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Topics: New user experience (New Users and SLurls),

Wednesday, March 05, 2008

The Topic is regarding the pros and cons of letting 1st time users click SLurls to avoid Orientation Island, Welcome Areas, Hubs and all the rest in order to arrive directly at a location in SL they are interested in. As you can see, this transcript has not been edited apart from a quick spellcheck and is basically a giant kluge of text. Enjoy ^_^;

We now join the hour, already in progress...

[16:14] Daedalus Young: only problem I encountered last December, when registering my alt, that the HUD images wouldn't load or very slow

[16:14] Blue Linden: bringing tutorials with out as a html-based UI element will help with that aspect of getting people right to their intended location

[16:14] Blue Linden: oh god, don't get me started on the HUD Daedalus ;)

[16:14] fr43k Paine: Two days ago there was an article on one of my "news" sites and there were about 3-4 ppl saying they joined SL and stopped playing it because they just found empty sims

[16:15] fr43k Paine: also some said the offer was too overwhelming

[16:14] Blue Linden: that's interesting Fr34k

[16:15] Blue Linden: I think the USA has a lot of empty space, but I wouldn't turn around and fly home because of it ;p

[16:14] Asriazh Frye: almost every other "game" has the option to skip the tutorial. so having that option would be nice, i guess

[16:15] Rails Bailey: its good fun trying to explain the hud to a new user

[16:15] fr43k Paine: Well, I made some comments and told them you need to explore first

[16:15] fr43k Paine: Well, it might help to link to specific locations

[16:15] Blue Linden: that's definitely the case fr34k, and close to what we're looking at with SLurl entry

[16:16] fr43k Paine: :-)

[16:16] Blue Linden: no wondering what all the stuff on OI means....people get right to what they intended to get to

[16:16] Blue Linden: but what are some problems with doing that?

[16:16] Dimitrio Lewis: "how do I chat?"

[16:16] Daedalus Young: you can only list so many options

[16:16] Daedalus Young: for them to tp to

[16:17] Blue Linden: that's true Daedalus...we could only offer so many choices

[16:16] Blue Linden: hopefully we'll have a UI element with basic tutorials like chat

[16:16] Rails Bailey: the same problems u find on HI's

[16:16] Blue Linden: and links to more advanced stuff

[16:17] Blue Linden: but what are the problems with letting people skip places like infohubs

[16:17] fr43k Paine: One thing

[16:17] fr43k Paine: I helped a friend of mine to register today

[16:17] fr43k Paine: It is nice you can click the help sign at OI

[16:18] fr43k Paine: but if gives you a back pack

[16:18] fr43k Paine: you can not unpack it on OI

[16:18] fr43k Paine: so some ppl might be confused

[16:17] Taryn London: I suggested to Torley that he do a promo vidtut re: SL in general, to be posted right on the main page of what about a tutorial video on basics there too? Or an option during first log-in to see it?

[16:18] Blue Linden: definitely Taryn!

[16:18] Marty Losangeles: A vid tut would be so much better

[16:18] Marty Losangeles: Than OI

[16:18] DaQbet Kish: how about something on the download page of the website …instruction graphics and pictures to help orient ppl with the UI

[16:18] Blue Linden: people who bought land near infohubs to get traffic might not like the idea of people skipping them

[16:18] Dimitrio Lewis: Do you think people would be likely to seek out infohubs and welcome area if they skipped them coming in?

[16:18] Blue Linden: maybe Dimitrio....

[16:18] Rails Bailey: its going to make it a tad harder for mentors, but more interesting, more main grid work

[16:18] Blue Linden: we could promote them as good new user areas after you've SLurled to your concert or class and want more to see

[16:19] Blue Linden: that would be different for mentors....

[16:19] Blue Linden: fewer newbies at hubs and OIs perhaps

[16:19] Blue Linden: would be harder for griefers too, if new users were more spread out

[16:19] Taryn London: Very true

[16:19] Marty Losangeles: Definat plus

[16:19] Rails Bailey: the hubs will still attract them I feel, its word of mouth culture

[16:19] Blue Linden: they'd have to gesture spam each other :D

[16:19] Marty Losangeles: Definite*

[16:20] Blue Linden: so does anyone see any definite CAN'T DO THAT with SLurl entry into SL skipping everything else?

[16:20] Blue Linden: any real deal breakers?

