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[2009/07/23 11:02] Jack Linden: hello evereyone!

[2009/07/23 11:03] Equinox Pinion: hi jack

[2009/07/23 11:03] Jean Swashbuckler: heya Mari

[2009/07/23 11:03] Dytska Vieria: Hi Jack!

[2009/07/23 11:03] Sasy Scarborough comes back wondering what a spike was here box is , and waves to Jack

[2009/07/23 11:03] Jean Swashbuckler: hi Jack

[2009/07/23 11:03] Marianne McCann: Hi, Jean

[2009/07/23 11:03] Jack Linden: I guess Spike was here :)

[2009/07/23 11:03] Qie Niangao: Well, "here" specifically, for the Spike box, is under the "Private Island Knowledge Base" sign.

[2009/07/23 11:04] Sasy Scarborough: thinks QIe should get a prize for finding it

[2009/07/23 11:04] Sasy Scarborough: Qie*

[2009/07/23 11:05] Jack Linden: ookays, let's get this party started.. who has something to discuss?

[2009/07/23 11:05] Sasy Scarborough: raises hand

[2009/07/23 11:05] Jack Linden: hey sasy

[2009/07/23 11:05] Sasy Scarborough: are we allowed to ask about theft here ? and hi Jack

[2009/07/23 11:06] Jack Linden: ask away, if it's something i can answer i will

[2009/07/23 11:06] Timo Daehlie: Jack are for sale signs /"we buy land" boards on plots for sale considered as Ad's , or in other words : are you allowed to place more then one for sale sign per region or not ?

[2009/07/23 11:06] Sasy Scarborough: is there any possibility ever that people caught selling stolen items will not just be banned, but their creations will be wiped off the grid from all inventories etc ?

[2009/07/23 11:06] Marianne McCann: Jack, I noticed that the old second-generation Orientation Island 2 is nwo attached to the Gulf of Lauren above Bay City. Any idea why that has become an attached part up there, or any plans going on with it? [2009/07/23 11:06] Jack Linden: If I recall Timo we said they did count as Ads. I would file an abuse report on that and let them team look at it

[2009/07/23 11:07] Equinox Pinion: sasy...they dont delete it in the database :( only on the avi who stole it

[2009/07/23 11:07] Ciaran Laval: The original blog post definitely included for sale signs, they do seem to be sneaking back

[2009/07/23 11:07] Timo Daehlie: well i filed several for a long time .. but the signs still there

[2009/07/23 11:07] Jack Linden: Sasy, we do do that sort of purging for certain cases, it depends on each situation

[2009/07/23 11:07] Timo Daehlie: some simply refuse to keep themselve at the 1 sign per region rule

[2009/07/23 11:07] Sasy Scarborough: i know Equinox thats why im hoping one day they will

[2009/07/23 11:07] Equinox Pinion: i had a talk with a creator...he is relly pissed about that...can understand it

[2009/07/23 11:08] Sasy Scarborough: i spend hours every day writing up the same exact creators following their work across sl , they are banned long ago but their items still travvel around

[2009/07/23 11:08] Sasy Scarborough: travel*

[2009/07/23 11:08] Jack Linden: Marianne, I expect it's for testing. We're trying to understand the Moose Beach issue

[2009/07/23 11:08] Marianne McCann: Sasy - tru the nightmare of tracking down all the copybotted "noob" statues out there

[2009/07/23 11:08] Jack Linden: So that might be why it's there

[2009/07/23 11:09] Marianne McCann: Ah, good. Hau Koda and Moose remain a bit of a mess, so that makes some sense

[2009/07/23 11:09] Jack Linden: Timo, let me have the Abuse Report numbers, i'll ask someone to look into it

[2009/07/23 11:09] Equinox Pinion: why are the roads at zindra build so badly that you cannot drive them....will that be corrected?

[2009/07/23 11:09] Techwolf Lupindo: Where can you find the Abuse Report numbers?

[2009/07/23 11:10] Timo Daehlie: i dont have them anymore but i will file some new AR's

[2009/07/23 11:10] Sasy Scarborough: thinks there needs to be a fashionista linden :) one that recognises stolen and doesnt have to wait on dmcas to be looked at , sorry im half serious on that :P

[2009/07/23 11:10] Marianne McCann: Equinox - I know Michael Linden said, at his OH, that there was some corrective work being done

[2009/07/23 11:10] Equinox Pinion: ok

[2009/07/23 11:10] Jack Linden: Marianne, the way that people get directed to hubs is not great and depends on geography of where they were aiming to TP to.. with those hubs being so far West, they get a lot of traffic from failed Island TPs as most Islands are to the west

[2009/07/23 11:10] Jean Swashbuckler: Jack, are the mainland InfoHubs throttled to 40 or so avs or can they go up to 80+

[2009/07/23 11:11] Jack Linden: We think that's the problem anyways

[2009/07/23 11:11] Jack Linden: Equinox, Blondin has been holding some office hours on Zindra and has a list of proposed changes that DPW willbe looking into

[2009/07/23 11:11] Jack Linden: I think roads are on there

[2009/07/23 11:11] Equinox Pinion: good..thanks

[2009/07/23 11:11] Dytska Vieria: Jack, is there an update on script limits on mainland parcels as well as mainlanders being able to view top scripts?

