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Lauri Mayfair: Good morning, everyone!
Marisa Naheed: good morning lauri
Melodia McDonnagh: Morning Lauri :)
Sam Slunce: hi Lauri
Petronilla Paperdoll: Ciao!
Lauri Mayfair: Welcome to my Practical Mentoring class!
Usil Bailey: :)
Marisa Naheed: thanks :))
Lauri Mayfair: So, you just became a Mentor and graduated from your Orientation Class. What next?
Usil Bailey: Panic
Sam Slunce: party?
Lauri Mayfair chuckles.
Lauri Mayfair: That’s what this class is all about. This will be a basic ‘Do’s and Don’ts’ guide to being a Mentor, that should see you off to a good start as you get out there on the Second Life Grid and help Residents.
Lauri Mayfair: Think of it as a sort of advanced companion to the standard Orientation Class!
Lauri Mayfair: I’ll be breaking this guide into sections: Preparation, Best Practices, Emergencies, and Teamwork.
Lauri Mayfair: Between each of these, I’ll be pausing to take any questions you might have about the section we just covered.
Lauri Mayfair: But, before all that, let’s find out what a Mentor really is! Or rather, what a Mentor isn’t…
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T think of a Mentor as a Linden-backed police officer, hunting down griefers and enforcing the Terms of Service (TOS) or Community Standards (CS).
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T think of a Mentor as a member of some kind of Linden-backed International Rescue service, swooping in to save regions in distress, which have been victims of griefers or Grid attacks.
Marisa Naheed: lol
Lauri Mayfair chuckles.
Lauri Mayfair: A Mentor is neither of these things! So, instead…
Lauri Mayfair: DO think of a Mentor as a Linden supported Resident who’s there to help other Residents make use of the tools and services that Linden Lab provides everyone with.
Lauri Mayfair: Your account status didn’t change when you joined the Second Life Mentor group, so you’re still a Resident.
Lauri Mayfair: Hello there, Glitha – take a seat, we're covering what a Mentor is just now :-)
Lauri Mayfair: You are, however, a Resident who has joined a Linden supported group of volunteers, who help other Residents with their day-to-day Second Life on the Grid.
Lauri Mayfair: This means you’ll be working with some Lindens (the Volunteer Specialists, or VTeam!), fellow Mentors, and – of course – Residents!
Lauri Mayfair: It’s really important that you stick within your support remit, positively promote what Second Life and Linden Lab offer, and maintain a cheerful and polite demeanour, at all times.
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T go wearing your Second Life Mentor title when you’re in a grouchy mood, or are not ready to cheerfully give your time to helping Residents.
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T say that anything in Second Life sucks. Anything that’s broken or fails to work as expected only stays that way because no one has bothered to effectively report the problem to Linden Lab!
Lauri Mayfair: DO be polite, professional and patient, whenever you wear your Second Life Mentor title.
Lauri Mayfair: DO take the time to get to know all those tools that Linden Lab provides to all Residents of Second Life.
Lauri Mayfair: Are there any questions on this first little bit, before we get going?
Marisa Naheed: none here
Sam Slunce: nope Lauri
Melodia McDonnagh: nope
Petronilla Paperdoll: everything ok :-)
Lauri Mayfair: Cool! So, we all know what we are! :-)
Marisa Naheed: :))
Usil Bailey: :)
Sam Slunce: yay
Lauri Mayfair: Okay, let’s move on to Preparation!
Lauri Mayfair: This is all about doing your homework, so you’re ready to help effectively.
Lauri Mayfair: I’m sure most of us despise homework, and there’s so much stuff to learn that it can seem a bit daunting, if not downright confusing.
Lauri Mayfair: There’s good news, though! You don’t need to learn everything just to get started!
Lauri Mayfair: In fact, with just a little bit of preparation, you can be ready in a few hours!
Marisa Naheed: YAY!
Lauri Mayfair: Hehe :-)
Lauri Mayfair: Here’s how...
Lauri Mayfair: DO pick up the Orientation Island HUD, and go through the new Resident experience on that island (use the demo one, next door to this Help Island).
Lauri Mayfair: Get all the stars, so you know how to help a new Resident get them all as well!
Lauri Mayfair: DO get two of these HUDs, use one, and never use the other. If you give a Resident a HUD that you used, it will start up from where you left off! So, always hand them the unused one!
