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List of Attendees


[12:02] Bolek Amat: Salut Trinity
[12:02] ALLZAP Barrymore: on passe nos journées à arranger des histoires
[12:02] Bolek Amat: Bonsoir Noelle
[12:02] Blaise Timtam: 22 la chef ^^
[12:02] Noelle Linden: Over here!
[12:02] ALLZAP Barrymore: kikou Noelle et Trinity
[12:02] Blaise Timtam: bonjour Noelle
[12:02] Samia Bechir: coucou Noelle :)
[12:02] Bolek Amat: Et merci d'avoir penser à faire une notice, Noelle
[12:02] Noelle Linden: salut l'equipe !
[12:02] Laurent Bechir: hello !
[12:03] Noelle Linden: tout en English aujourd'hui :-)
[12:03] Bolek Amat: Sinon j'aurais encore loupé :(
[12:03] ALLZAP Barrymore: kikou Yann ^^
[12:03] Bolek Amat: All right
[12:03] Noelle Linden: Hi all
[12:03] Samia Bechir: salut Yann
[12:03] Noelle Linden: let me introduce you to Trinity
[12:03] Trinity Darbyshire: Hello everyone!
[12:03] Noelle Linden: aka Jane
[12:03] Blaise Timtam: welcome Trinity
[12:03] Bolek Amat: Hi Trinity
[12:03] ALLZAP Barrymore: nice to meet you Trinity welcome^^
[12:03] Samia Bechir: Hiya Trinity :)
[12:03] Yann Dufaux: coucou ㋡
[12:03] Trinity Darbyshire: Salut!
[12:03] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol
[12:04] ALLZAP Barrymore: is salut an english word ?^^
[12:04] Noelle Linden: She will be spending the whole hour with us
[12:04] Bolek Amat: She must be bold :p
[12:04] ALLZAP Barrymore: „ã°
[12:04] Trinity Darbyshire: Haha. That was the extent of my French.
[12:04] Blaise Timtam: hope she will survive it
[12:04] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol
[12:04] Bolek Amat: A whole hour with us ? ^^
[12:04] Yann Dufaux: merci Noelle!! „ã°
[12:04] Noelle Linden: yes
[12:05] Yann Dufaux: finalement, j,suis pas trop en retard „ã°
[12:05] Trinity Darbyshire: I am very excited to meet all of you!
[12:05] Noelle Linden: Trinity has many questions for you guys ;-)
[12:05] ALLZAP Barrymore: nice
[12:05] Noelle Linden: but I will let her introduce herself first
[12:05] Noelle Linden: :-)
[12:06] Trinity Darbyshire: Hi everyone! My real name is Jane and I am a student at the Harvard Business School. I have been working with the Strategy team at Linden to think through some interesting ways to grow the French user-base and enhance the experience for French users.
[12:07] ALLZAP Barrymore: good idea ^^
[12:07] Trinity Darbyshire: I would love to chat with you guys about what you see French users doing in world and also what opportunities you see for Linden.
[12:08] Noelle Linden: would you like everybody to explain what their use of SL is ?
[12:08] Trinity Darbyshire: Yes! That would be fantastic!
[12:08] Trinity Darbyshire: If you can be as specific as possible, that would be great!
[12:08] Noelle Linden: would you guys mind?
[12:08] Laurent Bechir: I eat carrots most the time :)
[12:09] Noelle Linden: lol
[12:09] ALLZAP Barrymore: „ã°
[12:09] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes we share together
[12:09] Trinity Darbyshire: haha
[12:09] Noelle Linden: Allzap, do you want to start? :-)
[12:09] Noelle Linden: I know you're shy
[12:09] ALLZAP Barrymore: i will try
[12:09] Noelle Linden: this is why i am asking you first ;-)
[12:10] ALLZAP Barrymore: ok that make aproximately 3 yeras that i am in game
[12:10] ALLZAP Barrymore: at geginning i came because i saw a tv programm
[12:10] Trinity Darbyshire: a tv program that mentioned Second Life?
[12:10] ALLZAP Barrymore: i begun with meeting some others personns
[12:10] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes information
[12:11] Noelle Linden: in 2007?
[12:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes in january
[12:11] Noelle Linden: peak year for SL
[12:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: the 7th
[12:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: the day i came there
[12:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: after 6 months i have understood that we can make some buisiness there
[12:12] ALLZAP Barrymore: and i was lands seller
[12:12] MasterJ Chaplin: bonsoir/evening all tout le monde
[12:12] ALLZAP Barrymore: it was very interesting
[12:12] Noelle Linden: hi Master
[12:12] Noelle Linden: did you sell lots of land?
