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Following the lead of Rob Linden and Benjamin Linden, I'll be starting my own weekly bug triages focusing on Viewer Crashes. I created a new filter in the Issue Tracker titled (appropriately!) "Viewer Crashes". We'll be looking through issues that have not already been imported into Linden Lab's internal issue tracker, sorted by priority.

The Viewer Crashes bug triage will be on Wednesdays at 3:00 pm at my house in Linden Village. We'll use the same general process the other triages have been following. Minutes and transcripts from the triage will be posted to the Wiki after each triage. I’ll be your host, but expect to see other Lindens make appearances and help out.

The first Viewer Crashes bug triage will be held Wednesday, July 25th. I could really use some help with the agenda for this first triage. Any volunteers?


--Bridie Linden