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Strife, if you're going to add the llGetAnimation information to this article you might need to mention "Soft Landing", which is treated the same as "Landing" in most animation overriders (i.e. the animations are of the same 'type'). The only exception I know of is Firestorm's animation overrider. Phoenix's, Franimation, and ZHAO-II all play the 'land' animation you chose for both "Landing" and "Soft Landing". Those four are the most widely used animation overriders in Second Life.

I'd suggest putting both in the same entry in the table, then putting a footnote after "Soft Landing" and explaining what I just did, but I'll leave that up to you.

Actually, if you're going to be adding llGetAnimation information to articles, you should possibly consider adding it to the one I wrote on Animation Upload Priority, since it covers all animation types supported by most animation overriders, along with most other kinds of animations people will be uploading. I don't suppose it would hurt to have it added to both. It'd reduce the work for people trying to understand or write animation overriders.

Be aware that some entries won't have clear-cut associations. For instance, a animation for a attachment has a clear-cut correct priority (4; so it can be used while sitting, for example), but might be playing when llGetAnimation returns most any value.

Also consider adding a link to the llGetAnimation page in the See Also section of any page you add that information to.

Coaldust Numbers 07:42, 2 October 2011 (PDT)