[2009/07/23 11:11] Marianne McCann: Ya, that's what I'd assume too, though a lot of the folks coming in there appear to be new or "homeless" avatars like one typically sees at hubs. At least from my limited observation

[2009/07/23 11:12] Melodie Darwin: is nonsexual nudity allowed on mature land and will G-Team start having OH so that such things can be clarified more?

[2009/07/23 11:12] Jack Linden: Techwolf, the AR number is in the email you get after filing one

[2009/07/23 11:12] Sasy Scarborough: is there a way to become new resident friendly with the lindens ? as in have your sim a go to point without it just being another in search ?

[2009/07/23 11:12] Jack Linden: Jean.. good question, they may be set at 40 still to stop them slowing down neighbouring regions.

[2009/07/23 11:12] Jack Linden: I'll look into that though, good point

[2009/07/23 11:13] Jack Linden: Dytska. latest on Script limits..

[2009/07/23 11:13] Jean Swashbuckler: thanks Jack, I noticed Hau Koda was in the 80's and is now back in the very low 40's

[2009/07/23 11:13] Marianne McCann: Good question, Jean. I know it's not been uncommon to see 50+ in Hau Koda, nor was it in Moose Beach before Hau Koda opened

[2009/07/23 11:13] Jack Linden: We've code now in the Simulators that reports on script usage and later this year we're tentatively hoping to show that data in the Viewer. But that is by no means certain as yet.

[2009/07/23 11:14] Jack Linden: We won't be enforcing anything, this wil be just to show how much script load is on the parcel

[2009/07/23 11:14] Marianne McCann: Ya, 45 there now not counting the 26 person overspill in Bay CIty - Docklands

[2009/07/23 11:14] Jean Swashbuckler: thanks Mari

[2009/07/23 11:15] Jack Linden: Sasy, being a community gateway would be the obvious way to help with onboarding new residents

[2009/07/23 11:15] Marianne McCann: How goes enforcement on Campers and Bots? One of the places I regularly see issues with camping on the mainland is still very active

[2009/07/23 11:15] Sasy Scarborough: is there somewhere to look at that info , we couldnt find anything in the past, maybe just not looking inthe correct place

[2009/07/23 11:15] xstorm Radek: that seems odd when SL and Content builders must have scripts to do more then half of the work in sl

[2009/07/23 11:16] Jack Linden: Marianne.. we're getting towards the final sprint on Zindra migrations. I think we've done about 70% of the 850 requests so far

[2009/07/23 11:16] Jack Linden: Once that has cleared up we'll be able to focus people back on things like that

[2009/07/23 11:16] xstorm Radek: unless you are telling us that LL and you will make the scripts server side so all we need to do is turn it on by a click of a check bob

[2009/07/23 11:16] Marianne McCann: cool

[2009/07/23 11:16] Jack Linden: Sasy, which info?

[2009/07/23 11:17] Sasy Scarborough: on becoming a gateway

[2009/07/23 11:17] Jean Swashbuckler: great on camping

[2009/07/23 11:17] Jack Linden: xstorm.. not sure what you mean.. scripts re server side

[2009/07/23 11:17] Jack Linden: *are

[2009/07/23 11:18] Jack Linden: Yes, there is info on the website if you search for community gateway

[2009/07/23 11:18] Jack Linden: it explains how to apply

[2009/07/23 11:18] xstorm Radek: Jack is it not true that the community gateway system as it is not is far from working right as it is now for any companys to use them ?

[2009/07/23 11:18] Sasy Scarborough: thank you Jack :)

[2009/07/23 11:18] Qie Niangao: lest there be any confusion: some are still *very* eager to see attention paid to the microparcel extortion problem... I mean, along with the trafficbot thing, when Zindra calms down.

[2009/07/23 11:19] Jack Linden: xstorm, no we only allow those that pass our criteria and many don't, including companies

[2009/07/23 11:19] Jack Linden: i'm not sure of the exact criteria, but we're fairly clear i believe on what is required to run a CG

[2009/07/23 11:19] xstorm Radek: the problem is them that have pass so far are not working out in ways to help new people coming in to SL

[2009/07/23 11:19] Ciaran Laval: Last time I looked at it there seemed to be a missing ling regarding the criteria.

[2009/07/23 11:19] Jack Linden: no more than I am Qie, believe me gege

[2009/07/23 11:19] Jack Linden: *hehe

[2009/07/23 11:19] xstorm Radek: was it not better when LL was doing it ?

[2009/07/23 11:20] Qie Niangao: thanks, Jack. :)

[2009/07/23 11:20] Jack Linden: We do still do it xstorm.. the new users are streamed - some are offered CGs and some come through more directly to our orientation areas

[2009/07/23 11:21] Jack Linden: So it's a mix really

[2009/07/23 11:21] Ardy Lay: Only 850 migration requests? Interesting. The vocal among then seen to think there are several thousand requests. Hehe. Imagine that. :-)

[2009/07/23 11:21] Jack Linden: For some people, for example someone interested in roleplay, they are more likely to enjoy their first hour if they pick a community gateway that focusses on roleplay

[2009/07/23 11:21] xstorm Radek: but when you hear about a community gateway asking new people coming in to make donations to pay for it to be there that will turnaway more people coming in to SL

[2009/07/23 11:22] Jack Linden: Ardy, it's been far less than we expected too

[2009/07/23 11:22] xstorm Radek: and making a bad name for the community gateway

[2009/07/23 11:22] Marianne McCann: I suspect there will be more action when the auction plots, but yes, 850 seems awful small for the level of shouting and protests we've seen here and slewhere

[2009/07/23 11:22] Ardy Lay: Yes

[2009/07/23 11:23] Drongle McMahon: Is the rest of Zindra ever going to appear?

