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NiranV Dean

Name: NiranV Dean

Display Name: Amethyst

SL Born 6. Jan 2007

Creator of:

NiranV Mod Series(see here)

Azure Skin for Viewer 2/3

Darkness Skin for Viewer 2/3

Nirans Viewer

Black Dragon Viewer

Newbie coder,

some HTML and PHP knowledge from years ago,

over 4 years of knowledge of modding and hacking the XML part of Second Life,

good overall knowledge in building, including making textures, sounds, meshes, sculpts, animations, scripts and more in SL.

Was UI modder for Kirstens Viewer but later continued doing his own Viewer "Nirans Viewer" due to beeing suspended by Kirsten. Later renamed his Viewer to Black Dragon. Known for making alot highly detailed snapshots and videos in Second Life and always trying to go his own seperate way.