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About Kendra Charlton

Kendra has been a member of Second Life since Janurary 2005 and became a mentor January 3rd, 2008. She is usually in-world as a tiny, cute anime girl or a small flying mouse that is here to happily help anyone out! She has been in SL for a long time and, although she has already learned a lot about SL, she is still always learning! Learning the new skills to work within SL can some times be a dull, lengthy process and she is a strong believer that fun should be had in whatever one does. She wants to help others enjoy their Second Life experience and have fun. After all, isn’t fun what most people come for when they first create the account?

She always trys her very best to teach in different ways because there are so many ways people prefer to learn and she wants to make sure that no one gets left out. Leave no man behind, as they say! It is for this reason that she uses a combination of snapshots, videos, and text while instructing and writing in her personal mentor blog, which you can find at

The entire blog is dedicated to aiding new members find there way through the exciting world of Second Life, while teaching helpful tips and skills along the way. Kendra's hope is that older members will also benefit from having this blog in their favourites list, especially since there is always something new to learn! In addition to tutorials and helpful sources, she will also be sharing some of the wonderful places she has visited that have inspired her in one way or another to advance her skills.

Kendra's Skills

Just like first life, she is always learning in her second life. So far, her skills include the following:

- building - texturing - instructing - writing

The skills that she is currently working on improving are:

- scripting - making sculpty prims

Kendra's Websites/Blogs/Pages

Kendra's Mentor Blog

Main Page (links to all my stuff)



Personal SL Blog

Personal RL Blog

Gadget and Technology Blog

Kendra's Various Collections

Kendra loves collecting things from all over the internet:

Collection of SL related websites.

Collection of links to various tutorials to learn new skills.

Collection of video tutorials to share with everyone.

Current Projects

Kendra is currently working on a basic SL skills tutorial on my mentor blog. This is a self-paced tutorial using a combination of videos, snapshots, and text found around the web and made by Kendra herself.

She is also working on this wiki page, trying to make it prettier and with more helpful content.

How To Contact Kendra

You can contact Kendra Charlton via IM or by e-mail at