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1st Jan 1818 but became immortal on 18th Feb 2008
#978-0345391803 in the Patented Hobosoft ID System
  • Created my own set of clothes for 0L$
  • Created a struggling freebie cart and user page for 0L$
  • Instituted Project Dark Side for 0L$
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Brickman1444 Faulkes


Project Dark Side

Saluton, 你好, namaste, holà, marhaban, zdravstvuyte, boas, salut, hallo, witaj and friendly greetings. I am Doctor Victor Frankenstein, and this is my story.

First Life

Curious and intelligent from a young age, I learned from the works of the masters of Medieval alchemy, reading such authors as Albertus Magnus, Cornelius Agrippa and Paracelsus and shunning modern Enlightenment teachings of natural science. As a child prodigy, I left my beloved family in Transylvania to study in Ingolstadt, Bavaria, Germany, where I was first introduced to modern science. In a moment of inspiration, combining my new-found knowledge of natural science with the alchemic ideas of my old masters, I perceived the means by which inanimate matter can be imbued with life. I set about constructing a man that I hoped could be mine.

I had hoped that my creation would be beautiful, but when I brought it to life, I saw it was hideous. I fled the room. This was not how it was supposed to happen. I was supposed to have the power of God. The power to create perfect life. That night, the creature was at my bedside. I woke up to check on my plants when I saw it. I fled once more. The creature went into hiding.

Shock, overwork and fear made me ill for 13 horrible months but after I recovered, I received a letter from home that said my brother William was killed. I set out for home. On the way, I spotted the creature once more, this time silhouetted by that lightning. Oh that lightning! I was sure that it had killed my brother, my own flesh and blood. At home, one of my household's loyal servants was accused of killing my poor younger brother. She was executed after she made a false confession to avoid excommunication and exile.

I went hiking to sooth my soul and get piece of mind and found just the opposite. I found myself near the fiend once more. We conversed and in the end, I agreed to make a female companion for the creature. You must note was learning to become civilized, he had even acquired the ability to speak. His only shortcoming was his horrible stature, appearance and nature. The probability of him becoming the beautiful creature I dreamed of rose. I decided to give it one last chance with my only condition that he depart from the eyes of men with his companion forever. After partly completing the companion, I destroyed it once I thought of what would happen if they reproduced and had offspring. I could not let them into this world.

In revenge, the creature killed Henry Clerval, my dearest friend and colleague, and Elizabeth, my wife, on our wedding night even! My father soon died of grief. I do not blame him. I set out to hunt down the creature. It would hunt me no more! I tracked it around multiple continents and eventually to the Arctic Circle. Whilst tracking, I became stranded on a floating iceberg that broke off of the main ice. My dogs chewed through their reins and scattered or died.

I flee the beast. This is the 1831 rendering of the scene.

A ship came, saw me, and picked me up. The captain, Robert Walton, saw that I was very ill by then. I told the him my story, minus the exact description of the creation, and then retired to one of the rooms of the ship. A flash shone like that damned lightning and I was soon greeted by myself. I was older and more sickly. I must have been on the very brink of death. He took a device off his left wrist and slapped it onto mine. It latched on to me and it took eons to finally master removing it. He looked me in the eyes and pressed a button on the device and I was gone. I, the original doctor, traveled to the future where I will be healed. The older me died right their in the room. The onboard physician inscribed pneumonia on the death certificate, but I know the true cause. The creature boarded the ship later, and, upon seeing his maker, myself, dead, lit himself with an oil lamp and jumped out of a cabin window onto the ice, deciding that it was better for him to burn to ashes away from the eyes of men, so that no man would see the smoldering remains and try to replicate them.

Robert Walton was forced to return to England for fear of a mutiny and upon returning settled down with a wife. 2 years later, they had a child and she was named Mary. The stories of her father sowed the seed of literary love in her. She grew up to be a a British novelist, short story writer, dramatist, essayist, biographer, travel writer, and editor of the works of her husband, romantic poet and philosopher Percy Shelley. She was he first to write down the account of my life that was previously only known through oral history and letters between Robert and his sister.

