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You should never have deleted all the town hall transcripts!

That's the social history of Second Life!

How dare you do that?!

Managed to find the Town Hall Logs on the SL Wikia. I agree the social history of Second Life should not be deleted on the SL Wiki.

Daniel Voyager 1:21, 11 May 2011 PST

Town hall transcripts are still there


I assume those are the pages to which you are referring. The issue may be that they are hard to find now. Historians may wish to categorize or otherwise organize these pages to make them easier to find.

If anyone finds any historically significant information that was inadvertently deleted (see the wiki logs), please IM here on the wiki or inworld, and I will restore it. We may need to mark some material as "outdated" to avoid confusion.

--Rand Linden 10:25, 16 May 2011 (PDT)

No, Rand. That you don't even understand what town hall meetings are, and that they are a different genre completely than office hours, speaks volumes about the problem here of your deleting many things unnecessarily and wrongfully.

Town Hall meeting transcripts were part of the official LL wiki and categorized as such, and were apparently also under the user account Philip Linden and Cory Linden and others.

SL Wikia, the separate instituition, kept them preserved, but they should be kept on LL's official wiki as well. This is what they look like:

If you search under the term "town hall" you will not find them here in this wiki *because you deleted them*. There were some 60 meetings from 2003-2006 called "town halls" with Philip Linden or other senior Lindens on four-corner sims with 160 or more avatars, these are not "office hours" which were smaller meetings with under 40 avatars.

Making us go search through endless deletion notices to pick out the town hall and other important documents to restore is cruel and unusual punishment and not necessary if you yourself use sense and good will and restore all town hall transcripts and office hours.

Furthermoer, your claims that all of Robin Linden's OHs are here is incorrect. What remain are *only* the 2007 transcripts. But Robin Linden left in 2009, and there were OH before and after 2007. If you page through all the search results on "Robin Linden" you will see only 2007, and then references from other Linden OHs that are not her transcripts. Ditto Jack Linden.

Furthermore there are sometimes transcripts on the Linden blog that could be lost when you put your axe to "cleaning up" that set of material, and those transcripts should be consolidated in one historical wiki as well, i.e.:

Prokofy Neva 13:13, 16 May 2011 (PDT)

Town hall transcripts WERE NOT DELETED

Please tell me the specific documents that you want restored, and I will do so: Here is the list of deletions:

You will notice that there are no document titles containing the words "town hall". We did not delete any such documents.

--Rand Linden 10:11, 17 May 2011 (PDT)