[16:20] Blue Linden: I haven't been able to think of any exactly

[16:20] Taryn London: Not for me.. a lot of people skip orientation anyway

[16:21] fr43k Paine: Give them the choice?

[16:21] Blue Linden: *nods

[16:21] Taryn London: I did, and I turned out ok ;)

[16:21] Blue Linden: lol

[16:21] Marty Losangeles: Heh

[16:21] Blue Linden: well, mostly ;)

[16:21] Thalia Tal coughs

[16:21] Thalia Tal: you sure?

[16:21] Yeti Bing: choice is always good

[16:21] Blue Linden: lol

[16:21] fr43k Paine: Well, as said I helped friend of mien today and she thought OI was cool

[16:21] Taryn London throws pie at Thal

[16:21] fr43k Paine: enough time to figure out

[16:21] Thalia Tal: *mews*

[16:21] fr43k Paine: I explained her the basic stuff so far

[16:21] fr43k Paine: but some "i wanna see myself" ppl might skip it, true

[16:22] Rails Bailey: \its a two edged sword, I feel, on the one hand those new residents who want to jump in the deep end, and those who want a comfort zone of some basic learning

[16:22] fr43k Paine: so if you join first

[16:22] fr43k Paine: SL could ask

[16:22] Taryn London: Heya Doc :)

[16:22] fr43k Paine: join OI for tut or click here to explore on your own

[16:22] Doctor Gascoigne: took me3 tries

[16:22] Blue Linden: so you think some people might SLurl in, skipping orientation and just give up because it's to much?

[16:22] Daedalus Young: I agree with fr43k, an option on 1st logon would work

[16:22] Doctor Gascoigne: ok I did not quite get that question

[16:23] Doctor Gascoigne: slurl in to where

[16:23] Taryn London: Blue, I think some would.. but they'd probably give up anyway. Orientation is helpful, but a lot still get lost in that process.

[16:23] Marty Losangeles: New residents need to be taught general rules of life in SL.

[16:23] You: hi Doc

[16:23] Blue Linden: Doc, we're talking about making it possible for a new user to skip orientation, hubs, everything....

[16:23] fr43k Paine: Yes Blue, I think some would do

[16:23] Marty Losangeles: Theres something we're lacking

[16:23] Doctor Gascoigne: Mia darlin

[16:23] Asriazh Frye: how about a mini tutorial build into the GUI you can replay as often and wherever you want, teaching you the basics?

[16:23] Blue Linden: if they click on a SLurl to enter SL

[16:23] Blue Linden: definitely Asriazh!

[16:23] Doctor Gascoigne: OOOOH

[16:23] Yeti Bing: orientation is too difficult for some... I had an engineer or something like that who just didn't understood what to do there

[16:23] Doctor Gascoigne: sure and they do

[16:23] Blue Linden: we're working on something like that

[16:23] Doctor Gascoigne: and come to HIP

[16:23] fr43k Paine: uhm pop ups in client

[16:23] Doctor Gascoigne: or OIP

[16:23] fr43k Paine: you can activate them again ^^

[16:23] Doctor Gascoigne: they tell me they have just left

[16:24] Rails Bailey: cant u make orientation simpler, like get rid of the torch, reduce the comms a tad, concentrate on movement and search

[16:24] Doctor Gascoigne: what happened to md dots

[16:24] Blue Linden: yes, we're working on a super-simplified orientation

[16:24] Taryn London: good question Doc

[16:24] Marty Losangeles: Oh yeah. Another thing. OI seems to be a bad impression of lag in SL.

[16:24] Yeti Bing: yes, please!

[16:24] Marty Losangeles: I've seen new players give up from the lag on OI

[16:24] Doctor Gascoigne: MD dots was not too shabby

[16:24] Blue Linden: something that will let you learn as little or as much as you'd like

[16:24] Marty Losangeles: Within minutes

[16:24] Blue Linden: lag on OI is interesting

[16:24] Blue Linden: it's very optimized but still can get a bit slow

[16:25] Doctor Gascoigne: lag is always interesting

[16:25] Yeti Bing: OIs in different languages?

[16:25] Daedalus Young: I think there should be something more helpful when you click Help > Second Life Help (F1), rather than a question if you want to visit the webpage

[16:25] Rails Bailey: spread them around the Oi's

[16:25] Blue Linden: so if lag is a deal breaker, wouldn't that mean SLurl as entry to SL be risky?

