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All About : How to prevent stealing my Items from CopyBot´s

Some People (including myself) have some worries, because some "smart" guys (successive delinquent) are thinking that the cheapest way to get some items is to use a CopyBot. In Fact its nearly impossible to prevent your builds to be copybottet. Every client who logged into a grid need all informations about the content on the SIM, including size, position, used textures, .... of EVERY Prim ! So all informations are downloadet to every Client. The LL-Certified Third-Party-Viewers are unable to steal or copy content, but not the Clients for BOT´s.

nearly impossible ? OK, let me explain :

We cant protect at this time our items, but we can do some things to make stealing more complex. Some guys are after 2 minutes nerved about a long copybot-process and escape to a another item.

Emblem-important-yellow.png Note!

NEVER NEVER NEVER leave your Builds linked on a Parcel/Sandbox !

The delinquent get a bunch of loose and unmounted Prims and have a lot of Work to unfragment the Build to one Object again. Mostly is this too much work for the delinquent, and often this kind of stupid residents are unable to build stuff.