Lauri Mayfair: If you don't have one of these yet, let me know, and I'll hand a couple out to you. :-)
Lauri Mayfair: Keep one safe and unused, and use the other to get the stars :-)
Lauri Mayfair: Use the unused one to give to new Residents :-)
Lauri Mayfair: DO explore the Help Island (use this island we’re on right now), to see where things are, and what you can do here.
Lauri Mayfair: DO collect all the useful notecards, clothes and objects that can be found on these two islands, so you can give them out to those who missed them.
Lauri Mayfair: Often, folks skip past all this, and then regret it. Capture them, and give them the bits they missed :-)
Lauri Mayfair: DO put these in a folder called Orientation Kit.
Lauri Mayfair: Next…
Lauri Mayfair: DO hop over to: Volunteer HQ
Lauri Mayfair: This is where you can find some other useful items.
Lauri Mayfair: DO collect the free stuff for male and female Residents, and anything else you think will be handy to either use, give out, or refer to.
Lauri Mayfair: DO make some more folders: Male Freebie Kit, Female Freebie Kit, Mentor Kit
Lauri Mayfair: Drop the freebies in the first two folders, as appropriate, and all the stuff you will use or refer to can go in that last folder.
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T forget to pick up that free Mentor T-shirt!
Lauri Mayfair models her UK one ;-)
Lauri Mayfair: Once you’ve made these folders…
Lauri Mayfair: DO make one last folder: *Mentor Resources
Lauri Mayfair: Note that little asterisk! This will make this folder nice and easy to find. In fact, if you set your Inventory filters to not put system folders at the top, this *Mentor Resources folder will be the first one on the list!
Lauri Mayfair: Now, drop those four folders (Orientation Kit, Male Freebie Kit, Female Freebie Kit, and Mentor Kit), into this *Mentor Resources folder.
Lauri Mayfair: Bingo! You’ve now got the beginnings of your very own Mentor Resource folder!
Lauri Mayfair: Only one last thing to do…
Lauri Mayfair: DO get familiar with this page: Support Portal
Lauri Mayfair: This will help you to help Residents when you’re not too sure what the answer to their problem might be – essential stuff, when you’re new to Mentoring and hit an issue that’s outside your area of expertise!
Lauri Mayfair: You don’t need to login and click on every link, read every article, etc. All you need to do is be familiar with what’s there. Let’s review the features…
Lauri Mayfair: The Knowledge Base – This is for finding out what things are, how to do them, and how to resolve some technical problems.
Lauri Mayfair: The Solution Finder – Where you’ll find out how to resolve a technical or billing issue (and talk to Linden support staff, if your a Premium account holder).
Lauri Mayfair: DO make sure you know what support services are available to each account type (Concierge, Premium and Basic), and what’s available to everyone.
Lauri Mayfair: For example, everyone gets full support on billing problems, Concierge account holders have a dedicated support team, and Premium account holders can contact Linden support staff.
Lauri Mayfair: Hello there, Jemma! Take a seat, we're just covering some preparation guidelines ;-)
Lauri Mayfair: DO bookmark this page: Text from In-world Notecards
Jemma Bonne: Hi. Thanks! (Waiting for rezz)
Lauri Mayfair: If you’re in a pickle, you can quickly get to this page and see if the problem you’re trying to help a Resident with is covered on this page.
Lauri Mayfair: If so, you can either direct them to it, or go through it with them!
Lauri Mayfair: You should now be ready for anything!
Lauri Mayfair: Are there any questions on this section?
Sam Slunce: no..thats clear thanks
Usil Bailey: Im good
Lauri Mayfair: Hello Sue! Take a seat, we've just covered some basics for peperation ;-)
Melodia McDonnagh: The orientation hud is only useful on orientation island, correct? or no?
Lauri Mayfair: Yes, Melodia. It's just for the new Residents on the OI.
Melodia McDonnagh: ok, thanks :)
Marisa Naheed: yes actually - i often find that new residents are in a huge hurry to get on with exploring the grid and don't hang about long for help - is it okay to use the SL mentor channel and the mental mentors one for a quick answer?
Lauri Mayfair: I'll cover the IM channel in a bit, Marisa, so hang on there for that one :-)
Marisa Naheed: ah thanks :))
Lauri Mayfair: But yes, often folks want to dive in and explore everything, and miss a lot.
Lauri Mayfair: So, we need some Best Practices, to capture a bit of that before they regret it.
Marisa Naheed: lol indeed, including clothing!
Melodia McDonnagh: lol
Lauri Mayfair chuckles.
Lauri Mayfair: Aye, clothes!