[16:25] Blue Linden: with people's first experience being, say, a crowded show or classroom?

[16:25] Marty Losangeles: Yeah

[16:25] Blue Linden: and not a nice speedy, empty region?

[16:25] Marty Losangeles: Well

[16:25] Marty Losangeles: The only way to avoid crowds of new players

[16:25] Marty Losangeles: Would to be scatter them across the grid

[16:26] Dimitrio Lewis: Maybe it should be clear when conditions aren't ideal. If people know they have a fast internet connection and a reasonable computer, they should know something isn't quite right.

[16:26] Marty Losangeles: Which leads to the problem of WHAT is where they land

[16:26] Daedalus Young: I was happy with emptiness when I first joined, was too shy to face others immediately

[16:26] Blue Linden: hehe

[16:26] fr43k Paine: Limit OI access for residents?

[16:26] Doctor Gascoigne: yes

[16:26] fr43k Paine: like a maximum of 20 ppl per OI or something?

[16:26] fr43k Paine: like*

[16:26] Marty Losangeles: Yeah

[16:26] Doctor Gascoigne: the only OI they can get to is OIP

[16:26] Daedalus Young: really, I needed some time to figure out how different social life in SL is

[16:26] Marty Losangeles: And trim back on the graphic requirements on the island

[16:26] Blue Linden: there is a max of 16 per OI

[16:26] Marty Losangeles: I find it very inefficient

[16:26] Doctor Gascoigne: and its a huge hangout for griefing bored people to get in trouble

[16:27] Blue Linden: well, not Max, but that's when new people stop being sent to that OI

[16:27] Doctor Gascoigne: welcome area is for hanging not OIP

[16:27] Blue Linden: mentors can still tele in after that

[16:27] fr43k Paine: I haven't counted today when I was there but it were a lot ^^

[16:27] Taryn London: Lots hang out at OIP though

[16:27] Blue Linden: they do

[16:27] fr43k Paine: I do too sometimes

[16:27] Blue Linden: all the hubs, WAs and public places end up as hangouts

[16:27] Asriazh Frye: isn't streamlining the OI a bit like cheating when what they will experience later will be different from the speediness of an OI?

[16:27] Doctor Gascoigne: OIP is a hang out for the ones who are there for new people

[16:27] Blue Linden: need to take that into account when adding more hubs

[16:27] Taryn London: and griefers :(

[16:27] Marty Losangeles: No, its first impressions that need to last.

[16:28] Marty Losangeles: Cause there are plenty of places that wont lag

[16:28] Marty Losangeles: Teaching them how GOOD it can be

[16:28] Taryn London: and anti-scientology protests :P

[16:28] Marty Losangeles: Is a good plan for OI

[16:28] Taryn London: Hi Carl :)

[16:28] Blue Linden: er...I don't think so Asirazh...depends on the region you go to

[16:28] Marty Losangeles: Rather than the issue of lag arising immediately

[16:28] Blue Linden: and the crowds

[16:28] Carl Metropolitan: Hello

[16:28] Blue Linden: right Marty

[16:28] Rails Bailey: well put more attractions into hubs, give people something to do and I believe u will reduce the incidents of griefing on huns

[16:28] fr43k Paine: Yay ^_^ Hi Carl :-)

[16:28] Blue Linden: hi Carl

[16:28] Daedalus Young: smooth OI should help people get there SL started sooner and better

[16:29] Carl Metropolitan: Oh good. You are talking about InfoHubs

[16:29] Marty Losangeles: And also, the start hubs can get out of hand too

[16:29] Blue Linden: so the topic is Direct SLurl to location as first login

[16:29] Marty Losangeles: Despite being split over 4 regions

[16:29] Blue Linden: people who click on SLurl who've never been in SL

[16:29] Blue Linden: skip orientation and hubs and go right to what you read about

[16:30] Taryn London: Forgive me if this has been mentioned before, but you have guys been to the Orientation Station hubs? What about an idea like that, with TP's straight out from the beginning if preferred?

[16:30] Blue Linden: assuming in this scenario that you get HTML tutorials for basic skills in a UI element

[16:30] Taryn London: *sims, not hubs

[16:30] Marty Losangeles: How about HTML tutorials in the new SL web browser

[16:30] Blue Linden: I have been there, Orientation Station is very nice....