[2009/07/23 11:23] Ardy Lay: I suspect the interest groups all overestimate their own sizes. That would be an interesting social study.

[2009/07/23 11:23] Jack Linden: Drongle, i'm sure it will. there seems a lot of interest in the auctions so we'll see how that gies

[2009/07/23 11:23] Jack Linden: *goes

[2009/07/23 11:23] Jean Swashbuckler: nods at Ardy

[2009/07/23 11:23] Yohan Pintens: Hey Jack, what are the stats for the week, Average L$/sq.m and Volume

[2009/07/23 11:23] Timo Daehlie: Jack are there any future attempts planned by the Lab to attract new residents ? Thinking of advertisement, media campaign etc ..

[2009/07/23 11:23] xstorm Radek: is not some one keeping a eye on the community gateways so they do not drive people away from SL ?

```[2009/07/23 11:24] Jack Linden: Yohan.. L$5.75 per meter yesterday

[2009/07/23 11:24] Ardy Lay: "Secret Shopper" style?

[2009/07/23 11:23] Jack Linden: Drongle, i'm sure it will. there seems a lot of interest in the auctions so we'll see how that gies

[2009/07/23 11:23] Jack Linden: *goes

[2009/07/23 11:23] Jean Swashbuckler: nods at Ardy

[2009/07/23 11:23] Yohan Pintens: Hey Jack, what are the stats for the week, Average L$/sq.m and Volume

[2009/07/23 11:23] Timo Daehlie: Jack are there any future attempts planned by the Lab to attract new residents ? Thinking of advertisement, media campaign etc ..

[2009/07/23 11:23] xstorm Radek: is not some one keeping a eye on the community gateways so they do not drive people away from SL ?

[2009/07/23 11:24] Jack Linden: Yohan.. L$5.75 per meter yesterday

[2009/07/23 11:24] Ardy Lay: "Secret Shopper" style?

[2009/07/23 11:25] Sasy Scarborough: I think that many of the help sims do that too, the people that are supposedly there too are so rude and ive seen so called mentors teasing new residents, i dont believe they are real mentors though

[2009/07/23 11:25] Techwolf Lupindo: I've notice mainland prices have been steading falling from 2.1 per m2 to 1.8 per m2 over the past couple weeks.

[2009/07/23 11:25] Jack Linden: L$4.8 for Buy For Group purchases

[2009/07/23 11:25] Timo Daehlie: yeah cause a friend of my sold nearly a sim relativly high Jack

[2009/07/23 11:25] Ardy Lay: Bottom of the barrel prices sure have fallen.

[2009/07/23 11:25] Jean Swashbuckler: Jack, do you have an estimated number of Mainland sim parcels that are migrating to Zindra so we have an idea what will happen to the rest of the mainland

[2009/07/23 11:25] Ardy Lay: I don't mean that in quality either.

[2009/07/23 11:26] xstorm Radek: in our sim the land was going for 3.1

[2009/07/23 11:26] Ardy Lay: Just the lowest asking preices have gone way down.

[2009/07/23 11:26] Jack Linden: Timo, actually yes, lots of things. The next couple of quarters should see some long term project scoming into the light which will be exciting. I can't talk much about them sadly but yes.. we've lots of activity around new residents coming up

[2009/07/23 11:26] Yohan Pintens: How about Sales Volume (sq.m) over that time period?

[2009/07/23 11:26] xstorm Radek: so its a matter of the sim your in

[2009/07/23 11:26] Jack Linden: xstorm, yes there is a team that deals with CGs.

[2009/07/23 11:26] Timo Daehlie: i hope so Jack cause i dont sell many land to new members compared to lets say a year 2 years ago

[2009/07/23 11:27] Sasy Scarborough loves New Residents, they are so frazzled , its awfully sweet :)

[2009/07/23 11:27] Yohan Pintens: I'm new! frazzle me with your sweetness

[2009/07/23 11:27] Timo Daehlie: need land Yohan ?

[2009/07/23 11:27] Sasy Scarborough: lol

[2009/07/23 11:27] Yohan Pintens: if by frazzle you mean ... I mean

[2009/07/23 11:27] Sasy Scarborough: i mean they are frazzled by how intense SL is , they get overwhelmed

[2009/07/23 11:27] Jack Linden: Jean, it'll be about a thousand I think, as far as parcels migrating goes. for most requests it's one parcel for one parcel i think

[2009/07/23 11:28] Yohan Pintens: I've had more than my fair share Timo :)

[2009/07/23 11:28] Sasy Scarborough: its scary for many but its good when good people can help them

[2009/07/23 11:28] Jack Linden: It's a very small volume of land compared to the 5000 Mainland regions we have

[2009/07/23 11:28] Jean Swashbuckler: thanks Jack

[2009/07/23 11:28] Equinox Pinion: the market has to stable a bit timo....over 2000 new sims on the grid because of the HS grandfathering

[2009/07/23 11:28] Ardy Lay: I often get asked what the goal of this "game" is.

[2009/07/23 11:28] Jack Linden: And many people have chosen to keep their old parcel anyway

[2009/07/23 11:28] Marianne McCann: I see that a lot in Hau Koda, Sasy. Unfortunately, that overwhelm seems to turn to disaffection awful quick

[2009/07/23 11:28] Sasy Scarborough: thats a real shame Marianne

[2009/07/23 11:28] Marianne McCann: I agree