[12:12] ALLZAP Barrymore: hi Master
[12:12] ALLZAP Barrymore: i will yes
[12:13] Trinity Darbyshire: ah, so you first joined because you were curious about it and then kept using because you realized you could make some money as well?
[12:13] ALLZAP Barrymore: approximately 100 lands
[12:13] ALLZAP Barrymore: no at all at the begining
[12:13] ALLZAP Barrymore: but after 6 months yes
[12:13] Trinity Darbyshire: why did you join in the first place?
[12:13] Trinity Darbyshire: and how did you use SL in your first 6 months?
[12:13] ALLZAP Barrymore: at first it was just for meet others people from others countrie
[12:14] MasterJ Chaplin: désolé du retard
[12:14] ALLZAP Barrymore: it was not easy because i had not found people for helping me
[12:14] ALLZAP Barrymore: but others residents was very helpfull
[12:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: i hd not imagine which were the possibilities in this game
[12:15] Bolek Amat frown
[12:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: after that
[12:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: i was clubs owners
[12:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: 2 years ago i enter in mentors community
[12:15] MasterJ Chaplin: je me disais bien que ce nom ne m'étais point inconnu
[12:16] ALLZAP Barrymore: ^^
[12:16] ALLZAP Barrymore: its very interesting also
[12:16] ALLZAP Barrymore: i made also radio programms
[12:16] ALLZAP Barrymore: on a sl radio
[12:16] ALLZAP Barrymore: french because it was my rl job
[12:16] Trinity Darbyshire: where can i listen to those radio programms?
[12:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: on a stream
[12:17] Trinity Darbyshire: in world?
[12:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: or on web
[12:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes
[12:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: in world
[12:17] Noelle Linden: it was a great show
[12:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes Noelle has work with us
[12:17] Trinity Darbyshire: Ah, Noelle had mentioned you to me before. =)
[12:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: and i had the honor to make an interview of Philip Linden
[12:18] Noelle Linden: it was fun
[12:18] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes very ^^
[12:18] MasterJ Chaplin: et c'est la que j'ai entendu la voix de Noëlle et ... je voulait encore entendre la voix de noëlle ^^
[12:18] Noelle Linden: nerve wrecking for me though ;-)
[12:18] ALLZAP Barrymore: Noelle has translate
[12:18] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol Noelle
[12:18] Trinity Darbyshire: so is it very easy to incorporate music in world?
[12:18] MasterJ Chaplin: was a good interwiev really
[12:18] Trinity Darbyshire: or other audio generally speaking
[12:18] Noelle Linden: MasterJ ;-)
[12:19] MasterJ Chaplin: yes it is teh problem is for have a GOOD stream you need to rent it (shoutcast) etc etc enfin brref :)
[12:19] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes you have a lot of possibilities inworld to start a carreer
[12:19] Trinity Darbyshire: That is the amazing thing about SL. It enables people to do so many things!
[12:19] MasterJ Chaplin: ... you can't imagine ...
[12:19] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes really
[12:19] Trinity Darbyshire: Are you still hosting the radio shows today?
[12:19] ALLZAP Barrymore: some friends are singers
[12:20] ALLZAP Barrymore: and start to sing inworld before playing in rl
[12:20] Trinity Darbyshire: oh wow
[12:20] ALLZAP Barrymore: its a fantastic experience
[12:20] Noelle Linden: rl= real life
[12:20] Trinity Darbyshire: so they will perform during your radio shows?
[12:20] ALLZAP Barrymore: no
[12:20] MasterJ Chaplin: je pre√®fre dire :VR :PPPP
[12:20] MasterJ Chaplin: prefère
[12:21] ALLZAP Barrymore: i play some on my brodcast yes
[12:21] Trinity Darbyshire: do your friends also hold concerts in world?
[12:21] ALLZAP Barrymore: but we do a lot of concerts show inworld also
[12:21] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes ^^
[12:21] Trinity Darbyshire: How do people generally hear about these concerts?
[12:21] ALLZAP Barrymore: notices
[12:21] ALLZAP Barrymore: and tp
[12:22] Noelle Linden: tp= teleports
[12:22] ALLZAP Barrymore: teleport your friendlist
[12:22] MasterJ Chaplin: you mean the music singer etc etc?
[12:22] Noelle Linden: ;-)
[12:22] MasterJ Chaplin: and group chat
[12:22] Trinity Darbyshire: where does someone see this notice?
