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If a hack is used to implement them, then it won't be a sane solution LL will accept. It's a catch 22. The biggest issue is keeping mesh sizes down. When you start talking about animating mesh you quickly increase the size of the mesh. For example the SL avatar mesh use morphs, as a result they increase the size by more then a factor of 10 (about 90% of the 4MB are morphs). These mesh would have to be downloaded and held in memory. Just a few hundred unique mesh in a scene and the system is out of memory. So using morphs is out on size alone. Bone driven animations are quite workable (and could piggyback on the SL animation format). Course then how would you trigger animations? It's a bad scene anyway you view it. Compressions is a moot issue as you still have to decompress what is downloaded. It is my opinion that it will be 2 -> 3 years before mesh are partical for SL (video & computer hardware are the limiting factors). Strife Onizuka 01:13, 29 January 2007 (PST)