[16:30] Blue Linden: dare I say nicer than our OI?

[16:30] Taryn London: It is, except for that "round grid" LOL

[16:30] Carl Metropolitan: It is very good.

[16:30] Taryn London: I'd say.. much nicer :D

[16:30] You: lol Blue :o)

[16:30] Carl Metropolitan: Up their with Melting Dots

[16:31] Blue Linden: yes Marty, tutorials in UI will likely be a precursor to SL browser

[16:31] Taryn London: I like OS the best of any I've seen

[16:31] Blue Linden: Hi Mia :)

[16:31] Jurin Juran: what's nice about orientation station, is that they can return to the tutorials anytime

[16:31] Taryn London: Hi Bal :)

[16:31] Blue Linden: Mia knows all about what a pain our OIs can be ;p

[16:32] Marty Losangeles: Much

[16:32] Marty Losangeles: Heh

[16:32] Blue Linden: direct SLurl into SL for first experience includes tutorials in UI that you can access anytime

[16:32] Taryn London: Mia, why are you hiding down there? We don't bite much. Well, maybe Blue does.

[16:32] You: did i crash

[16:32] You: yes

[16:32] You: whew

[16:32] Marty Losangeles: No

[16:32] Marty Losangeles: >.>

[16:32] Thalia Tal: welcome back!

[16:32] Blue Linden: but it's been mentioned here that lag as first experience is likely the worst aspect of the SLurl plan

[16:32] Blue Linden: any other potentially serious issues?

[16:32] Connecting to in-world Voice Chat...

[16:32] Connected

[16:33] Marty Losangeles: Falling in on something unpleasant

[16:33] Marty Losangeles: X rated

[16:33] Jurin Juran: i can see an event full of new members that all are asking how to dress, walk , etc

[16:33] Blue Linden: that could be....

[16:33] Rails Bailey: lack of training/education is always a serious issue

[16:33] Carl Metropolitan: If you build the OI into the interface, you are going to piss off some companies that have spent lots of money on islands and development setting up their own SL portals/OIs

[16:33] Dimitrio Lewis: so maybe if there are a lot of avatars, or the sim time dilation is low, have a quick warning pop up the first time they rez inworld?

[16:33] Taryn London: Newbies being embarrassed about how they look compared to all the oldbies they'll encounter at first login? :P

[16:33] Blue Linden: hopefully if you are clicking on a SLurl, it was related to article or other information on the destination

[16:33] Carl Metropolitan: I think that's a concern. It might be good to discuss this with some of those people as well as just who shows up to office hours.

[16:34] Blue Linden: Carl, yes maybe.

[16:34] Rails Bailey: cant u do a two pronged option, a slurl for those who elect and OI for the who want to learn basics

[16:34] Blue Linden: those companies could certainly make use of the technology though

[16:34] Carl Metropolitan: People could put a direct SLURL in any web stuff. They could be sending people to their brothel.

[16:34] Taryn London: Could do a rotating "top 5" orientation spots on the main page? Optional participation? directly SLurls?

[16:34] Blue Linden: to SLurl new users to their destinations

[16:35] Carl Metropolitan: Have you talked to any of them about this idea?

[16:35] Marty Losangeles: How about SLurl "Beginner" Links.

[16:35] Marty Losangeles: To tutorial islands

[16:35] Blue Linden: well....I know some people can't WAIT to get by OI and the hubs to find a brothell ;p

[16:35] Blue Linden: I see them every day at the WAs

[16:35] Marty Losangeles: :P

[16:35] Blue Linden: "WHERE IS THE GIRLS?"

[16:35] Jurin Juran: oh but blue, they need their excite parts first

[16:35] Marty Losangeles: Hmm

[16:35] Marty Losangeles: What about a search for a location

[16:35] Taryn London: CAN I HAX SEX?

[16:35] Marty Losangeles: On first rez

[16:35] Blue Linden: oh, that's true Jurin

[16:36] Rails Bailey: not in front of blue u cant

[16:36] Daedalus Young: sex on first rez?

[16:36] Blue Linden: U CAN HAS SEXBURGER

[16:36] Taryn London: lmao

[16:36] Marty Losangeles: No not sex on the first rez

[16:36] Marty Losangeles: A Location search

[16:36] Thalia Tal: lmao

[16:36] Carl Metropolitan: Is that how you want SL represented in the media? Do you want "Bukakke Babes" video company setting up direct SLURLs into their zones?