Lauri Mayfair: All those nice pics out there, and you get a plain shirt. Not good ;-)
Usil Bailey: lol
Lauri Mayfair: Okay, let’s move on Best Practices!
Lauri Mayfair: DO check out this wiki page: Inworld Locations for Volunteers
Lauri Mayfair: There’re lots of locations on there to go to and help Residents!
Lauri Mayfair: You’ll notice that this page doesn’t cite any of the Orientation Islands (besides the Public Orientation Island).
Lauri Mayfair: This is because there are a lot of them, and they are not always constant. Of the ones available, some will be working and some won’t be, depending on how new signups are being handled.
Lauri Mayfair: You don’t need to learn everything on this page. All you need to do is bookmark it, so you can find it quickly, and remember what’s generally on it.
Lauri Mayfair: If you’re the kind of Mentor that likes to be the centre of attention and help new Residents, then the Help and Orientation islands are the locations to target.
Usil Bailey: Cool Way Cool !
Lauri Mayfair: You won’t be able to landmark some of these locations, but you don’t really need to. Instead…
Lauri Mayfair: DO use the Map, type in either “help” or “orientation” in the search feature there and you’ll be able to go through the regions found, and pick the one’s that have lots of green dots on them.
Lauri Mayfair: DO remember that Help and Orientation islands will reset your Home Location, so teleport back to that between going from one to another, if you want to retain that.
Marisa Naheed: lol found that out the hard way, me
Petronilla Paperdoll: :-)
Marisa Naheed: major panic attack :P
Lauri Mayfair chuckles.
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T just stay in the telehub! There will be Residents all over the place, so get out there and meet them.
Lauri Mayfair: DO say hello, meet and greet! But…
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T be pushy in offering to help.
Lauri Mayfair: If a Resident wants some help, they’ll probably ask for it as you pass by and welcome them. Other Residents might be engrossed in what they are doing, so allow them the chance to carry on.
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T give out landmarks to anyone on the Help and Orientation islands! Once a new Resident leaves them, they can’t go back!
Lauri Mayfair: DO remind them of this, and always suggest that they should only leave when they feel they have got all they can out these islands!
Lauri Mayfair: Marisa, this is also a good tip for those in a rush!
Marisa Naheed: oooh that's good to know
Marisa Naheed: thanks!
Lauri Mayfair: Sometimes, just an "Are you sure? Have you seen -this- yet?" *points to the art exhibit, or freebie shop, etc.* can give them pause to consider.
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T invite them into any groups! Let them know how to find and join them, but don’t invite them to any that you’re a member of. We’re here to promote Second Life, not anything you might personally be aligned to!
Lauri Mayfair: If new Residents start asking about how to do things that can be done with the viewer, you don’t have to be an expert in everything that can be done there. Instead…
Lauri Mayfair: DO walk Residents through what you’re asking them to do on the viewer by actually going through it yourself with them step by step.
Lauri Mayfair: You’ll then be ready to answer any question they have about that specific step while the menu or floater is right there on your screen!
Lauri Mayfair: You can also repro any bug that you might enounter there, while at it ;-)
Usil Bailey: Gotcha
Lauri Mayfair: The most common question here is, “How do I make money?”
Sam Slunce: lol
Usil Bailey: Join up !
Usil Bailey: lol
Lauri Mayfair chuckles.
Marisa Naheed: lol, second most frequent ;)
Usil Bailey: well thats what I tell them all
Lauri Mayfair chuckles.
Lauri Mayfair: Okay, after "Where do I get shoes like yours?"
Usil Bailey: lolol
Melodia McDonnagh: :-P
Marisa Naheed: erm, no
Marisa Naheed: lol
Petronilla Paperdoll: my most frequent one is "where is the exit" (usually under the exit board).
Lauri Mayfair: Aye, that's another good one, but easy to answer.
Marisa Naheed: mine is what do i do here?
Nye Mu: sorry late. screwed time conversion :-(
Lauri Mayfair: Hello Nye :-)
Usil Bailey: or How do I win
Marisa Naheed: LOL
Lauri Mayfair: And, what do I do here, aye.... another one that's tricky.
Usil Bailey: lolol
Marisa Naheed: actually it's not that bad
Marisa Naheed: i tell em this isn't an objective oriented game, then point out some of the many things they can try
Lauri Mayfair: Let's take the money one as an example of a tricky question...
