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About Dalian Hansen

An internationally award winning photographer based in Asia, Dalian Hansen is connected to Second Life from Manchuria, China. He is the in-world agent for Han Translation Gifts, a famous firm that specializes in Kanji art products, owner of Dalian Design, and the former Creative Director for SL Business Magazine.

As partner and Creative Director for / Tretiak Media, Dalian brings his vast experience and skills to the emerging realm of vBusiness. With SLQ as a bridge, he uses this powerful technology as a tool to successfully integrate Real Life with Second Life by managing projects from concept to conclusion.

With over a decade and a half of design experience and leadership, his extensive knowledge covers electronic production, typography, photographic direction, prepress and printing, as well as high-end publishing software and hardware. He is also proficient in web site design and interactive programming. This background has given him a foundation for helping clients meet their communication needs by knowing how to create and apply these various mediums and leverage emerging technologies, plus the ability to follow through with continued support. Adapting this traditional background to the Second Life environment, Dalian has expanded his skills to include full service sim design and construction, as well as virtual marketing, advertising, and promotions.

His internet experience and strategic consulting skills has extended from America to Europe and settled in the Pacific Rim. He is fluent in Mandarin Chinese and semi-fluent in conversational Japanese. His Fortune 500 clients have comprised many global healthcare, communications, retail, food service, travel, entertainment, and international commercial entities.