[16:36] Marty Losangeles: For something that interested them

[16:36] Blue Linden: we'll have to assume that people SLurling into SL know what they are after

[16:36] Asriazh Frye: "sex?" "female :p"

[16:36] Blue Linden: and that it's not a complete alternative to other ways in

[16:36] Rails Bailey: well the alts will

[16:36] Taryn London: Good point Carl.

[16:37] Blue Linden: I don't think that's necessarily any worse than people writing articles about that stuff existing in SL as it is

[16:37] Taryn London: Then again, sex brings a lot of people here... they come for the sex, but stay for everything else.

[16:37] Marty Losangeles: Yeah

[16:37] Rails Bailey: over rated

[16:37] Blue Linden: all we're proposing is that people can get to what they want quicker

[16:37] Carl Metropolitan: I would just strongly urge you to discuss this plan with the stakeholders in the current OI system.

[16:37] Blue Linden: whether it's sex or not MAY be beside the point

[16:37] Blue Linden: but I certainly won't rule it out

[16:38] Marty Losangeles: So we have some options

[16:38] Marty Losangeles: o.o

[16:38] Blue Linden: Carl, this is not meant to replace other people's OIs....

[16:38] Marty Losangeles: And LL had OI's first

[16:38] Blue Linden: it's proposed as another way to enter SL

[16:38] Daedalus Young: it would actually allow for more 'unofficial' OIs

[16:38] Blue Linden: but many people will still go through registration

[16:38] Blue Linden: the majority, I'll assume

[16:38] Taryn London: It would for sure.

[16:39] Carl Metropolitan: Blue--this is just good corporate communications advice. If you spring this on people who have invested time and money in SL and OIs--without talking to them--they will feel pissed off.

[16:39] Carl Metropolitan: That's all I'm saying.

[16:39] Blue Linden: but Carl, I'm glad you're here because one of the possible negative side effects is fewer people going to hubs

[16:39] Blue Linden: which would affect folks who have land near hubs expecting the traffic

[16:39] Carl Metropolitan: Yes... It would.

[16:39] Blue Linden: oh, i see what you're saying...yes, I agree

[16:40] Rails Bailey: money-less traffic in most cases

[16:40] Blue Linden: in everything LL does there should be clear communication BEFORE the fact

[16:40] Daedalus Young: but if people are only allowed to skip OI when they 1st start up SL through a SLurl, the majority should still come in through the official OIs

[16:40] Carl Metropolitan: But they are likely to get sidestream traffic as confused newbies hit the big blue "I"s on the map.

[16:40] Carl Metropolitan: Right!

[16:40] Carl Metropolitan: That's all I'm saying

[16:40] Carl Metropolitan: If you bring people in up front, its' much smoother

[16:40] Dimitrio Lewis: that would be a cool button "take me to nearest infohub"

[16:41] Blue Linden: we don't plan on killing the regAPI or Gateway programs that let people enter through other OIs

[16:41] Jurin Juran: yes thats a good idea dimi

[16:41] Blue Linden: and if we have new options, we'll definitely be making them available to everyone

[16:41] Carl Metropolitan: That's a good idea

[16:41] Taryn London: Dimi I like that

[16:41] Blue Linden: I think keeping the playing field even is important

[16:41] Blue Linden: ah....

[16:41] Blue Linden: that is a good idea Dimi

[16:41] Carl Metropolitan: BTW--NCI just opened up our Braunworth InfoNode.

[16:41] Carl Metropolitan: Running out of low hanging fruit :)

[16:41] Carl Metropolitan: That's nine active

[16:41] Blue Linden: ah cool...I'll have to check it out Carl

[16:42] You: kewl

[16:42] Blue Linden: I've just finished my grand hub tour this morning

[16:42] Blue Linden: did the "W" hubs lol

[16:42] Carl Metropolitan: If you have a bit of time after the meeting, Blue, I would like to talk to you about the InfoNodes.

[16:42] Blue Linden: some are in poor shape....

[16:42] Carl Metropolitan: W? Hubs?