[2009/07/23 11:28] Jean Swashbuckler: interesting on keepin parcel

[2009/07/23 11:29] Sasy Scarborough: if i could afford to id own a sim just for that

2009/07/23 11:29] Sasy Scarborough: Jack is there any chance the lindens will ever clean out the freebie storeon your own help sim ?

[2009/07/23 11:29] Sasy Scarborough: that thing is a disgrace

[2009/07/23 11:30] Marianne McCann: Ya, would be nice to see some post 2006 content in there

[2009/07/23 11:30] Marianne McCann grins

[2009/07/23 11:30] Jack Linden: Sasy, it is?

[2009/07/23 11:30] Sasy Scarborough: it is frightful Jack

[2009/07/23 11:30] Qie Niangao: Jack, I'd advise caution in interpreting what the "will retain land" checkbox means. it would be a rare case where "yes" or "no" really was the intent.

[2009/07/23 11:30] Sasy Scarborough: im sorry i spoke harsh then but thats one thing that makes me weep

[2009/07/23 11:30] Sasy Scarborough: it has weapons and texture hair and gestures and just awful things

[2009/07/23 11:30] Jack Linden: Oh I see haha. You mean the freebies are out of date?

[2009/07/23 11:31] Yohan Pintens: Sasy: retro!

[2009/07/23 11:31] Sasy Scarborough: yes but they also lead new people to believe that is what there is

[2009/07/23 11:31] Marianne McCann: Oout of date, poor or unusable items, etc.

[2009/07/23 11:31] Sasy Scarborough: id love to see it being a store full of LM givers if you cant get the content

[2009/07/23 11:31] Dytska Vieria would like to see some new Linden Trees in the library.

[2009/07/23 11:31] Qie Niangao: hehehe, Sasy: yeah, there should be a test that a resident has to be over 30 days old to use a gesture. ;)

[2009/07/23 11:31] Jack Linden: Hmm, okay I hadn't heard that before. They probably are old though. Thanks for the feedback

[2009/07/23 11:31] Sasy Scarborough: send them one their way, enable them to explore and find content

[2009/07/23 11:31] Alexxa Despres: <<agrees with Qie LOL

[2009/07/23 11:31] Sasy Scarborough: ill volunteer to fix it :D

[2009/07/23 11:31] Alexxa Despres: (en->it) < \u003cagrees with Qie LOL

[2009/07/23 11:31] Qie Niangao: oh, *yes* to new Linden plants!

[2009/07/23 11:31] Marianne McCann: Dytska - Michael Linden indicated yesterday that Brent Linden was working on somethign related to that

[2009/07/23 11:32] xstorm Radek: i think it will be better if some one that works for LL was to drop in to some of the Community Gateways and look them over with out telling them and see just how they are holding to the community gateway rules unless new rules say there are no more rules ?

[2009/07/23 11:32] Marianne McCann: I'd love to see the Speedtree project revitalized

[2009/07/23 11:32] Jack Linden: We tend to get criticised for competing with residents if we offer high quality stuff so it can be tricky

[2009/07/23 11:32] Jack Linden: But it may be time for a refresh

[2009/07/23 11:32] Sasy Scarborough: agrees with Xstorm, i went to one to help out etc, and their store was full of stolen content :*(

[2009/07/23 11:32] xstorm Radek: yes i have seen that too

[2009/07/23 11:32] Yohan Pintens: Jack: so let content creators provide the freebies like you do in the library (assuming its your freebie store thats the issue)

[2009/07/23 11:32] Qie Niangao: well, give residents meshes and alpha masks for new super-trees... but in the meantime, a few nice 1-prim plants would help freshen-up the joint.

[2009/07/23 11:33] xstorm Radek: i was told that the IP rights do not matter its free for any one to use

[2009/07/23 11:33] Jack Linden: Yohan, yeah we could do that definitely.

[2009/07/23 11:33] Sasy Scarborough: actually Yohan thats brill, Jack if you just boxed and vendored the actual library new people may actually use it, most dont even know they have more options once in world

[2009/07/23 11:33] Marianne McCann: Would be nice to see another project akin to the addition of the new nood avatars, where a handful of Residents end up providing such content

[2009/07/23 11:33] Jack Linden: I always wanted there to be a 1 prim cactus in the Library

[2009/07/23 11:33] Yohan Pintens: I have my moments

[2009/07/23 11:34] Sasy Scarborough: :)

[2009/07/23 11:34] Marianne McCann: True, Sasy.

[2009/07/23 11:34] Dytska Vieria: Yes, more southwest plants

[2009/07/23 11:34] Yohan Pintens: Desert plants would be neat

[2009/07/23 11:34] Jean Swashbuckler: or plants from other RL continents

[2009/07/23 11:34] Jack Linden: Making new plants hasn't been on our slate for a long while. I'd have to look at what would be involved in getting new ones made.

[2009/07/23 11:34] Sasy Scarborough: only problem is , can you cahnge the perms from the library from being full , we have had a lot of stolen items being made on the items from library which has put respected designers in question

[2009/07/23 11:34] Yohan Pintens: Jack: outsource it to the community

