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Minimum Requirements

field comment
id HTML 4.01 element identifier
family CSS 2.1 font family
size CSS 2.1 font size
weight CSS 2.1 font weight
decorate CSS 2.1 text decoration
fstyle CSS 2.1 font style
color CSS 2.1 color
rgb CSS 2.1 color
back_color CSS 2.1 background color
back_rgb CSS 2.1 background color
text any text


This is {{wFont|size=10px|family=monospace|rgb=255,64,128|text=my line|}} of text.

This is my line of text.

This is yet {{wFont|size=large|family=serif|color=orange|back_color=blue|text=more of my|}} of text.

This is yet more of my of text.