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This template is supposed to be used, to connect translations of the Old Knowledge Base. It is now part of Template:Kbl10n but can also be used as a stand-alone template.


|en_title=ENGLISH-KB-TITLE (optional, for hovertext)

For example, translations of the article Xstreet Merchants and Shoppers FAQs could be marked with this setup:

|en_title=Xstreet Merchants and Shoppers FAQs
|de=Häufig gestellte Fragen von Xstreet-Händlern und Kunden (KB)
|fr=FAQ Vendeurs Acheteurs Xstreet (KB)
|ja=Xstreetで商品を販売購入するためのFAQ (KB)

It would result in:

Please use this template all on top of an article. Even above Template:Help.