[12:22] ALLZAP Barrymore: when you are in a group
[12:22] ALLZAP Barrymore: you receive notices
[12:22] MasterJ Chaplin: you can receive some Surl (url to direct teleport to the land)
[12:23] Samia Bechir: notices are sent to groupmembers , or to people who registered in scripted lists
[12:23] Trinity Darbyshire: ah
[12:23] MasterJ Chaplin: je dirais autorised user :)
[12:23] ALLZAP Barrymore: that was my experience
[12:23] MasterJ Chaplin: pour simplifier ^^
[12:23] Trinity Darbyshire: I see. So if I did not belong to a group, it would be hard for me to stumble across a concert on my own.
[12:24] ALLZAP Barrymore: no as said Samia
[12:24] MasterJ Chaplin: you can found but yes it's hard
[12:24] ALLZAP Barrymore: you can be teleportto the show
[12:24] Trinity Darbyshire: hm, i see
[12:24] Noelle Linden: there is also an Events section on the website
[12:24] Bolek Amat: You may find it by search > event
[12:24] ALLZAP Barrymore: right
[12:24] MasterJ Chaplin: search is usefull at start for found groups and palce
[12:24] MasterJ Chaplin: places
[12:25] Trinity Darbyshire: have any "famous" french artists put on concerts in world?
[12:25] ALLZAP Barrymore: i know just one
[12:25] Noelle Linden: which one?
[12:25] Trinity Darbyshire: cool. who is that?
[12:25] ALLZAP Barrymore: he was famous in 80s
[12:25] ALLZAP Barrymore: guy criaky
[12:25] ALLZAP Barrymore: enzo laval inworld
[12:26] ALLZAP Barrymore: but there are a llot of very talentuous singers
[12:26] Samia Bechir: depends.. friends can teleport you to the concert (and, if not telling you before, be slapped for doing so), or if you've been to a concert, and liked it, you may have added yourself to a list, or "general information" groups can relay the info about concerts.. etc
[12:27] ALLZAP Barrymore: right Samia
[12:27] Trinity Darbyshire: definitely! i think SL can be a great opportunity for emerging artists to showcase their work.
[12:27] Noelle Linden: do you guys know Janine?
[12:27] Samia Bechir: I do
[12:27] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes a real opportunity
[12:27] Noelle Linden: isn't she amazing?
[12:27] Blaise Timtam: of course i know jaynine
[12:27] Bolek Amat: I don't think so`
[12:28] ALLZAP Barrymore: one day if you have time i can play some artists ^^
[12:28] Trinity Darbyshire: Is Janine a singer?
[12:28] Blaise Timtam: i go to her concert almost every sunday
[12:28] MasterJ Chaplin: probably but this name don't remind me
[12:28] Noelle Linden: yes she is
[12:28] ALLZAP Barrymore: i have a lot of songs ^^
[12:28] Noelle Linden: German right?
[12:28] Samia Bechir: typically , I'm right now receiving an uncalled for TP offer, for a concert. (meaning, I'm gonna slap someone^^)
[12:28] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol
[12:28] Noelle Linden: :-)
[12:28] Blaise Timtam: Jaynine Scarborough german singer and singing teacher in RL
[12:28] Samia Bechir: yep, Jaynine is German
[12:29] ALLZAP Barrymore: ty for read me ^^
[12:29] Blaise Timtam: I met her IRL in berlin 2month ago
[12:29] Trinity Darbyshire: Do you also think there is an opportunity to incorporate other media in world?
[12:29] Noelle Linden: woooahhh
[12:29] ALLZAP Barrymore: of course
[12:29] Trinity Darbyshire: I don't know if it is possible to watch a movie in world right now
[12:29] ALLZAP Barrymore: there are also tv programms
[12:29] ALLZAP Barrymore: it is possible
[12:29] Trinity Darbyshire: that you can watch in world? amazing!
[12:29] Samia Bechir: it is possible, Trinity
[12:29] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes
[12:29] Noelle Linden: do you guys watch videos iw?
[12:30] Blaise Timtam: seldom
[12:30] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes and you can make movies inworld also
[12:30] ALLZAP Barrymore: there is a big project
[12:30] MasterJ Chaplin: movie on sl directly?
[12:30] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes
[12:30] Bolek Amat: Yep, you can
[12:30] Trinity Darbyshire: incredible!
[12:30] MasterJ Chaplin: whoooo laggggyyy^^^
[12:30] MasterJ Chaplin: no?
[12:30] ALLZAP Barrymore: someone make the Dracula life
[12:31] MasterJ Chaplin: without using fraps?
[12:31] MasterJ Chaplin: or any?
[12:31] ALLZAP Barrymore: and all the movie is done inworld
[12:31] MasterJ Chaplin: swoot
[12:31] Trinity Darbyshire: it would be a movie with a cast of avatars?
