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If you were linked from the SL forums you're probably looking for Clone Primitive.

About Moi

Someone's got to clean up around here.

I like to script and build and also ponies.

Three days younger than Arcadia Asylum.

Started SL on 2006/23/10. Soon stopped because I couldn't stand client crashes. Came back a year later when I had a decent video card and found that everyone I'd met.. this is their job now.

I make and sell gidgets on SLX and in-world. About half are freebies.

One of my most popular items was my first real project: The Builder's Sky Platform. There are about 2500 users with one in their inventory. One of the features I would change now is that it drops a half-kilometer halo of particles when the user falls off. I'm really surprised no one (+1) has ever complained.

Personally, I'd hang me for it.

If you care you can usually find me at The Rausch, or at My Shop in Valis.

Scripts & tools

I drag 'n drop these scripts into objects when I need to know something about them, or to set a quick parameter:
Say This & That
Set Param Widgets
Clear Param Widgets
They do their job then delete from object inventory.

Gen Chan is a snippet that allows for very private object-to-object communication.

Sit TP Positioner is a sweet little tool for setting sit targets; created by Lex Neva and upgraded to teleport-worthiness by moi.

Jiras I'm watching

Make prims at least 20m in H4

old Havok1 llSetPrimitiveParams workaround failing it in Havok4

PRIM_CAST_SHADOWS depreciated(?) in H4

All My Jiras

Interesting stuff

Run your own sim!

Nicholaz patched viewer

RSA in LsL

ell oh ell