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Need LSL method to monitor LOD changes

As someone who builds lots of complex machines with spinning wheels, rotors, impellers, and so forth, it isn't a good idea for the LOD to be able to suddenly degrade from a cylinder to a cube without notifying the scripts. This sudden uinannounced LOD changing will immediately jam the device where the newly formed cube corners overlap where a cylinder or sphere was previously curved.

Frequently I am building objects that closely gap the tolerance spacing between objects, and suddenly swapping to a cube shape will only make the collisions completely wrong and potentially even worse until the object explodes.

We will need the ability to detect these physics LOD changes on the per-prim or per-link-group level so that the scripts driving the impellers, etc, can know there's a problem and can self-deactivate and go non-physical until the LOD goes back up to normal. It's much better to simply sleep the movers until the engine LOD returns to normal.

Also, some sort of visual indication of LOD degrading would be useful to builders. In the beta sandboxes, how am I to know if the incorrect interactions I see are due to actual bugs, or just the sim silently and invisibly substituting cubes in place of all my cylinders and toruses?

Scalar Tardis 18:58, 28 September 2007 (PDT)

Vertical simulation extent?

*  Vertical simulation extent has been increased from 768m to 1024m, however script and UI limitations have not yet been changed accordingly yet. 

Isn't the vertical simulation extent now 4096 meters?

When will the UI limitations be updated?

Argent Stonecutter 16:57, 31 March 2008 (PDT)

Known bugs

The things in Known Bugs have presumably been fixed now? They wouldn't have rolled out H4 with collisions and volumedetect not working...