[12:31] Samia Bechir: actually, no. It is technically possible, but I dont really see the point of making my avatar sit to view videos inworld
[12:31] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes
[12:31] ALLZAP Barrymore: only avatars
[12:31] Trinity Darbyshire: at the end of this, I might ask for your help in directing me to watch a movie and a concert in world!
[12:31] MasterJ Chaplin: i do that i watch TV here on sl ^^^
[12:32] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes no problem
[12:32] Trinity Darbyshire: =) i was just trying to understand the possibilities.
[12:32] ALLZAP Barrymore: i send you an url not from a concert but from a wedding lol
[12:32] MasterJ Chaplin: and you only know some of them
[12:32] Yann Dufaux: do you use the space navs? for did some movie? „ã°
[12:32] Noelle Linden: waht is the advantage t of watching a movie in SL?
[12:32] MasterJ Chaplin: possibilities are really more if you want to learn really more :)
[12:32] Trinity Darbyshire: would love to know more about the possiblities!
[12:32] ALLZAP Barrymore: in my mind the interest is to make movie inworld and show thet in rl
[12:33] MasterJ Chaplin: no advantage it's just because i wait someone lol
[12:33] Samia Bechir: good question Noelle, if someone has an answer, I'm curious about it „ã°
[12:33] Laurent Bechir: perhaps a video tuto ? you can do while you watch ?
[12:33] ALLZAP Barrymore: Moya is a designer
[12:33] ALLZAP Barrymore: he makes 2 exhibitions
[12:33] ALLZAP Barrymore: one in sl
[12:33] ALLZAP Barrymore: 1 in rl
[12:33] Trinity Darbyshire: what kind of designer?
[12:33] ALLZAP Barrymore: and during the rl exposition
[12:33] ALLZAP Barrymore: the sl movie was on rl television
[12:33] ALLZAP Barrymore: un peintre
[12:33] Trinity Darbyshire: ah
[12:33] ALLZAP Barrymore: je ne me souviens plus lol
[12:34] Noelle Linden: a painter?
[12:34] Trinity Darbyshire: why does Moya have an exhibition in world?
[12:34] ALLZAP Barrymore: merci Noelle
[12:34] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes a painter
[12:34] MasterJ Chaplin: artist painter of course
[12:34] ALLZAP Barrymore: there are also a lot of sl movies on your tube
[12:34] Trinity Darbyshire: is it mostly for promotional purposes?
[12:35] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes right but promotion inworld for his rl expositions
[12:35] Trinity Darbyshire: or does Moya sell the inworld paintings to make money?
[12:35] Samia Bechir: nah, most of the movies made in SL are for fun purposes
[12:35] MasterJ Chaplin: yes IBM is on SL too some others like DELL
[12:35] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes he do
[12:35] Noelle Linden: do you guys know Le Parc des Arts ?
[12:35] Trinity Darbyshire: i think SL could be a great platform for artists and designers to collaborate and get feedback from others
[12:35] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes
[12:35] Blaise Timtam: nope
[12:36] Samia Bechir: sure
[12:36] Noelle Linden: I think Trinity has to go there
[12:36] MasterJ Chaplin: ha j'ai pas été voir
[12:36] Bolek Amat: I must have went there once, I guess
[12:36] Trinity Darbyshire: what is Le Parc des Arts?
[12:36] MasterJ Chaplin: INSILICO is a good sim futuristic BIG house
[12:36] MasterJ Chaplin: comment ont dit gratte-ciel? ^^
[12:37] Blaise Timtam: skyscraper
[12:37] Samia Bechir: a french artists exhibition place, Trinity
[12:37] MasterJ Chaplin: thank you big skyscraper i mean
[12:37] MasterJ Chaplin: i love this place
[12:37] Noelle Linden: beautiful place
[12:37] Noelle Linden: I tried to invite the owner
[12:37] Trinity Darbyshire: wow. do people go just to view the art? or to buy as well?
[12:38] ALLZAP Barrymore: both
[12:38] Trinity Darbyshire: very cool
[12:38] MasterJ Chaplin: buy never i don't have any l$ i'm free player
[12:38] ALLZAP Barrymore: i am not :(
[12:38] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol
[12:38] MasterJ Chaplin: when i have some l$ i use them on clothes :)
[12:38] Trinity Darbyshire: do you guys know if any clothing designers who use SL?
[12:38] ALLZAP Barrymore: for test yes
[12:39] MasterJ Chaplin: i know yes but not the name i'm not 100% sure
[12:39] Samia Bechir: RL clothing designers, or SL clothing designers ?
