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Guidelines for Morph Target Discussion

Recommended usage guidelines for this discussion page:

When creating a topic on this page, you should "headline" each topic as such:

===My Awesome Topic===

Followed by the content you would like to discuss.

You should also "sign" each comment with four tildes as such:

===My Awesome Topic===

This topic is awesome. You should all discuss it. ~~~~

Which will look like:

My Awesome Topic

This topic is awesome. You should all discuss it. Geenz Spad 17:02, 19 July 2012 (PDT)

Please keep the discussion relevant to morph targets, and the proposal at hand. Irrelevant discussion will be removed, for reasons of keeping the discussion organized.

Please feel free to raise technical questions, user facing questions, and content creator facing questions as well. Please add your topics below the following headline.