Lauri Mayfair: There’s no simple answer to this, and everyone responds differently. If in doubt…
Lauri Mayfair: DO direct money making questions to: Making L$ / Earning L$ / Buying L$ FAQ
Lauri Mayfair: The same sort of tip applies to other tricky ones, where the answer isn't click this, touch that, etc.
Lauri Mayfair: See if there's something on the wiki that covers it, and use that. Or, write your own ideas there, if it draws a blank!
Lauri Mayfair: If you’re the kind of Mentor that likes to help out both new and old Residents, then the Welcome Areas, Infohubs and public Help and Orientation islands are for you!
Lauri Mayfair: Be aware that you might get questions that are a lot more obscure and complicated than the ones you get asked in the new signup regions.
Lauri Mayfair: This is especially true for the Public Help Island, which the main website offers as the place to go for Inworld Help.
SuezanneC Baskerville: website?
Lauri Mayfair: The main one, Sue – Second Life :-)
Lauri Mayfair: DO make use of Support Portal here, if you can’t provide a solution right there and then.
Usil Bailey: Yes I have worked it ,,can be a brain drain
Lauri Mayfair: You might find that some of the problems here relate to bugs. So…
Lauri Mayfair: DO direct all problems relating to bugs to: Issue tracker
Lauri Mayfair: You could just point folks to the Public Issue Tracker, but this doesn’t really explain how to use the PJIRA. So, play it safe!
Petronilla Paperdoll: lauri, In my orientation class someone mentioned this one - I use it and I think it's very useful to find quickly the right solution: Combined Google Search for Knowledge Base and F1 Help
Lauri Mayfair: Ooh, nice!
Petronilla Paperdoll: I love it
Lauri Mayfair: The most common question here is, “Why is there so much lag?”
Lauri Mayfair: There’s no simple answer to this question, but we know where to direct folks now, right?
Lauri Mayfair: Yup, you guessed it: Help:Lag ;-)
Lauri Mayfair: Finally, if you’re the kind of Mentor that likes to roam the Grid, helping folks ‘on the fly’ by swapping to their Second Life Mentor tag and diving in to save the day…
Lauri Mayfair: DO use some of this time to collect landmarks to interesting or helpful locations.
Lauri Mayfair: A good resource to start off with is: Second Life Insider: Adjusting to a new world - The newbie tourist
Lauri Mayfair: Sometimes, Residents will invite you to their Friends list (or you might invite them to yours). This is a great way to keep in contact with them, and be there for them when the need arises.
Lauri Mayfair: DO make a Resident Friends folder in your *Mentor Resources folder, and drop their Calling Cards in here, so you can easily see that these folks are those you met while helping them officially as a Mentor.
Lauri Mayfair: Okay, are there any questions on this section?
Nye Mu: i use the notes page :-)
Lauri Mayfair: Aye, Notes works well, too :-)
Usil Bailey: got lots of notes !!
Lauri Mayfair: But, you can see if they are online with their Calling Card ;-)
Melodia McDonnagh: Nope, Im good :)
Lauri Mayfair: Okay, let’s move on to Emergencies, now!
Lauri Mayfair: When you’re out and about, sooner or later you’re going to stumble into an emergency situation – either a griefer, or someone (a Resident) or something (an object, or objects!) being a nuisance.
Lauri Mayfair: Someone may even be breaching the TOS/CS, heaven forbid!
Lauri Mayfair: Remember, you’re not a police officer or marine. So…
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T start a war!
Lauri Mayfair: Seriously, don’t start attacking Residents with your personal hoard of weapons and gadgets.
Lauri Mayfair: This isn’t supporting or promoting the tools that Linden Lab supplied us all with, and it’ll only end in tears if you encounter a serious griefer.
Lauri Mayfair: So, it’s bad policy, and bad practice.
Lauri Mayfair: There is, however, no harm in defending yourself to give you time to deal with the situation.
Lauri Mayfair: You can sit on a prim, and move about on that if need be!
Lauri Mayfair: If you’re being swamped with particles, disable them.
Lauri Mayfair: In fact, check this out: How to use beacons and highlights
Jayden Lindley: -sorry i have to go now, thanks for the help ~Smiles~
Lauri Mayfair: Take care, Jayden :-) Thanks for coming!
Lauri Mayfair: This will give you the time and peace (if you need it) to do the right thing…
Lauri Mayfair: DO file an Abuse Report in all appropriate instances.
Lauri Mayfair: DO encourage all those near you to also file an Abuse Report as well.
Lauri Mayfair: The more reports that come in, the more priority is given to it. And the more we use Abuse Reports, the more effective this tool will become.
