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Use Cases

Can we expand a bit on these usecases/scenarios?

1.) Running on LAN without Internet access

   a.) Home Network.
   b.) Temporary Ad Hoc Network (i.e. Lan party, salesman+client(s), etc.)
   c.) Secure facility (i.e. R&D facility, new products, "clean room")

2.) Partial Internet Access

   a.) behind a fire wall
   b.) Semi-secure facility
   c.) VPN

Also, for any of these that might be supported, what how does the lack of "central services" affect them? --Burhop Piccard 15:04, 3 October 2007 (PDT)


I hate to bring up everyone's favorite subject, but my understanding of the interaction between grids is that each grid grants visitors from foreign grids certain permissions on what they can and cannot bring in, and grants agents from their grid certain permissions on what they can take with them to foreign grids. This assumes that all region servers can be trusted to maintain the policies of the grid that they are a part of.

I really don't see private grids on someone's local machine as something that can ever be trusted by anyone other than yourself. We do have limits on how we can protect assets that are visible to the viewer, but server-only assets have enjoyed much stronger protection. Even if LL ends up permitting server assets to be copied to user's workstations, Corporate Manager X is definitely not going to be happy about that stuff going through their firewall. --Odysseus Fairymeadow 09:38, 8 October 2007 (PDT)