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  • ...its beach, sand and palms. Area for your first steps (tutorials, sandbox, free clothing, etc.). A group of several thousand members [http://www.france-pit (Cycnia)}}: A place to make new friends, speak in Spanish and have fun. Free help, Spanish notecards, etc.
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  • ...ou are sure about the copyright agreements. See the [[Talk:LSL Portal|LSL Portal discussion]] page for more information. == LSL Portal ==
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  • ...ors in Second Life. Our Concierge team is also accessible via our Support Portal, helping edcuators set up and manage their own regions efficiently. Also on our [ Support Portal] you will find many Knowledge Base articles written by our Documentation Te
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  • Effective programming in [[LSL Portal|LSL]] requires that developers use a disciplined approach towards formattin There are many [[LSL Alternate Editors|third party editors]] with [[LSL Portal|LSL]] syntax files available. See an example below of what your workflow wo
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  • There are several off-world editors available for free or to purchase. Some have syntax highlighting for LSL that will make your If you have a favorite that is missing from the list, '''please''' feel free to add it.
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  • ...the public ([ the Wikipedia] for example), or are free to join. ...reliability issues in the past and constant spammer attacks. In the [[LSL Portal#Developer Resources|Developer Resources]] list, there are three others, all
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  • ...of them. He began by noting that OSMP has an offline sandbox, as well as a portal system. He took the occasion to suggest that this could be approximated wit ...I hold office hours on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 8:30-9:30 am PDT. Feel free to stop by:
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  • * upgrade in-tree Win32 GL headers to version without SGI Free B license * Updated text in Second Life Crash Logger with new support portal information
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  • ...ill be tested internally by Linden Lab. We will endeavor to provide enough free building space to test out various feature additions and bugfixes. In other cases, we may disable a region to free up host machines to test other regions with other features or problems.
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  • (postcards are free!) [[Category:QA Portal]]
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  • [0050] Feel free to edit the script to add or change the sim names and then reset the [[Category:QA Portal]]
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  • ...'''Talk''' button has a small lock icon; click on it to use your mic hands-free (i.e. to toggle the mic's open state). The button will 'glow' yellow when y * [[Voice|Voice Portal]]
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  • ...rly read by newcomers despite repeated requests to check them out. support portal requirements to login prior to using Knowledge Base / Solution Finders cont ...on't *need* any money to enjoy Second Life. Most activities are completely free, plus they'll find thousands and thousands of freebies all over SL. Clothin
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  • {{:API Portal/navigation|reg}} ...oth bulk and individual registrations, through your own hosted customized portal. Including adult registration for Teen Second Life
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  • ...they use to create them. Enjoy. Remember, this is '''your''' Wiki. Feel free to edit it to your satisfaction. ...ntory Library|library]] of textures, and there are lots more available for free and for purchase. Textures are also a good example of building tools outsi
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  • * Discussion of test plans at [[QA Portal]] ...Would you want these test plans in the same format as described on the QA portal? Because honestly I'm not really enamored with that format :)
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  • * [14:14] [[User:Gigs Taggart|Gigs Taggart]]: I'm just saying.. no free lunch and all. At some point it does make sense to just hire an expert to d * [14:41] [[User:Rob Linden|Rob Linden]]: everyone should feel free to form a subgroup to talk about specific architectural points
    37 KB (5,581 words) - 15:52, 18 October 2007
  • == QA Portal == ...s... if you see something that LL should be doing differently, please feel free to say so!
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  • ...he general public will pass through as well. Community members should feel free to use this space to meet in-world to work on SL open source issues or just [[Category:Open Source Portal]]
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  • ...will not get any virtual money (L$) until you earn it. Even so, there are free shopping resources where new users can turn, and there are experienced help That is, it pretends to run, well enough. Like other great free but only half-ported Unix applications such as Stellarium, the Second Life
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  • {{Alert Box|'''Please note that this wiki portal is not an advertising space but rather a community resource and vehicle for * '''Antonino Perricone's Luce''' (AE/PPRO) Free light ray effects plugin for After Effects and Premiere [http://amicoperry.
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  • ...e on which they run, many types of LCC are likely to use one of the avatar-free models under the [[Use_Cases#SecondlifeTube|SecondlifeTube]] heading, and h ...client would implement mouse tracking and provide feedback to the HUD, to free up sim resources that would otherwise be required to change the position of
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  • ...Island or Orientation Island in the World Map search to locate them. Feel free to drop in these locations and see if helping there is a good fit for you! ...y important resource so you will want to bookmark this one! [[Volunteer Portal]]
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  • ...importante recurso, por isso você vai querer anotar este! [[Volunteer Portal]] feel free to explore it and give suggestion!!
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  • :A large list of clients (not necessarily 3D) developed in the free and open-source community using GPL code from the above two official viewer * [ Open Source Portal] --index to all things Open Source for Linden Lab
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  • ...ecards is encouraged as it fulfills the intended objectives, however, feel free to be creative and use any presentation screen or gadgetry you may have to ...ation hosting certification. When your orientation plan is completed, feel free to sign up using the registration link which will let us know your plan mee
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  • This article lists non-profit volunteer groups. If you run such a group, feel free to add it to the list. Some groups are currently not findable via the searc ...ab to fullfil a certain standard. Please visit the [[Resident Help Network Portal]] for a list of these groups.