[2009/07/23 11:34] Drongle McMahon: What sort of cactus, Jack?

[2009/07/23 11:35] Jean Swashbuckler: nods at Yohan

[2009/07/23 11:35] Dytska Vieria: From what I understand, the program LL used to create the plants is very expensive.

[2009/07/23 11:35] xstorm Radek: oh Jack there is a error with your oak tree in the library its a mapple tree not a oak tree

[2009/07/23 11:35] Sasy Scarborough: lol xstorm lol

[2009/07/23 11:35] Marianne McCann: xstorm - I'd LOVE to see that fixed. Pedantic, but it's bugged me for ages. Replace it with a proper oak

[2009/07/23 11:35] Jack Linden: Sasy, tricky that.. Library items get so heavily re-used

[2009/07/23 11:36] Marianne McCann grins

[2009/07/23 11:36] Marianne McCann: I mean, keep the one that is there, but properly named, and add an oak.

[2009/07/23 11:36] Jack Linden: xstorm, yes! so true. the oak tree is very odd and small

[2009/07/23 11:36] Sasy Scarborough: its a shame, because it wasnt a factor, now that it is it might mean less would be willing todo that again

[2009/07/23 11:36] xstorm Radek: Jack you just need a real content team to work on the library

[2009/07/23 11:36] Sasy Scarborough: me me me me me me me

[2009/07/23 11:36] Sasy Scarborough: :)

[2009/07/23 11:36] Jack Linden: hehe

[2009/07/23 11:36] Marianne McCann: I imagine just about everyone would jump at that chance

[2009/07/23 11:37] xstorm Radek: and please use real data

[2009/07/23 11:37] Sasy Scarborough: actually just let me at the store :) id be happy for at least two years

[2009/07/23 11:37] Jack Linden: we didn't have a content team for quiye a while, but we do now (the DPW is that really)

[2009/07/23 11:37] Kyrion Yalin: hi again

[2009/07/23 11:37] xstorm Radek: it makes every one look bad

[2009/07/23 11:37] Jack Linden: we just have such a huge workload for them that it's tough to focus on things like trees

[2009/07/23 11:37] Sasy Scarborough: can you not ask for those things like you did with avatars for library ?

[2009/07/23 11:37] Sasy Scarborough: or is that impossible, to have someone else make them ?

[2009/07/23 11:37] Yohan Pintens: Jack: blog that you want new trees, the community will respond with a solution for you

[2009/07/23 11:38] Jack Linden: we advertised for content staff recently and got few applications, i was surprised

[2009/07/23 11:38] Marianne McCann: Jack, what is the deal with the Mosh port build. I guess one parcel was given to a borderline ad farmer actually *within* the port building itself, as part of the trade?

[2009/07/23 11:38] xstorm Radek: much of the data for trees is free to use GNU based now

[2009/07/23 11:38] Dytska Vieria: 1 prim trees without megaprims...

[2009/07/23 11:38] Jack Linden: i thought we'd be flooded

[2009/07/23 11:38] Sasy Scarborough: what

[2009/07/23 11:38] Sasy Scarborough: wait

[2009/07/23 11:38] Sasy Scarborough: when

[2009/07/23 11:38] Qie Niangao: Yohan, they can't. All they can do is those dreadful tangled sculpty things that slow down rezzing to a crawl.

[2009/07/23 11:38] Yohan Pintens: Jack: its because we hate you this week

[2009/07/23 11:38] Timo Daehlie: month

[2009/07/23 11:38] Jack Linden: Marianne.. not sure what you mean. do you have a LM for me to go look at?

[2009/07/23 11:38] Yohan Pintens: ask again next week and your results are surely going to be different :)

[2009/07/23 11:38] Ambrosia Serenity: yes will those mall spaces in the port building be assigned?

[2009/07/23 11:38] Sasy Scarborough: its because many are too swamped toread the blog unfortunatly or look for that kind of thing

[2009/07/23 11:39] Ciaran Laval: Mosh is desperately tacky, well the monorail station

[2009/07/23 11:39] Marianne McCann: I've applied many times on content-related stuff, but my app ends up behind the credenza every time

[2009/07/23 11:39] Marianne McCann grins

[2009/07/23 11:39] Jack Linden: Yohan, you do?

[2009/07/23 11:39] Marianne McCann: I can find one. For somewhat obvious reasons I don't go to Zindra very often

[2009/07/23 11:39] Yohan Pintens: just say "Jack wants a cactus!"

[2009/07/23 11:39] Timo Daehlie: yes

[2009/07/23 11:39] xstorm Radek: og them sculpty trees *GIGGLES* i have seen them its bad with there round prims in the base of them

[2009/07/23 11:39] Timo Daehlie: he wants to beat you up each week ..

[2009/07/23 11:40] Yohan Pintens: Jack: not you personally, but I'm a bit angry at Andrew right now for that bullshit broken teleport throttle system we're currently plagued with.

[2009/07/23 11:40] xstorm Radek: the LOD is not working for them thats why

[2009/07/23 11:40] Marianne McCann: Ah, there's one, Jack

[2009/07/23 11:40] Jack Linden: hm maybe i do need a 'make jack a cactus' competition

[2009/07/23 11:40] Yohan Pintens: but thats beyond the scope of your hours

[2009/07/23 11:40] Sasy Scarborough: yeah do ittttt

[2009/07/23 11:40] Yohan Pintens: or better yet Jack wants Cacti and really confuse people

