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  • This bolting on of an "incubator" onto the side of the AWG wiki doesn't reflect wiki dynamics at all.
  • On a wiki, every page is an incubator. All pages emerge, grow, evolve, mature and sometimes go to the great wiki in the sky through the many well-considered contributions and evaluations of participants. The concept of leaving the incubator is quite foreign: it implies that a page is no longer evolving, which is close to saying that it's dead. No good wiki page would want to leave this normal state of permanent incubation --- it's the wiki way,
  • The fact that some substantial AWG pages were put in without a Talk page at all (let alone an actual discussion about it) isn't the wiki way at all. I hope that this was simply pump priming, and that they will be allowed to evolve normally. Wikis are strong places only because their documents undergo continual improvement by multiple parties. Without that, all you have is a static website in wiki clothing, and you gain none of the benefits of this community tool.

--Morgaine Dinova 19:33, 11 November 2007 (PST)