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I been playing SL since 9/6/2006. I spent almost my First whole month on Help Island (Non-Public) just to that i could learn as much as possable about Building. I spent alot of my time Playing RuneScape, HabboHotel, and Neopets before i found SecondLife. I got bored oneday and Seached Free Online Games and found SecondLife and looked at it and was like AWSOME. But i spent almost a week before i downloaded the Client because i was busy with other stuff. So i joined and went throuh everything and started building and just Loved it. I Play with Programs Like Bryce and Carrera so i knew good ways to combine things, since the Carrera Movement is almost identical to Second Lifes'. And Now i fell like im a Pretty good Builder. I can't Script worth a darn, but i can build.

I dont own any Land at the moment so i cant sell any of it. Altho I'm trying to decide if i want to pay for Membership and for a small Piece of Land to Put some vendors and stuff on.

I been a Mentor Since Aug 9th, 2007, The day i turned 19. =) It will be fun Playing with you all.