ...head, do not use these functions. Even if you think you know, read the man page again.
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  • With version 1.18 a template verifier script written in Python is used to ensure the message template is correct. In so * Go to the [[source downloads]] page and grab the [[
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  • ...set of non-Linden "reviewers" in place who can contribute meaningfully to page stability and accuracy ...nden|Torley Linden]]: cause i was just researching that. every single wiki page has an RSS feed. there's an overall RSS feed for ALL changes, and category-
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  • * '''Note''' the inventory context menu '''Delete''' command only moves it into the '''Trash''' folder, it can still be retri ...hree menus (File, Create, and Sort) which are described on a separate wiki page, along with the context menus.
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  • This page is part of the documentation of the 1.23 viewer. For dropdown menus see [[ ...'' - Creates a new empty script in the 'Scripts' folder with the name 'New Script'.
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  • ...mary, with minor edits, of the topics listed on the Modeling Certification page. Please use the discussion page if you disagree with this list.
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  • UPDATE: Since this page was written, a feature was added to the 1.20 viewer to change to a Classic This page is a great practice exercise, to become familiar with how the skinning arch
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  • * Accepted or uploaded assets of a certain type (eg. Clothing, Script, Animation) will go into a system folder of the same type. New Script
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  • * VWR-356: Move delete to the bottom of context menus, separated by spacer * make link from client log in window to "Forgot Password" page
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  • ...ion, snapshot) on the [[Talk:Sculpted_Prims:_Sculpt_Maps_and_Textures|talk page]].)'' :# Open the LSL Script Editor. Create and save a new script as seen below.
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  • * {{jira|SVC-142}} - 10 minutes for a script to load - {{User|Rita Cummings}} * {{jira|VWR-310}} - On viewing a MySpace page with Audio in the Web Tab of profiles the audio keeps playing after the pro
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  • This page supplements [[Compiling the viewer (Mac OS X)]]. ...the following commands (you may find it convenient to put this in a shell script file):
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  • | style="white-space:normal;"|Check out the SL News Feeds page I managed to put together: ...ace:normal;"|splittable scroll areas would be useful in the inventory, and script and notecard editors too, solve lots of problems in one :)
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  • This page contains a complete list of steps you can follow to recover any inventory t # Delete or rename the .inv.gz file
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  • ** Clear log and Delete Transcripts option in Chat Preferences **{{jira|CHUI-295}} Incorrect options, including God option Delete System folder, shown in right click context menu on landmarks in Places flo
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  • This page will hold all sorts of use cases and should be some brainstorming place. Pl ...client'. For more complete use cases, link usecase category to a separate page and use the template [[Early Stage Usecase Template| here]].
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  • brief & clear & conventional (though neither clever nor fast nor small) script: ...lar to this for use with mono compilation is on the [[Talk:Code Sizer|talk page]].'''
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  • | style="white-space:normal;"|VWR-2582 - Votes: 1 - Delete/Return crashes Open Source built in VC Express 2005 using unmodifi ...te-space:normal;"|It's definitely a known issue. There's text added to the page commenting on it.
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  • | style="white-space:normal;"|so what if we simply create or delete an agent as needed? | style="white-space:normal;"|Just like if I load a local web page,
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  • *[[User:Jesse_Barnett|Click Here]] To see my page and more of my scripts Create something pretty to put this script in and to sit on.
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  • ...erver paper I put on the wiki (draft 1, no 2 coming soon) is about scaling script engine ... I am writing the actual code for this for OpenSim at the same ti | style="white-space:normal;"|because then somebody needs to delete their instance
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  • The new Linden teleport functions are fantastic but they only work on the script's owner. The way to do this is to wear a script which will teleport you on request, while still asking you before doing so.
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  • ...e-space:normal;"|I think it should be easy-- just get everyone on the same page. | style="white-space:normal;"|Lets get login workign as a script, then poitn to it and say "can we do better, please?"
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  • ...Tao Takashi|Tao Takashi]]: just FYI: I finally managed to upload the chat script from last time ...0 9:35] [[User:Saijanai Kuhn|Saijanai Kuhn]]: yeah. Took the libsl python script and got it to step 2: grabbing the seed-cap and getting other caps
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  • '''Torley Linden:''' As it says on the page, "We're going to tweak settings like gamma so the end result is more balanc Ollj Oh: uh. just transfer a script that sets up windlight<br>
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  • yourself to uploading everything in 1024x1024 and taking 2-3 minutes a page to fully load. :( ...aire: it seems to have a hardcoded "check and delete on every visit to the page" attitude.