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  • * [10:02] [[User:Torley Linden|Torley Linden]]: HAHAAH PORTAL * [10:03] [[User:Torley Linden|Torley Linden]]: Squirrel, you like Portal?
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  • ...nden proposal, as it stands, will require any non-LL grid to have a single portal region/sim to the "main" grid. | style="white-space:normal;"|And we're free to make reference clients that implement them, of course.
    119 KB (15,891 words) - 15:03, 8 July 2008
  • ...p Islands. Type Help Island in the World Map search to locate them. Feel free to drop in these locations and see if helping there is a good fit for you! ...y important resource so you will want to bookmark this one! [[Volunteer Portal]]
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  • Second Life Mentor Scribes please feel free to help do any translations and also list your name here if you are willing |[[Localization Portal]]
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  • == Welcome to the LSL Portal Translation Project! == ...fort to provide a multi-lingual translation of the LSL Portal. Please feel free to edit and add languages to the set.
    3 KB (418 words) - 09:37, 8 June 2013
  • ...からぜひブックマークしておいてください! [[Volunteer Portal|ボランティア・ポータル]] feel free to explore it and give suggestion!!
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  • Jack - There have been lots of changes last year with new support program and portal, including a new support system, called Parature, that has worked very well ...t tickets a day; amounting to around 100,000 tickets since the new support portal went live.
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  • ...of land. when going to buy that land, in order to get the privilege of the free tier, does it have to be in mainland and owned by Governor Linden? and does ...g PJIRA is "not for support-type issues", but a link to the KB (or Support Portal) is a perfect extra step.
    37 KB (6,206 words) - 15:38, 18 November 2009
  • you have a more recent or just better version of it? In this case, feel free to replace the old one and update the following list of contributions.''</n * [[LSL Portal Translation Project]]
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  • ...ially calculation intensive ones.''' The Linden Scripting Language ( [[LSL Portal | LSL]] ) has not changed in any way<span class="TablePager_nav">[[#FAQ-Dif I used "Nu Athens" a free download and loaded it up on 3 configurations:
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  • ...Island or Orientation Island in the World Map search to locate them. Feel free to drop in these locations and see if helping there is a good fit for you! ...n ihr setzt euch einen bookmark hier her! [[Volunteer Portal/de|Volunteer Portal]]
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  • Jeremy Linden: Hello Ricken. Welcome to Documentation office hours! Feel free to have a seat while we wait for a few more people to show up. ...n: Hello Miskat and JoseDiego! Welcome to Documentation Office Hours. Feel free to have a seat, and let the questions and suggestions flow :-)
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  • *Calleta Free Store, Calleta (184, 52) ...pecialists can help. They also have office hours! Please see the volunteer portal (link provided later in the list) at the Second Life wiki for details.
    24 KB (4,022 words) - 15:15, 7 November 2008
  • [14:31] Simon Kline: i guess another thing with getting the support portal looked at more [15:02] You: If I'm wrong, please feel free to file a feature request at
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  • In Second Life, Residents can own their own land and are free to make it what they wish, subject to certain constraints such as the land ...ome areas are becoming over commercialized, and while residents are always free to purchase a private island to escape this, many cannot afford the associa
    17 KB (3,030 words) - 01:01, 2 September 2008
  • ...You: We're gearing up to release a bunch of major upgrades to the Support portal, and removing the login for the KB is [2008/02/01 14:18] Free Radar HUD v1.0 by Crystal Gadgets (Babeli 128,128,22)
    29 KB (4,190 words) - 15:31, 18 November 2009
  • *Calleta Free Store, Calleta (184, 52) ...m dieses Dokument geschrieben wurde, führt das Hilfe-Menü zu dem Support-Portal, dem "Scripting-Wiki", dem Werkzeug um Mißbräuche zu melden und so weiter
    24 KB (3,724 words) - 15:17, 7 November 2008
  • [14:23] Roken Price: I guess asking for a free sim is off the cards :) ...28] You: "You are free to copy, distribute and transmit the work. You are free to adapt the work."
    24 KB (3,865 words) - 15:48, 18 November 2009
  • Jon Linden: feel free to have a seat, too ...a Knowledge Base Suggestion just like a support ticket through the support portal.
    50 KB (9,033 words) - 15:31, 18 November 2009
  • You: Hello Edward, welcome to Documentation Office Hours. Feel free to have a seat! Jaszon Maynard: New portal, yes!
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  • ...o work on that, but I bet you can get proper help if you visit the support portal and submit a ticket-- make sure the ticket [2008/03/07 14:36] You: Feel free to have a seat and chat about your experiences with the Knowledge Base, or
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  • There are several off-world editors available for free or purchase. Some have syntax highlighting for LSL that will make your cod If you have a favorite that is missing from the list, '''please''' feel free to add it.
    8 KB (1,298 words) - 04:15, 3 November 2012
  • You: Feel free to have a seat! You: I don't have an agenda planned for today, so feel free to jump in with any concerns or comments you have regarding the Knowledge B
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