[16:42] Blue Linden: missing their (i)s, contents etc

[16:42] Rails Bailey: I didn't run into u at waterhead the other day did I blue

[16:43] Blue Linden: the Wengen hub, or yeah...waterhead

[16:43] Blue Linden: Warmouth

[16:43] You: i knew what u meant Blue :o)

[16:43] Carl Metropolitan: Periwinkle and Mahulu are missing Is

[16:43] Blue Linden: sure Carl, I'll hang around after the hour

[16:43] Carl Metropolitan: Thank you

[16:43] Blue Linden: I think I found 6 missing (i)s :'(

[16:44] Blue Linden: but I think I can fix that

[16:44] Blue Linden: although there are a LOT of fixes we need for hubs

[16:44] Blue Linden: working on Infohub 2008 project with Mia and the VTeam

[16:44] Blue Linden: hopefully we'll get some new hubs and improvements done with help of LDPW

[16:44] You: Hello Balthazar

[16:44] Balthazar Sin: Hi Mia

[16:44] Blue Linden: been making some progress in planning and data collection

[16:45] Blue Linden: so it's 4:45....before we stray TOO far....

[16:45] Carl Metropolitan: Is the InfoHub 2008 project something that residents can be involved in?

[16:45] Blue Linden: anyone see anything about direct SLurl into SL for new users as a hands down, must do, win?

[16:45] Blue Linden: hopefully Carl, although not likely as in the past

[16:45] Marty Losangeles: Uhh

[16:45] Marty Losangeles: There's no win

[16:45] Marty Losangeles: They can get there faster

[16:45] Marty Losangeles: But

[16:46] Marty Losangeles: They lack the SL essentials

[16:46] Blue Linden: SLurl entry going to be the best thing since sliced cheese?

[16:46] Rails Bailey: give people a choice

[16:46] Blue Linden: Marty, assuming portable tutorials

[16:46] Taryn London: I think more options = better. Giving people choices is good.

[16:46] fr43k Paine nods

[16:46] Doctor Gascoigne: I managed and I had hardly an orientation

[16:46] Yeti Bing: :)

[16:46] Marty Losangeles: Portable tutorials can be skipped though

[16:46] Marty Losangeles: With OI its kind of right in front of you

[16:46] Marty Losangeles: Much harder to avoid

[16:46] Doctor Gascoigne: back in the day old man blah blah

[16:47] Taryn London: See? Look at me and Doc > the result of no OI. Wait, maybe we should leave them in.

[16:47] Dimitrio Lewis: if someone refuses the portable tutorial, change their gender and say "ok, you fix it"

[16:47] Blue Linden: haha

[16:47] fr43k Paine: lol.

[16:47] Doctor Gascoigne: Taryn and I used to rub sticks together

[16:47] Marty Losangeles: Yes!

[16:47] You: ahahaha

[16:47] Marty Losangeles: =D

[16:47] Doctor Gascoigne: hunt for food

[16:47] Rails Bailey: not everybody likes to jump in the deep end

[16:47] Blue Linden: we found a lot of people resented mandatory tutorial,ls

[16:47] Taryn London: Watch our feet sink

[16:47] Marty Losangeles: Well

[16:47] Marty Losangeles: We give them an option

[16:47] Doctor Gascoigne: I paid to tp

[16:47] Daedalus Young: gender change happens already when they show up Ruthed :P

[16:47] Blue Linden: so it seems people aren't hot for SLurl entry, but don't hate it either

[16:47] Taryn London: I like it :)

[16:48] Blue Linden: it sounds like the consensus is MEH

[16:48] Carl Metropolitan: NCI is currently developing the content for an OI for a corporate customer (we do the work, they pay us, and we use the money to support NCI's work). So I've been thinking about how OIs work a lot.

[16:48] Marty Losangeles: Yeah

[16:48] Marty Losangeles: Its a MEH for sure

[16:48] Doctor Gascoigne: my thought is this tp them into an amusement park nightclub themed area

[16:48] Doctor Gascoigne: thats what happened to me

[16:48] Rails Bailey: not so much meh blue as let the new resident decide

[16:48] Marty Losangeles: Lag though

[16:48] Marty Losangeles: :\

[16:48] Doctor Gascoigne: almost 4 years still HERE

[16:48] Taryn London: Rails, exactly.

[16:48] Carl Metropolitan: It could be good. Just don't unnecessarily piss off your customers is all I suggest.

