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While it's cool to see you're finally merging sl with the www I'm sad that I won't be there anymore to be able to check it further.

I'm one of the people so oldfashioned that I am actually relying on my system's security and stability, so there's no way I'm going to swap from Windows 2000 to XP or Vista just to be able to go on running SL - I do other things with my PC as well, and all those run just nicely on Win2K, just as they should, without being hindered by artificial restrictions implemented in the newer Windows versions. The fact that, even though Vista is out for quite some time now, MS had to expand the support for win 2000 until at least 2010 should tell you something.

I'm not a lonely eccentric or a notorious MS-Hater - There is many prople like me for whom a stable and secure windows system is more important than, say, a windows that offers revolutionary happy-happy-joy-joy-colour-schemes for simpletons.

More or less the last thing that I still had fun doing in sl, meeting with some friends in Squeebee's theater and watch a nice old monster movie, I allready can't do anymore since the quicktime update you now require (which does not exist for windows 2000). Please tell me you went through the trouble and checked if this quacktime security leak was relevant for windows 2000 at all and not just another security leak only existing under xp and vista in the first place!

Somehow it seems quite sad that one has to explain to so many people why one doesn't want to "up"grade to XP or vista over and over again...

But I try it a last time and I make it very, very easy to understand:

Implementing a "security upgrade" that requires you to run XP or Vista instead of Windows 2000 on your machine is like making people wear seatbelts in their cars, but also douse them in gasoline and make them hold a lit match each time they want to drive their car.

So: Thanks for the fun I had over the last year - and bye.

JetZep Zabelin has posted quite a nice solution to the quicktime/video problem on his wiki discussion-page. It's not only interesting for windows 2000 users who otherwise soon won't be able to watch movies in sl anymore but also to people who simply might think that the picture quality of the Sl-QT-interface sucks. Check it out, even though that way of workaround might not be everyone's cup of tea. Also it reqires you to have access to the media URL you want to see. But apart from that the solution is simple and so obvious that I would never have thought of it myself in the first place. XD

PS: I'm not just moving out of SL because the movie thing, there's also very important other reasons. To make it short: Lost some very good friends, and meeting them and chatting with them allmost daily was my sl raison d'ètrè... Combine that with the increasing bugfest going on for the whole year I'm here and the planned stop of windows 2000 support at this point the fun/grief ratio simply became so messed up that I decided to call it a day.