Lauri Mayfair: Sometimes, even with all the tools available to you, you still might not be able to figure out exactly who owns an offending object.
Lauri Mayfair: In such cases, when all else fails, you can put down a member of the VTeam (like Amber Linden), and describe – in as much detail as possible – the situation at hand, and the object causing it.
Usil Bailey: Yes she told me to do that once I was really worried
Lauri Mayfair: It's OK to do that, if you've exhausted all else.
Lauri Mayfair: If you’re not sure on how or when to file an Abuse Report, review this page: When and how to file an Abuse Report
Lauri Mayfair: Are there any questions on this section?
Melodia McDonnagh: No questions here :)
Sam Slunce: no thats clear thanks
Marisa Naheed: no questions here
Usil Bailey: ok
Petronilla Paperdoll: Lindens are often around in non euro friendly-hours.....
Lauri Mayfair: There's a bunch of Euro Lindens. And, there's a job for Linden Liason going on the Linden Lab site – if you want to be one, apply there :-)
Lauri Mayfair: Okay, let’s round off the class with a little look at Teamwork!
Lauri Mayfair: DO remember that we’re all working together as part of the Volunteer Team. So…
Lauri Mayfair: DO be stupidly respectful and polite to everyone on the team, Lindens and Mentors alike.
Marisa Naheed: LOL
Lauri Mayfair: DO remember that you represent Linden Lab when you have your Second Life Mentor title active, and this also includes the rest of the Volunteer Team as well.
Lauri Mayfair: DO check out: Calendar of Scheduled Meetings
Lauri Mayfair: On here, you’ll find the times and dates of the monthly Mentor meetings, where you can discuss any issues within the group.
Lauri Mayfair: DO fix any information that you know to be duff or out-of-date on here: Volunteer Portal
Lauri Mayfair: Generally speaking, the golden rule is…
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T be part of the problem, be part of the solution!
Lauri Mayfair: This brings me to a couple of burning issues – the Volunteer Island and the Group IM Channel.
Marisa Naheed: YAY!!
Lauri Mayfair: The first of these is easy to address…
Lauri Mayfair: DO remember that the Volunteer Island is exclusively for shared experiences that the whole team could enjoy or make use of, or for temporary testing or developing.
Lauri Mayfair: So, if you intend to build something permanent here, ask yourself if it benefits the group as a whole. If not, don’t leave it here.
Lauri Mayfair: If you need a quiet place to test or develop something, outside those (often chaotic) public sandboxes, always be sure to tidy up after yourself when done.
Lauri Mayfair: As for the Group IM Channel, here’s some math for you…
Lauri Mayfair: There’re over 9 million accounts in Second Life just now, of which – at peak – just fewer than 50,000 are online at once. There’s now over 2000 Mentors. So, at peak, there could be about 80 Mentors online at once, on average. So…
Lauri Mayfair: DON’T use the Group IM Channel for discussions. Use it for what it’s intended for: asking for help or backup.
Lauri Mayfair: DO check out this: Volunteer Group IM Guidelines
Lauri Mayfair: Really, there’re only two types of post you would ever need to make to this Second Life Mentor group.
Lauri Mayfair: 1. A call for backup. For example, you’re on a Help Island, it’s very busy, and you could use some extra help in taking the barrage of questions you're being asked.
Lauri Mayfair: 2. A call for help. For example, after having explored every other avenue, you’re still not able to find a solution, or you could use someone who speaks a certain language.
Lauri Mayfair: To avoid getting shouted at for not using the IM channel correctly, you can word these queries in such a way that circumvents them.
Marisa Naheed: so this isn't the place to ask a general question you have no idea about?
Lauri Mayfair: Yes, and no, Marisa. You can ask for help, yes. Let's look at some examples...
Lauri Mayfair: To call for backup, post “Hi, folks! HI3 is really busy, and I’m the only Mentor there. If anyone can come and help, please teleport in! Thank you!”
Sam Slunce: oh..sorry..I have to dash..but its been a great class..thanks
Lauri Mayfair: Take care, Sam :-)
Lauri Mayfair: Or, to call for help, post “Hi, folks! Does anyone know how to develop 3D documentation of alien DNA using the Second Life Grid's building tools? If so, please IM me directly! Thank you!”
Marisa Naheed: LOL
Lauri Mayfair: In both cases, these are ‘closed requests’, which supply the kind of response required in them – a teleport into the region, or a direct IM, in the above examples.
Marisa Naheed: may i ask something, lauri?
