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The template is coded with the following article structure in mind:

  • Viewer Skins/skin name
  • Viewer Skins/skin name/source

template variables

Required/ Suggested

  • author - the name of the Resident who created the skin
  • skin_name - the name of the skin (auto-detection is currently broken it seems)
  • skin_image - the filename of the image. Don't include the Image: prefix.
  • summary - a brief description of the skin (will be used for the image thumbnail description)
  • description - a more in-depth description of the skin


  • wiki_info - if there is further info on the skin in another wiki article
  • external_info - if there is further info on the skin on another website
  • inline_source - For those skins that consist of colors.xml modifications only, when set to *, this variable will cause the source code for the colors.xml skin to be displayed in the same article the template has been implemented on.