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  • ...5:03] [[User:Daedalus Young|Daedalus Young]]: well, if posted on the wiki page, it creates the links * [15:03] [[User:Torley Linden|Torley Linden]]: I'm going to link that RC page to other pages.
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  • [14:13] Jon Linden: the way i understand it, we don't delete accounts unless they actually request it ...Thanks. I'll remember to search the knowledge base as well as the support page
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  • ## Branding script: Merov working on it though making build works everywhere is prio 1 ## Build in general: We need to update the relevant wiki page(s) for 1.x and 2.x.
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  • ...First, you can find a lot of information on the Second Life wiki, the Mono page [2008/02/22 15:06] Thomas Shikami: I have a script, that is actually same speed between mono and LSL2, which is itself computa
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  • ...the left navigation menu. The first section - includes the SLGrid (about) page and the current How Organizations use the Grid. We plan to move the current ...pes and sizes of providers, its not just a matter of how good you build or script, it is also a matter of service and ability to deliver certain things in a
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  • ...iewer. Ghost prims mean I rez an object work on it take it to inventory or delete it, it visually disappears is also not editable any more but you still phys Yenwen Fall: how about the FOV thing. would like to be able to make a camara script<br>
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  • [15:00] Phantom Ninetails: COuld I get you to delete those pac-men over there? They've been bothering me for a while ...6] Siann Beck: I haven't had a chance to look into it yet, but I have one script bundling some values into a string to pass via link message; on the other s
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  • * Various script projects which are easy to use, for the Move Tutorial. She'll create a rez/derez script which will also be used at the boats later.
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  • ...d to bugs). Therefore please do '''not''' renumber them, or reformat this page into further subsections. Thank you. -[[User:Ramzi Linden|Ramzi Linden]] **** Click on "More >". There will be 7 new sections: Wear, Delete, Buy…, More >, Return, Attach >, Attach HUD>. (Some may be greyed out/in
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  • * [12:12] [[User:Gigs Taggart|Gigs Taggart]]: Please delete the SecondLife directories (SecondLife, SecondLifeReleaseCandidate, SecondL ...emember an update around ... 1.10? That broke every omega object until the script was reset
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  • Delete the notecards ending in "examples", along with the ~pillow object and any e ...l it add it to the last page of a series of sub-menu pages, or to a single-page sub-menu -- you must add the word BACK yourself manually to these if desire
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  • ...van Linden|Donovan Linden]]: however, I think what is on the Reverse HTTP page, amended with some information about what the client should do after a time ...Ellison]]: an idea - put such a test util up on the secondlife downloads page
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  • ...the AUTOMORE feature (see below). This does not add a BACK to every menu page, only those with "MORE-->" inserted by the AUTOMORE feature. This directive changes the maximum memory limit for the ~menu script.
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  • * Hold down the Alt key and press Page Up or Page Down. This allows you to rotate your camera, locating any of your objects t ...ontain a script. Beacons make it easy to locate any objects that contain a script.
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  • * Com a tecla Alt apertada, pressione Page Up ou Page Down. Isto lhe permite girar sua câmera, localizando quaisquer objetos seu Freqüentemente, o objeto que você está procurando pode conter um script. Os beacons tornam fácil a localização de objetos que contenham scripts.
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  • * [9:41] [[User:Zha Ewry|Zha Ewry]]: '''and.. I want to be able to add/delete from it at will, without any sort of external dependencies (I htink this is * [9:43] [[User:Rex Cronon|Rex Cronon]]: '''what exactly u want to add/delete?'''
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  • ...nden|Rob Linden]]: it's on the list of stuff to do, and the Texture Cache page on the wiki pretty much sums up what we're still thinking ...e decode with the time and asset ID, then answer that quickly with a shell script.
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  • '''NOTE:''' This page is somewhat old. In version 1.23 of the viewer there is a new ability to s * FontMonospace (Script Editor text)
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  • ...s are helpful but not strictly enforced. Therefore the information on this page cannot be endorsed by Linden Lab.[ ...ith little official line on the subject in public from Linden Lab®. This page aims to dispel myths and clarify the boundaries for their use as indicated
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  • ...doesn't seem to affect the autoreturn stuff... the date has to do with the script rather than the object, I think.</nowiki></font> ...><b>Andrew Linden</b><nowiki>: I asked around and was pointed to this wiki page: </nowiki><nowiki>#Using_Web_Pr
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