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Please add any topics you want to discuss at the next general scripting office hours below.

Standing Topics

  • Updates on any scripting projects

Suggested Topics

Previously Discussed Topics

Discussed at 2010-11-08 DISCUSSION

  • Talk:LSL Useful Function WishList#backwards-compatible ways to save typing or be more like C or Javascript (please see for discussion of merits):
    • (1) compound declarations, "integer i, j;"
    • (2) declaration initialization, "integer i=1;"
    • (3) Brackets for list index access, "l[5]=5;"
    • (4) a pragma which offers synonyms for functions without the "ll" and/or their C or Javascript short common names, if any;
    • (5) double precision floating point;
    • (6) long integers.
    • Mephistopheles Thalheimer suggests also:
    • (7) function overloads; and
    • (8) classes.
  • Clarification of how scripting JIRA issues are resolved. Specifically minor or trivial, how/when do these get picked up to be worked on, could one or more Lindens dedicate some time each week to picking up a few smaller issues and working on them, using the JIRA list sorted by age (oldest first) to clear them by developing them, or trying to design a solution if required beforehand (Haravikk Mistral).

Discussed at 2010-10-25 DISCUSSION / TRIAGE

  • LSL library calls for mesh