[16:48] Blue Linden: hehe always good advice Carl :)

[16:49] Rails Bailey: If I had a choice of a black car and a black car, I would opt for the bike

[16:49] Marty Losangeles: Put it to a vote on the SL main site

[16:49] Marty Losangeles: For residents

[16:49] Blue Linden: so I don't think 10 minutes is enough for a whole topic

[16:49] Marty Losangeles: Find the greater opinion of the grid

[16:49] Blue Linden: so how about a SPEED ROUND!

[16:49] Taryn London: Is that like speed dating?

[16:49] Marty Losangeles: =D

[16:49] Blue Linden: anyone have quick questions on anything?

[16:49] Doctor Gascoigne: huge matzo ball is on

[16:49] Blue Linden: yes exactly!

[16:49] Doctor Gascoigne: come on

[16:49] Taryn London: Who do I get to kiss first?

[16:49] Rails Bailey: adopt a hub

[16:49] Blue Linden: spin the bottle

[16:49] Taryn London: I'm kind of scared of Blue.

[16:49] Blue Linden: adopt a hub, probably not

[16:50] Doctor Gascoigne: no I will not kiss rails again

[16:50] Balthazar Sin: i have a question about opensim

[16:50] Taryn London: adopt a hub?

[16:50] Blue Linden: lol

[16:50] Doctor Gascoigne: once a year is enough

[16:50] Carl Metropolitan: What is Adopt a Hub?

[16:50] Blue Linden: I don't know much about it Bal

[16:50] Balthazar Sin: alright

[16:50] Rails Bailey: some hubs don't get touched by mentors

[16:50] Blue Linden: letting residents own hubs, like we did last time

[16:50] Rails Bailey: some mentors don't like some hubs

[16:50] Blue Linden: yeah, VTeam should encourage better coverage perhaps

[16:50] Blue Linden: something to think about with Infohub 2008 plans

[16:51] Marty Losangeles: Definately

[16:51] Rails Bailey: so am suggesting, mentors should be encouraged to adopt a hub, show the flag, show we care

[16:51] Blue Linden: lots and lots to consider with hubs

[16:51] Taryn London: Mentoring in pairs is a good idea at some of the WA's

[16:51] Carl Metropolitan: Question: When will people who applied to the DPW program via the Support Portal be contacted.

[16:51] Taryn London: pairs or more

[16:51] Carl Metropolitan: ?

[16:51] Blue Linden: definitely need to communicate ahead of time as well....changes will affect many

[16:51] Blue Linden: we'll be contacting a few individuals soon to fill out ranks of the first team

[16:52] Rails Bailey: hides

[16:52] Blue Linden: and as time goes on, we'll be announcing the creation of additional teams I believe

[16:52] Blue Linden: for different projects

[16:52] You: woot Yeah for the Blue Team

[16:52] Daedalus Young: Jack said something like next week earlier today

[16:52] Blue Linden: Hubs might be one of those projects

[16:52] Carl Metropolitan: Would the DPW consider resident proposals for teams to build out roads and other infrastructure besides the Nova Albion expansion? Or does DPW want to originate all projects?

[16:52] Doctor Gascoigne: taryn and I are welcome area veterans

[16:52] Blue Linden: ah good....we're starting construction, so the sooner the better

[16:53] Blue Linden: that's something I would like to talk to DPW about Carl....

[16:53] Rails Bailey: please put some attractions in hubs,

[16:53] Blue Linden: would save some time

[16:53] Taryn London: Rails, I think you are all the attraction people need. :)

[16:53] Carl Metropolitan: And DPW is you and Jack and?

[16:53] Daedalus Young: and Michael

[16:53] Taryn London: Rails = 24/7 entertainment. Just don't every go to sleep.

[16:54] Taryn London: *ever

[16:54] Asriazh Frye: about the slurls... how about getting the new residents to OI anyways, then popping up a window giving them the choice to either follow the slurl or stay at OI?