Lauri Mayfair: Sure!
Marisa Naheed: thanks :)
Marisa Naheed: last week i was asked if LL were in the process of eliminating stipends for new accounts
Neovo Geesink: Sorry to be late...
Lauri Mayfair: No worries, Neovo :-)
Marisa Naheed: i asked that question in the group, and got my head torn off
Marisa Naheed: by an experienced mentor
Marisa Naheed: i haven't used the channel since
Lauri Mayfair: Okay, in that instance, I would have worded it like this....
Lauri Mayfair: Hi folks! Anyone know if LL plan to axe stipends? IM if you know! Thanks!
Lauri Mayfair: No question is daft.
Marisa Naheed: well that is better than what i said, but i did just say has anyone heard anything about stipends being cut?
Neovo Geesink: Not yet...
Lauri Mayfair: All questiions should promote the idea that they DON'T get answered in the channel.
Usil Bailey: The Channel does take some finess to use
Marisa Naheed: and i told, oh for god's sakes, use the blog and use some common sense!
Marisa Naheed: very offputting
Marisa Naheed: as it was a mentor buddy who did it
Melodia McDonnagh: Yes, not all mentors seem to be kind I have found..... which is also sad........ someone played a rather cruel joke on me last night I think.....
Melodia McDonnagh: I think you have to let it roll off and make friends with the nice ones :) Just like with any large community
Lauri Mayfair: Aye, what you want to avoid is stuff like this (spam coming)...
Lauri Mayfair: [0:03] Mentor A: Im going to copy and paste a conversation here....grumble and get all uptight and tell me this isnt the place I dont care.....but, this is what a mentor is or considers himself to be ????? [0:03] Mentor A: why do you say in the mentor channel that filing the abuse report for such pics is the wrong place [23:16] Mentor X: because it has nothing to do with mentoring [23:17] Mentor X: what if i said come help me therer are green monsters attacking me on HI 3 [23:17] Mentor X: please tell me what that has to do with mentoring; im waiting with great anticipation...
Lauri Mayfair: That's a bit of a real post (names hidden).
Lauri Mayfair: Don't do that :-)
Lauri Mayfair: Instead, ask your request in a closed fashion, and offer how folks can respond off the channel – IM, TP, here on VI, etc.
Marisa Naheed: well i'll remember to put the bit in about iming me next time
Marisa Naheed: thanks, that's very helpful lauri :)))
Lauri Mayfair: If you see this kind of thing kicking off, either simply post this URL: Volunteer Group IM Guidelines
Lauri Mayfair: Or don’t say anything at all! Just close the group window, if it’s getting in the way of what you’re doing.
Lauri Mayfair: Basically, show them the guidelines they just messed up, or say nothing, move on.
Lauri Mayfair: And make sure your requests are stella! :-)
Lauri Mayfair: If you want to chat to Mentors about any old thing, and get to know them....
Lauri Mayfair: Join Mental Mentors!
Marisa Naheed: YAY for mental mentors!
Lauri Mayfair: How?
Lauri Mayfair: Look in Groups, find it, and track an Officer or Owner down – IM them.
Marisa Naheed: the owner is online frequently and he responds quickly :))
Marisa Naheed: he's a mate of mine
Lauri Mayfair: Or!
Lauri Mayfair: Post to the main IM channel, and say, "Hi folks! Can anyone help me join Mental Mentors? Add me if you can! Thanks!" :-)
Usil Bailey: Question How can we turn off a noisy group channel?
Usil Bailey: I don't join many groups because of this one issue
Lauri Mayfair: If a group is full of scroll, you can close the window – it WILL now stop the chat for your CURRENT SL session.
Usil Bailey: ah ok
Marisa Naheed: sometimes i find you need to close the window several times before it works
Usil Bailey: ah I see ok thnaks
Lauri Mayfair: Aye, that can happen if the Group doesn't get the message (not the people, but the messaging system itself). This happens when your posts are delayed, etc. Same problem, different effect.
Usil Bailey: :) kk
Lauri Mayfair: And that brings us to the end of this Practical Mentoring class!
Usil Bailey: :(
Lauri Mayfair: Does anyone have any questions on the topics raised here?
Marisa Naheed claps enthusiastically
Melodia McDonnagh: woot! thanks Lauri :)
Lauri Mayfair smiles!
Nye Mu: Ta Lauri
Marisa Naheed: thanks soooo much lauri, awesome presentation thanks soooo much
Lauri Mayfair: Pleasure!