TSL Volunteer Group IM Guidelines

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Out of Date

The volunteer information on this page is now out of date and will be kept for historical purposes. Please do not update information on this page.

The following are the formal guidelines to be followed in the Volunteer Group IMs (TSL Mentors 2.0):

Please remember, the Mentor Group Instant Message (IM) channel can reach a large number of people. Make sure to use the channel only for important issues. Questions and concerns that do not need to be broadcast to the whole volunteer group likely should be brought up in a separate communication venue.

IM Policy

  • If you have an inquiry for the Mentor Group IM channel that is answered in the Mentor Group channel or see a question in the channel that is answered and resolved, chat in the channel should end.
  • If your inquiry CAN be answered in IM, it SHOULD be answered in IM.
  • If your inquiry CAN be answered in IM, end your message to the Mentor Group IM channel with "IM me please."
  • If you CAN reply to an inquiry via IM, you should reply via IM. Chat in the Mentor Group channel should be minimized.

Use the Channel for Helpful Reference

  • Do answer questions that appear in channel with a helpful point to the most relevant help resource.
  • Do encourage the use of wiki, KB and Pjira often.
  • Do contact Linden Support via the Support portal at http://secondlife.com/community/support.php if a Linden is required for support related concerns.
  • Do file an Abuse Report via Help->Report Abuse... for abuse, harassment or griefing concerns.

Use the Channel to Rally Volunteers

  • Do use the channel if you would like to gather a group of helpers...
  • Do use the channel to ask for additional helpers if a volunteer location is very busy.
  • Do use the channel if you are seeking a volunteer who speaks a certain language. Only reply to those type messages if you do speak the language.

Use Channel Etiquette

  • Do be courteous to your teammates in the group channel.
  • Do try to avoid extended conversation...Try other venues for friendly chatter.
  • Do avoid disputes. Agree to disagree! Please keep debates in Private IMs.
  • Do know when less is more....there's no need to respond if your answer is "sorry I don't know"