[2009/07/23 11:40] Jack Linden: what should i give as a prize though? for the best one?

[2009/07/23 11:40] Yohan Pintens: Jack: you are the prize

[2009/07/23 11:40] xstorm Radek: *GIGGLES*

[2009/07/23 11:40] Sasy Scarborough: free tier for a year lol

[2009/07/23 11:41] Sasy Scarborough: nah it should just be voluntary

[2009/07/23 11:41] Timo Daehlie: cool idea Sasy ;))

[2009/07/23 11:41] Sasy Scarborough: many would give without prizes

[2009/07/23 11:41] Jack Linden: ha!

[2009/07/23 11:41] xstorm Radek: is not tier free now ?

[2009/07/23 11:41] Ciaran Laval: You give them free publicity

[2009/07/23 11:41] Marianne McCann: An anchor space in Luna Oaks whenever the lottery happens again?

[2009/07/23 11:41] Timo Daehlie: landd free xstorm .. nearly ;)

[2009/07/23 11:41] Ambrosia Serenity: Jack, the mall spaces in the Zindra port building marked #1 on the Zindra map. There are 20 mall spaces and one has been given to a resident, will the other be assigned to other poeple soon?

[2009/07/23 11:41] Sasy Scarborough: yeah the ability to have their store name in the items description

[2009/07/23 11:41] xstorm Radek: *GIGGLES*

[2009/07/23 11:41] Jean Swashbuckler: nods at Ciaran, MOTD

[2009/07/23 11:41] Sasy Scarborough: anything like that would be great

[2009/07/23 11:41] Jean Swashbuckler: as a thank you

[2009/07/23 11:42] Jack Linden: Ambrosia, you know i'mreally not sure. I'll look into that and find out

[2009/07/23 11:42] sabrina Zilz: bonjour a tous

[2009/07/23 11:42] Qie Niangao: (Amusingly, the one parcel in Mosh transit station "mall" that got assigned went to a retired adfarmer. not the worst one, by any means.)

[2009/07/23 11:42] Sasy Scarborough: Jack has there ever been any talk of charity sims ? as in some sims put aside that residents can apply to use for big events, such as hair fair , rfl and so on ?

[2009/07/23 11:42] Kyrion Yalin: bonjour sabrina

[2009/07/23 11:43] Ambrosia Serenity: Blondin said the all land in the move will be assigned this week and you will be done with all tickets, is that true?

[2009/07/23 11:43] Yohan Pintens: Qie: there is poop and there is stinky poop, its still poop.

[2009/07/23 11:43] Ciaran Laval: Is that why there are so many adboards around there?

[2009/07/23 11:43] Marianne McCann: Here's a photo (which has location information) on that Mosh monorail station plot:

[2009/07/23 11:43] Jack Linden: Sasy, well we do have 6 Mainland rental regions that almost no-one seems to know about. The rent is very cheap indeed, and we sometimes let charities use those

[2009/07/23 11:44] Jack Linden: We also do support the Relays For Life events each year with free islands

[2009/07/23 11:44] Sasy Scarborough: wait what

[2009/07/23 11:44] xstorm Radek: that reminds me Jack can not the cornfield be used as a training place for the SL Mentors to become Cert. for working with companys ?

[2009/07/23 11:44] Yohan Pintens: Jack you've had those since like 2006 haven't you?

[2009/07/23 11:44] Sasy Scarborough: the only info we could find was 50usd a day

[2009/07/23 11:44] Sasy Scarborough: most events are ten days

[2009/07/23 11:44] Jack Linden: xstorm.. ah the cornfield. it's amazing how many people ask me to TP them there

[2009/07/23 11:44] Marianne McCann has been there

[2009/07/23 11:44] Jack Linden: Yohan, a long time yes

[2009/07/23 11:45] xstorm Radek: please i sent to many people to the cornfield

[2009/07/23 11:45] Qie Niangao: (there must be more volunteer sims than there are mentors anymore.)

[2009/07/23 11:45] Sasy Scarborough aspires to being a mentor one day

[2009/07/23 11:45] Yohan Pintens: those were the better days for sure

[2009/07/23 11:45] Jack Linden: Sasy, that's for island rental. Mainland rental is much cheaper but is only short term

[2009/07/23 11:45] xstorm Radek: its time it gets used for some thing good

[2009/07/23 11:45] Jack Linden: I think it's L$4000 per region per day to rent Platinum for example

[2009/07/23 11:45] Marianne McCann: Jack, will there eventually be another Busy Bens/New Port/Luna Oaks lottery? Not that I mind still having my Luna Oaks parcel, but perhaps it might be time to get new blood in them? Maybe even revamp the lottery system to assure the plots will be used and used well?

[2009/07/23 11:45] Sasy Scarborough: they are only needed short term, wow i dont think anyone knows of them, thank you so much , is there a specific place to find them at ?

[2009/07/23 11:46] Jack Linden: Marianne, on the DPW slate was to rework that area to allow for more plots

[2009/07/23 11:46] Jack Linden: It just hasn't been done yet

[2009/07/23 11:46] Marianne McCann nods

[2009/07/23 11:46] xstorm Radek: and yet people pay that much and the library still looks the way it is ???

[2009/07/23 11:47] Jack Linden: Sasy, there is a specific ticket flow for them i think, in the support portal

