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Perfect timing, shut down authorized vendors with a fraudulent explication then stop people from asking why. Sadly, I would expect nothing less.

Office hours

Please note: we will be suspending all GTeam office hours for the rest of 2008 and restarting sometime next year.

Welcome to 2009.

Me and 16,785,531 other people would like to know when (not if) these "office hours" will be restarted, so that the community can properly inform these otherwise uninformed "employees" of where SL stands (lies down) as far as governance goes. It seems that everyone is taking an extended vacation, if you would like to hire anyone else to replace the current "g-team", then do speak up. Until then, I expect every user to follow the same rules I have to, and to get what I paid (pay) for, even though there haven't been any new developments since 2008, just the same ones that have been around for years... -Cow Taurog 03:50, 23 March 2009 (UTC)