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The following is a proposal for a stucture for a generic project documentation set on Specifically, Pyogp is in need of this like yesterday...

Here is a possible summary of pages and their contents:

Project - main page

#Overview - 1 to 2 lines, basic description of the project goals and justification, links to related info. Ways to participate: repository location, irc, mailing lists, meeting info.
#Status - 1 line version, pointers to jiras, link to Project/Roadmap
#Documentation - outline containing links to supporting docs in the wiki, not the documentation itself. (e.g. Project/Specification)
#Links - shortcut to Project/Links
#Licensing - if needed
Project/Background- more in depth info about the project, essentially a verbose version of the Project#Overview.
Project/Roadmap - Status at the top. full version of Project#Roadmap, with all known tasks. If Milestones and dates are relevant, this is the right place to say so.
Project/Links - A comprehensive list of links of all project related wiki pages, plus supporting external resources
Project/Documentation - a summary page for supporting docs (or just an unnecessary level if not an actual page)
Project/Documentation/Requirements - description of the requirements for the project, with pointers to external resources as needed
Project/Documentation/Specification - high level component overview (usage examples as appropriate). Status of the component ought to be indicated, and synced with the Project/Roadmap page)
Project/Documentation/Specification/Component1(-n) - component details
Project/Documentation/Examples - tutorials and the like on usage of Project


Using Pyogp as an example, it could look something like this:


Pyogp/Roadmap - split by library and test harness
Pyogp/Documentation/Specification/pyogp.lib.base - aka Client_Lib
Pyogp/Documentation/Specification/pyogp.interop - interop test suite
Pyogp/Documentation/Coding Guidelines
Pyogp/Documentation/Testing with Pyogp

Edits for Pyogp Wiki

  1. reworked Pyogp
  2. created Pyogp/Background - needs content updates
  3. created Pyogp/In-World-Meetings
  4. created Pyogp/Links
  5. redirected
    1. Pyogp/Specification to Pyogp/Documentation/Specification
    2. Pyogp/Test Framework to Pyogp/Documentation/Testing with Pyogp
  6. moved
    1. Pyogp/Test Harness to Pyogp/Documentation/Testing with Pyogp


  1. content updates
    1. Pyogp/Background - Enus
    2. Pyogp/Documentation/Testing with Pyogp - Infinity and Enus
  2. fill in
    1. Pyogp/Documentation/Requirements - Enus
    2. Pyogp/Documentation/Specification - Enus
    3. Pyogp/Documentation/Specification/pyogp.lib.base - aka Client_Lib - Locklainn and Tao
    4. Pyogp/Documentation/Specification/pyogp.lib.agentdomain - Tao
    5. Pyogp/Documentation/Specification/pyogp.interop - interop test suite - Infinity
    6. Pyogp/Documentation/Specification/pyogp.interop#Test_Cases -Infinity and Enus
    7. Pyogp/Documentation/Examples - All
    8. Pyogp/Documentation/Coding Guidelines - ?