My other brother Ernest moved to London after the whole ordeal. He remained there until Gabriel John Utterson, a lawyer, told him it was unsafe to stay there. He then returned and joined the Foreign Service like a "true Transylvanian." I believe he was killed by a rebellious 5th generation Brujah although all of his troop say he drank too much and disappeared during the night. The irony lies in the fact that it was I that caused Mr. Utterson to to feel wary.

I spend, have spent and will spend the rest of my life traveling through infinity, trying to get to the more interesting things in life and leading my eidetic mind from my past sorrows before my fate catches up with me.

I have had many names through the ages, Dracula, the Invisible Man, Dr. Jekyll, Dr. Ernest Drake, Dr. Eric Chanikov, Addison F. Payne, Dr. Who, Captain Jack Harkness, Norman Osborn, Ludwig Wittgenstein, Count Ferdinand Adolf August Heinrich von Zeppelin (most people called me Fred there), Nikola Tesla, Sir Isaac Newton, the Wandering Doctor and others.

The Menagerie

After my healing, I set about getting a name for myself apart from my previous disaster. I was aiming towards a certain stone circle at 51^010'43.89"N 1^049'34.25"W when my device malfunctioned. I was sent hurtling towards The Menagerie. I was greeted by two vampires, an elf, a robot, a ghost, a demon, a dwarf, a floofian, an oophpshian, a marro, and only one human. It was quite the experience.

After many small adventure and a unexciting first war, a second war erupted after a clan of powerful vampires entered the Menagerie Plane. One of the friendly vampires switched sides and began bringing others like the demon, and the robot, who was now human also, to the side of the invaders. I also joined the invaders as a neutral medic. I was not going to put all of my eggs in one basket. As assurance, the queen of the invaders invited me to join her in the Tremere clan. I accepted and am now a true Tremere vampire.

The war was bloody and violent and my work was hard. The outcome was not always evident either. The war ended and someone won. I stayed with the Menagerians and furthered my honor. My eidetic memory flourished as I gained experience in the realm of magic. I researched many potions and even summoned a hummunculi whom I shadowed and lost. However, all things must come to an end and I moved on to my true Second Life.

While at the menagerie, I picked up a companion, a flarb to be exact. He is a small green flarb about 1 foot in diameter. His eyes are more focused than others of the same species. The local library had this to say on the subject of flarbs:

"All that is currently known of these creatures is that Old Man Jenkins has a soft spot for them and is quite skilled at breeding them.

On a side note, apparently their dung is a delicacy to some races."

I continue to find out more about this little creature, whom I call eponymously, Lil' Frankie.

Second Life

The iLoo was either a short-lived Microsoft project to develop a Wi-Fi-enabled Internet portable toilet or a hoax perpetuated by a British division within the Microsoft Corporation. News of it was widely reported by sources like the Associated Press and the Wall Street Journal. Notably, it was not announced on April Fools Day.

While still residing at the Menagerie, an iLoo arrived. The Wi-Fi-enabled portable toilet was assembled by the Menagerians and sat mostly unused for months in a clearing infested with floating lights some speculate to be fae. I began to investigate the machine and found that I could connect to a web between the planes called the Internet (which may or may not be linked to the floating lights). I installed such programs as Google Toolbar, Mozilla Firefox, Open Office and a curious application called the Second Life Viewer. This latter intrigued me greatly. I crafted a wire to connect my Blood Rose Vambrace, the latest version of my time traveling device, to this mysterious machine. When connected, it immersed me in a virtual world of sight and sound. As and experiment, I tried to time-shift with the wire still connected. I disappeared from the Menagerie Plane and was transported to the Second Life Grid.

Since I was brought to the grid without any valuable possessions or things of monetary value, I began my second life as a hobo. I wandered until I found items crafted by an Arcadia Asylum. She had left these items as a gift to all hobos. I took them and decided my calling now was to craft items for hobos. That is where I am now.

Project Dark Side

Project Dark Side is a project I am attempting to work into everything I create that is related to my second life. The aim of the project is to get more residents to looks deeper into the details of the things I create. In most of my creations I will hide things, hidden meanings, secret codes, jokes, references to books, movies or other pop culture, or anything I feel like slipping in. After finding such an interesting tidbit, residents can report them here.