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To Do

Scratch pad

Language Portal Category Style Guide Needs Translation Needs Update
English Old Knowledge Base Category:Knowledge Base Style Guide
French Base de connaissances Category:Base de connaissances Guide de style Needs Translation Needs Update
German Deutsche Knowledge Base Category:Deutsche Knowledge Base German Style Guide Needs Translation Needs Update
Japanese 日本語ナレッジベース Category:日本語ナレッジベース スタイルガイド Needs Translation Needs Update
Italian Base conoscenza italiano Category:Base conoscenza italiano Italian Localization Style Guide Needs Translation Needs Update
Portuguese Base de conhecimento Category:Base de conhecimento BR Portuguese Style Guide Needs Translation Needs Update
Spanish Base de conocimientos Category:Base de conocimientos Spanish Style Guide Needs Translation Needs Update


doesn't work:

Localized Articles in LLO

Linden Lab Official:How do I upgrade my account type from Basic to Premium? needs de translation.

no ja translation for Linden Lab Official:Private Region (Island) FAQ?

delete Linden Lab公認:Xstreet L$購入の仕方, Xstreet L$購入の仕方, Xstreet 購入の仕方 (KB), Xstreet L$購入の仕方 (KB)?


no placeholders for

? same for tier 2. I think VH links there.



These articles need <3





User:Noelle Linden/monobook.css, User:Simone Linden/monobook.css, User:Rika Linden/monobook.css, User:Luna Linden/monobook.css, User:Novella Linden/monobook.css, User:Zaza Linden/monobook.css, User:Eli Linden/monobook.css <css>/* To reveal L10n meta info. --Khepri */ .L10n-hidden { display:block; }</css>

pt needs localized main page.


Need update/merge:

Needs update but is NOT related to KB anymore:

Misc Links