[2009/07/23 11:47] Sasy Scarborough: lol the library now is way better than it was

[2009/07/23 11:47] Marianne McCann: Seems as if those plots get very underused and improprely used, Jack. Esp at New Port and Busy Ben's

[2009/07/23 11:47] Sasy Scarborough: thank you Jack :)

[2009/07/23 11:47] Jack Linden: Also, search the knowledge base for 'Mainland Rental'

[2009/07/23 11:47] Jack Linden: should be something there

[2009/07/23 11:47] Marianne McCann: Land rental pricing:

[2009/07/23 11:47] Sasy Scarborough: thank you :)

[2009/07/23 11:47] Sasy Scarborough: thanks Marianne :)

[2009/07/23 11:47] Marianne McCann grins

[2009/07/23 11:47] Jack Linden: nice work Marianne. :)

[2009/07/23 11:47] xstorm Radek: well yes the library did start out small what was it a blue and red jacket and a frog and boat ?

[2009/07/23 11:48] Sasy Scarborough: lmao

[2009/07/23 11:48] xstorm Radek: well it did have a party in a box

[2009/07/23 11:48] Jack Linden: it had really bad trousers in it, originally. if i recall

[2009/07/23 11:48] xstorm Radek: true

[2009/07/23 11:49] Marianne McCann: Library's been no good since they took the kid avvie out of it

[2009/07/23 11:49] Ambrosia Serenity: /

[2009/07/23 11:49] Marianne McCann: Kiddin

[2009/07/23 11:49] Marianne McCann giggles

[2009/07/23 11:49] Sasy Scarborough: lol

[2009/07/23 11:49] Dytska Vieria: misses Ruth.

[2009/07/23 11:49] Sasy Scarborough: ruth is still there

[2009/07/23 11:49] Marianne McCann: Dytska - but your aim is improving/

[2009/07/23 11:49] Ambrosia Serenity: Jack, how much longer will you be processing zindra move tickets?

[2009/07/23 11:49] Sasy Scarborough: i had toturn my library off, my inventory is too big for extras lol

[2009/07/23 11:49] xstorm Radek: i do not miss getting suck up in to a hole and only half my av showing up

[2009/07/23 11:50] Ardy Lay: Some people still wear those "reall bad trousers".

[2009/07/23 11:50] Marianne McCann: Sasy - there is actual library content I use regularly. "Default transparent texture" is my friend

[2009/07/23 11:50] Ardy Lay: Yes

[2009/07/23 11:50] Sasy Scarborough: i have that pulled out

[2009/07/23 11:50] Jack Linden: Ambrosia, I think we're hoping to be done on those midweek next week

[2009/07/23 11:50] Dytska Vieria: Torley put together the Old Library Content

[2009/07/23 11:50] Techwolf Lupindo: I've just been looking through the libary, notecards could use a revamp with more and helpfull info.

[2009/07/23 11:50] Ambrosia Serenity: Blondin said it would be this week

[2009/07/23 11:50] Yohan Pintens: hey now those trousers are comfortable

[2009/07/23 11:51] Jack Linden: default transparent texture is a classic, it's true

[2009/07/23 11:51] xstorm Radek: OMG!! No i may still have more then half that stuff now

[2009/07/23 11:51] Ciaran Laval: When do apps end for migration?

[2009/07/23 11:51] Sasy Scarborough: is there ever any chance that the second life website sign up would go through more of an informative route, giving a tour of SL and advice, use some of torleys vids etc, that they have to watch before they finish and log in for the first time

[2009/07/23 11:52] Jack Linden: Ciaran, i think tomorrow is the last day

[2009/07/23 11:52] Sasy Scarborough: teach people how to unpack something, i got an IM oncesaying i bought pants and now i have a bag on my bum, get me my damn pants now , i laughed so hard it was the funniest IM ever

[2009/07/23 11:53] xstorm Radek: when thats over can some one upgrade mainland ? and fix the sun to work on time yet again ?

[2009/07/23 11:53] Marianne McCann: Sasy - one of the best things in the Hau Koda hub is the amount of wearable/attachable content hidden around the hub area. I wish more hubs had that. Kinda teaches people by doing

[2009/07/23 11:53] Sasy Scarborough wants Rain , can you give us rain Jack :)

[2009/07/23 11:53] Jack Linden: Sasy, the signup is pretty clean right now. it's one of those areas where we've found that less is more i think, from our testing

[2009/07/23 11:53] Marianne McCann: I want a pony

[2009/07/23 11:53] Jean Swashbuckler: nods at Jack

[2009/07/23 11:54] Sasy Scarborough: yeah i dont agree Jack , sorry it was a year before i knew Torley did vids, i think maybe if less is more still give them the option to learn right there

[2009/07/23 11:54] Jack Linden: Sasy, people always ask me that but I often reply that people used to ask us for Snow too, and yet no-one seems to want to live on snow

[2009/07/23 11:54] Jack Linden: Would you really want it to rain here?

[2009/07/23 11:54] Sasy Scarborough: omg yes

[2009/07/23 11:55] Marianne McCann: The option would be nice. But I suspect it would not get used *that* much

[2009/07/23 11:55] xstorm Radek: Jack if less is more then take less money and give me a job working for LL to get the library in inventory fix i know just the team for it

