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Octoberville is a 3D game that takes place within the virtual world of Second Life during the month of October. Octoberville, created by Jacqueline Walton (Cherub Spectre in SL), Matthew Sanders (Master Kaos in SL), and Roger Judd (Nathan Oddfellow in SL), had its humble beginning in 2005. New to Second Life, the three created the first Octoberville just for fun. It consisted of a haunted house, a small scavenger hunt, an autumn forest, and a small street of houses in which to trick-or-treat for candy. The people of Second Life then came and explored this new adventure as its creators watched their creation take on a life of its own. News traveled fast, and within weeks Octoberville was featured in the official Second Life Newsletter.

Octoberville quickly established a sizable group of fans, so the creators knew they would have to bring their creation back to life the following year. Eager to bring this and other new ideas to Second Life, the three started a small in-world business known as Pixeltrix. Each year they added on to Octoberville, with new games, thrills, and surprises. Since then, Octoberville has evolved into an Interactive role-playing game where you assume the role of a detective. Guided by clues you discover throughout the town, you solve the mysteries of several murders that seem to center around Octoberville's main character, Dr. Dalton, a crazed scientist who took his work a little too seriously and has lived to regret it. In order to solve the murders, you must solve puzzles, find many items that will unlock various clues, find your way through elaborate mazes, and much more. Octoberville continues to evolve, and in recent years detectives notebooks have been developed to automatically record your work as you strive to solve the mystery and complete the notorious scavenger hunt. Each year, when you complete all of the activities in Octoberville, your name automatically appears on the Wall of Fame, which places you among the ranks of other worthy detectives. Your accomplishments continue to be recorded and you earn new ranks in the Octoberville community to recognize each year you solve the annual mystery.

But the game is not all that exists in Octoberville; at the end of a long day of sleuthing, you could relax and dance the night away at the Crowbar dance club, where Master Kaos DJ's live, spinning your requests while the crowbabies danced for you on stage! If that's not enough to wear you out, you can kick back and relax while watching a movie at the Octoberville Drive-In that plays a different horror movie every night!

In 2008, Stuart Jackson (Wordsworth Scribe in SL) joined the team and helped the creators of Octoberville release the first Octoberville book, a 58-page novel that tied together the evolving story of Octoberville all the way back to the first year. True to their style, Pixeltrix made you find all 58 pages of the book before you were able to read it! The story has continued each year, and continued to evolve along with the rest of Octoberville.

Join us again this year, as we introduce the next chapter of the Octoberville saga and unveil an all new mystery that will leave you guessing until the very end!

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