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About reverting the contribution 1173202 (from 09:59, 7 October 2012 back to almost original 04:22, 13 November 2012)

First, thank you Kireji for taking time to change my script in means of improving it. But i had to revert the changes, and i think i have reasons to do so. Actually the wiki is a place where people publish scripts and improve them, also improve scripts of others. So i am fully aware that my scripts can be changed by others any time. But i don't see the contribution 1173202 was an improvement.

The original script had a proper structure, i separated the script into sections, the Core section, the On/Off section and so on. The idea was, the user can remove sections and also events inside section if not needed. I even denoted this in comments. With the change 1173202 the sections gone but the comment kept talking about sections which is irritating the wiki user.

Ok, the readability is a matter of taste. For my taste, if the '{' char is placing in the next line (the c style), the code stops being readable for me, i see it broken. So, my taste and part of my hand writing is placing this char behind the name of the code block.

Third, the timers in the test script are not unnecessary, only that one in default state is. Because the test script if running must print "--- alive ---" every 10 seconds to demonstrate, the script is stil active and not stopped by SL in the area of testing. This needs timers. However, in the defaulst state there is no timer event and starting the timer with 10sec is a bug, which i corrected.

However, changing scripts in wiki is not a bad idea, and i am not against it generally. But please if you do so, add your name to the authors list (originally only mine) and explain shortly, what you changed, as i also asked to do in comments. Best if the changes fix bugs or are a work-around when the script stopped working after lindens changed servers. Changing the script without a comment pretends i had writen the code, with all the glory and responsibility, which is not right.