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Option Value Description Usage Default Value
PURSUIT_OFFSET 1 Go to a position offset from the target.
[PURSUIT_OFFSET, vector offset]
REQUIRE_LINE_OF_SIGHT 2 Define whether the character needs a physical line-of-sight to give chase. When enabled, the character will not pick a new target position while there is a something solid between the character and the target object/agent.
[REQUIRE_LINE_OF_SIGHT, integer boolean]
PURSUIT_FUZZ_FACTOR 3 Selects a random destination near the PURSUIT_OFFSET. The valid fuzz factor range is from 0 to 1, where 1 is most random. This option requires a nonzero PURSUIT_OFFSET.
[PURSUIT_FUZZ_FACTOR, float factor]
PURSUIT_INTERCEPT 4 Define whether the character attempts to predict the target's future location.
[PURSUIT_INTERCEPT, integer boolean]
PURSUIT_GOAL_TOLERANCE 5 Defines approximately how close the character must be to the current goal to consider itself to be at the desired position. The valid range is from 0.25 to 10m.
[PURSUIT_GOAL_TOLERANCE, float tolerance]
Default is proportional to character size