[16:54] Blue Linden: would also make sense, perhaps, for DPW to accept applications for existing builds to be taken over by Linden

[16:54] Marty Losangeles: O.o

[16:54] Rails Bailey: after this rails is going to bed, try deliver a bear to every linden

[16:54] Rails Bailey: sighs

[16:54] Blue Linden: holding or waiving tier for parks, for example

[16:54] Blue Linden: Carl, it's Jack, Michael and then me

[16:54] Carl Metropolitan: Thanks

[16:54] Blue Linden: I'm the little DPW Linden

[16:54] Blue Linden: Jack is the poobah and Michael is on it full time

[16:55] Rails Bailey: can I put a request in

[16:55] Doctor Gascoigne: I love that

[16:55] Rails Bailey: just a little one

[16:55] Doctor Gascoigne: poobah is now a fashion

[16:55] Blue Linden: I'm cracking the art whip a bit, and coordinating with other teams

[16:55] Doctor Gascoigne: I started a fashion

[16:55] Daedalus Young: check out

[16:55] Daedalus Young: for all your requests

[16:55] Rails Bailey: give Korea a sandbox

[16:56] Taryn London: gold star to Doc for fashion-starting :)

[16:56] Daedalus Young: lol Taryn

[16:56] fr43k Paine: *gg*

[16:56] Blue Linden: Korea needs to have plots set for sale, I've noticed

[16:56] Rails Bailey: Korea, like water head needs a flush

[16:56] Blue Linden: Asriazh....SLurl idea is to skip OIs altogether...

[16:56] Blue Linden: there's already an option to go to OI then leave right away if you'd like

[16:57] Blue Linden: been watching the numbers on that and it looks like up to 1/3 leave right away

[16:57] Blue Linden: alts maybe? lol

[16:57] Dimitrio Lewis: There was an interesting idea earlier today, inworld webcams on the homepage, like "what's happening in second life right now?"

[16:57] Asriazh Frye: well, my idea would still make the SL entry faster while giving people another choice to have a change of heart

[16:57] Blue Linden: sort of like Video Linden, Dimi?

[16:57] Marty Losangeles: How many people don't make it through OI?

[16:57] Dimitrio Lewis: right

[16:57] Blue Linden: eesh....I'm not sure Marty

[16:57] Marty Losangeles: Heh, get Torley to do a Torley cam

[16:57] Blue Linden: not offhand

[16:57] Doctor Gascoigne: my guess is some leave

[16:57] Blue Linden: I know we track it though

[16:57] Doctor Gascoigne: and come to HIP

[16:57] Marty Losangeles: Heh, 40% failure rate

[16:58] Blue Linden: oh you mean cams on the Lindens here at work?

[16:58] Doctor Gascoigne: we get a lot of them at HIP

[16:58] Marty Losangeles: Yeah

[16:58] Marty Losangeles: =D

[16:58] Taryn London nods

[16:58] Blue Linden: sure if you want to watch me scratching my butt

[16:58] Marty Losangeles: Who doesn't.

[16:58] Doctor Gascoigne: cough

[16:58] Marty Losangeles: >.>

[16:58] Blue Linden: but I think inworld video is more interesting

[16:58] Blue Linden: lol

[16:58] Marty Losangeles: Randomly placed cameras?

[16:58] Rails Bailey: prefer u at waterhead when the poo hits the fan blue

[16:58] Rails Bailey: haha

[16:59] Doctor Gascoigne: blue goes to waterhead

[16:59] Marty Losangeles: I can see them being abused though

[16:59] Dimitrio Lewis: People probably see pictures of SL, maybe even videos, but a live feed, especially if it included voice or text chat, would really show them what it's like inworld

[16:59] Marty Losangeles: If anyone ever finds out where they are

[16:59] Blue Linden: well, there poo doesn't stay on the fan as long now

[16:59] Marty Losangeles: Oh noes!

[16:59] Blue Linden: not since we raised priority of abuse reports coming from new user area

[16:59] Marty Losangeles: 4:59!

[16:59] Taryn London: live feed with chat would have some confidentiality issues though

[16:59] Blue Linden: 1 minute left!

[16:59] Marty Losangeles: Everyone start crying to guilt Blue into staying.

[16:59] Dimitrio Lewis: that's true

[16:59] Taryn London sobs

[16:59] Rails Bailey: well I have my own waterhead crowd at my place

[16:59] Marty Losangeles breaks down in tears.

[16:59] Marty Losangeles: Don't leave Blue!

[17:00] Blue Linden: we're watching grief numbers in new user far so good

[17:00] Blue Linden: we can tweak it more too

[17:00] Taryn London: Good :)

[17:00] Blue Linden: in addition to higher priority for reports we can increase the penalty for grief in those areas

[17:00] Taryn London: Now you just have to get the griefing out of Grasmere :P

[17:00] Blue Linden: lol