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I have been an instructor at Builders Brewery since 2010, Juny to 2012, September. The 150+ classes I've written covered a lot of topics about creation in Second Life: Advanced Building, a Full Curricula in Scripting (from no background at all to advanced), Animating, as well as tools like SculptCrafter, MLP, Puppeteer, Prim Generator, QAvimator, GIMP... and many introductory topics for beginners (sculpties, HUDs, Pathfinder, permissions...)

There are some common snippets that I explain in many of my classes that belong to what I consider "basic concepts."

Those common snippets I want to share here, together with some scripts and templates I know are both useful and basic as not to be charged for them. Unfortunately, given the existence of an user that deems appropriate to edit other users' pages, I've decided to remove the content I was adding here, including the complete tutorials section I planned for. This section can now be found in my tutorials page.

These were the initial pages, with links now updated to external resources:

Also, you can find here links for the functions I use the most. Perhaps this listing is useful to you too.

Useful resources

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