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Constants Value Description
PU_SLOWDOWN_DISTANCE_REACHED 0x00 Character is near current goal.
PU_GOAL_REACHED 0x01 Character has reached the goal and will stop or choose a new goal (if wandering).
PU_FAILURE_INVALID_START 0x02 Character cannot navigate from the current location - e.g., the character is off the navmesh or too high above it.
PU_FAILURE_INVALID_GOAL 0x03 Goal is not on the navmesh and cannot be reached.
PU_FAILURE_UNREACHABLE 0x04 Goal is no longer reachable for some reason - e.g., an obstacle blocks the path.
PU_FAILURE_TARGET_GONE 0x05 Target (for llPursue or llEvade) can no longer be tracked - e.g., it left the region or is an avatar that is now more than about 30m outside the region.
PU_FAILURE_NO_VALID_DESTINATION 0x06 There's no good place for the character to go - e.g., it is patrolling and all the patrol points are now unreachable.
PU_EVADE_HIDDEN 0x07 Triggered when an llEvade character thinks it has hidden from its pursuer.
PU_EVADE_SPOTTED 0x08 Triggered when an llEvade character switches from hiding to running
PU_FAILURE_NO_NAVMESH 0x09 This is a fatal error reported to a character when there is no navmesh for the region. This usually indicates a server failure and users should file a bug report and include the time and region in which they received this message.
PU_FAILURE_DYNAMIC_PATHFINDING_DISABLED 0x0A Triggered when a character enters a region with dynamic pathfinding disabled. Dynamic pathfinding can be toggled by estate managers via the 'dynamic_pathfinding' option in the Region Debug Console.
PU_FAILURE_PARCEL_UNREACHABLE 0x0B Triggered when a character failed to enter a parcel because it is not allowed to enter, e.g. because the parcel is already full or because object entry was disabled after the navmesh was baked.
PU_FAILURE_OTHER 0xF4240 Other failure.