[2009/07/23 11:55] Sasy Scarborough: its beautiful

[2009/07/23 11:55] Jack Linden: hehe xstorm

[2009/07/23 11:55] Yohan Pintens: Jack: nobody wants to live in the snow sims because they were destroyed by ad farmers and still have not recovered

[2009/07/23 11:55] xstorm Radek: ;-)

[2009/07/23 11:55] xstorm Radek: i work cheap

[2009/07/23 11:55] Jack Linden: Ah yes, Yohan, that's a fair point. But they have always been far less popular, even the really nice areas

[2009/07/23 11:55] Sasy Scarborough: id do it for free :P sorry Storm im community driven lol

[2009/07/23 11:55] xstorm Radek: min wage

[2009/07/23 11:56] Yohan Pintens: my firstland was snow, I love snow but its rare to find nice clean snow anywhere

[2009/07/23 11:56] xstorm Radek: have you seen that library mess ?

[2009/07/23 11:56] Qie Niangao envisions the yellow snow, where adfarmers have let their marks

[2009/07/23 11:56] xstorm Radek: first off put stuff in folders

[2009/07/23 11:56] Marianne McCann: I feel there could be additional resources for new people to learn and grow in SL. I don't know if making them a requirement would help. I'm more for providing ways for people to learn without knowing their "learning," per se

[2009/07/23 11:56] Sasy Scarborough: yeah i have , but it would be awesome , but you are right no one should work for free on something that big

[2009/07/23 11:57] Neco Shilling: lol at storm

[2009/07/23 11:57] Jean Swashbuckler: agree Mari

[2009/07/23 11:57] Yohan Pintens: at one time Benham had a 20 meter strip of adfarms from one end to the other

[2009/07/23 11:58] Yohan Pintens: someone shoulda pushed the reset button on that poor place

[2009/07/23 11:58] xstorm Radek: and why do we still have the pop gun in it when we tell people no guns on help island ???

[2009/07/23 11:58] xstorm Radek: thats not helping

[2009/07/23 11:58] Neco Shilling: you know what gets me i get the last ad farm spot on my area then i have to move... just my luck

[2009/07/23 11:58] Sasy Scarborough: yeah thats not good, guns are bad, thats why so many new people get confused

[2009/07/23 11:58] Marianne McCann: Popgun is a great little learning tool, IMO. And not everywhere is help island

[2009/07/23 11:59] xstorm Radek: *GIGGLES*

[2009/07/23 11:59] Ciaran Laval: Any news on progress on website land sales Jack?

[2009/07/23 11:59] Qie Niangao: yeah, my first physics script was an easter-egg thrower, based on popgun

[2009/07/23 11:59] Jack Linden: What do you mean Ciaran?

[2009/07/23 12:00] Ciaran Laval: With the bot ban you said you were going to find ways of making land bots pretty much redundant by changing the purchasing process

[2009/07/23 12:00] Uni Ninetails raises a paw... "hey how about some library standardised scripts that are efficent from the ground up for like the bazzillion things that are used from day to do *looks at a rather empty folder

[2009/07/23 12:00] Jack Linden: my favourite weapon ever was the house gun that fired, well.. houses. this tiny gun with huge buildings flying out - something about that was very funny

[2009/07/23 12:00] xstorm Radek: that sounds great Uni

[2009/07/23 12:00] Jean Swashbuckler: kewl, I can think of a target or two lol

[2009/07/23 12:00] Marianne McCann: Oh, I kinda like the bus thrower

[2009/07/23 12:00] Elanthius Flagstaff: Haha, why bothe Ciaran when they made land bots redundant instead by destroying land value

[2009/07/23 12:00] Dytska Vieria has a modified watermellon cannon with damage, uses it on bots!

[2009/07/23 12:01] xstorm Radek: votes for Uni on the scrips

[2009/07/23 12:01] Ciaran Laval: Oh you are present then! I thought that new avatar had silence you!

[2009/07/23 12:01] Ambrosia Serenity: I must be in the wrong meeting, I thought this was about land?

[2009/07/23 12:01] Jack Linden: Ciaran, ah right. That is still on the cards but we're not sure exactly when those changes can happen. We are expecting the tools to let people self identify Bots to be appearing in the next few months

[2009/07/23 12:01] Marianne McCann: Time for me to scoot along. Have fun, all!

[2009/07/23 12:01] Jack Linden: I have to run too.. thanks everyone!

[2009/07/23 12:01] Yohan Pintens: Jack: can you explain the purpose of self identifying "Bots"?

[2009/07/23 12:01] Uni Ninetails: kk thanks Jack

[2009/07/23 12:02] Qie Niangao: thanks, Jack.

[2009/07/23 12:02] Jean Swashbuckler: thanks Jack

[2009/07/23 12:02] Ciaran Laval: Cheers Jack

[2009/07/23 12:02] Timo Daehlie: cheers Jack

[2009/07/23 12:02] Neco Shilling: bye jack

[2009/07/23 12:02] Yohan Pintens: I mean why does anyone care unless its causing trouble

[2009/07/23 12:02] xstorm Radek: the last new script i seen in there uni was from 2004

[2009/07/23 12:02] Sasy Scarborough: thank you Jack :)

[2009/07/23 12:02] Jack Linden: take care all, see you next week I hope!