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There are a few problems with the DialogPlus examples.

1) The scripts respond to anyone touching, but always send the dialog to the owner. Potentially very confusing!
2) A UDF named TrimStringToLength is missing.
3) The dialog buttons would include the name of the script itself; not likely to be what you want.
4) The UDF function DialogPlus directly sets the global integer menuindex, so there is no point in passing menuindex as a parameter to the function.
5) Passing the whole inventory list to the UDF is wasteful of run-time space. Better to use a global list.
6) The temporary list lbut is not needed and just wastes run-time space.

I'll try and fix these issues - or some of them. Or just recommend this alternative: SimpleDialogMenuSystem Omei Qunhua 07:28, 24 March 2014 (PDT)