[12:39] ALLZAP Barrymore: They try products inworld
[12:39] MasterJ Chaplin: oui voila :)
[12:39] Trinity Darbyshire: i was thinking emerging RL fashion designers could use SL as a way to promote themselves and even get feedback on their work
[12:39] ALLZAP Barrymore: Guy Laroche tried or Christian Dio a new watch in sl
[12:40] ALLZAP Barrymore: before selling it in real life
[12:40] Noelle Linden: really??
[12:40] Trinity Darbyshire: ALLZAP, are you saying RL designers "test" RL ideas in SL?
[12:40] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes Nissan do that also
[12:40] Yann Dufaux: iwell, i think sl ise a best platforme of devlopement , is interctiv and low cust for some compagny „ã°
[12:40] ALLZAP Barrymore: and Accor goroup
[12:40] Trinity Darbyshire: that is amazing!
[12:40] ALLZAP Barrymore: for a new hotel
[12:40] MasterJ Chaplin: i have heard about Nissan on tv they do that !!! i was smiling :)
[12:40] Trinity Darbyshire: Exactly, Yann!
[12:41] Bolek Amat: Not so amazing. It's logical. It save them a lot of money.
[12:41] Trinity Darbyshire: absolutely.
[12:41] Samia Bechir: it's not that easy. making a RL design look good in SL implicates other capacities. I saw some SL creations from RL designers, the RL clothing was awesome, the SL version of it... err.. let's say it could have been bettered
[12:41] Trinity Darbyshire: hahaha
[12:41] Noelle Linden: I think you're right Samia, this is one of the limitations
[12:42] Laurent Bechir: architects use SL to show their projects too, I think
[12:42] Trinity Darbyshire: But there are people who are really great at designing in SL who could be hired by companies or designers and artists right?
[12:42] Noelle Linden: you know for architects, SL would be a great place
[12:42] Trinity Darbyshire: I am not sure how easy it is to find someone to develop something for you
[12:43] Blaise Timtam: thought many sl builds would collapse in rl
[12:43] Noelle Linden: I was just IMing Yann about that
[12:43] MasterJ Chaplin: and if sl one day offer mesh import it's can be EXTREMLY good for architect you can trust me
[12:43] Noelle Linden: to show your clients
[12:43] Bolek Amat: As long as they collapse on my stepmother, I don't have any issues with that…
[12:44] Samia Bechir: I'm not sure. It depends a lot on the kind of creation you're speaking about. designing in SL means specific skills, that are different from the skills needed in RL
[12:44] Noelle Linden: :0(
[12:44] Blaise Timtam: lol Bolek
[12:44] Noelle Linden: Bolek ;-)
[12:45] Samia Bechir: even architecture, that would be the easiest skill to transpose, is not that easy, since camera controls and SL view implicates different proportions vs RL
[12:45] Trinity Darbyshire: Okay, so I think there is definitely an opportunity to get more artists to use SL
[12:45] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes
[12:45] Trinity Darbyshire: What would be the fastest and easiest way for Linden to make this happen?
[12:45] MasterJ Chaplin: for sure
[12:46] Trinity Darbyshire: Should we be working with all of the architectural schools in France to encourage students to build in world?
[12:46] ALLZAP Barrymore: help artists
[12:46] Yann Dufaux: with the voice , its a very great options , to do this! „ã°
[12:46] Trinity Darbyshire: I think there will definitely be the grass roots, word-of-mouth growth, but what can we do to help that out?
[12:46] Bolek Amat: SL is also a great place to hold seminars
[12:46] Trinity Darbyshire: Maybe we could work with an organization that supports emerging artists or designers?
[12:47] ALLZAP Barrymore: they can create a sim for that
[12:47] MasterJ Chaplin: sim isn't really cheap ...
[12:47] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes but free for artists
[12:47] Trinity Darbyshire: Bolek - what kind of seminars were you thinking of ?
[12:47] Trinity Darbyshire: What is sim?
[12:47] ALLZAP Barrymore: a land
[12:47] Noelle Linden: region
[12:47] Noelle Linden: yes
[12:47] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes region
[12:47] MasterJ Chaplin: ? du coup faudra que tu m'en dise plus la :)
[12:48] MasterJ Chaplin: region is a sim sim is : simulator that's mean a server (or part of server) for a complete island (region is like a square from 256 to 256meter
[12:48] Samia Bechir: I think LL should consider one thing : today, SL favors already known creators. finding a way to help new creators to be known would be a real plus
[12:49] Yann Dufaux: well, i think with a special subscription for artist this subscription can give a right to a region free for a little promotion:)
[12:49] Bolek Amat: Well, meeting for example. If you have several people from all over the word, it is less costly to make them meet on SL, rather than in RL. No transportation, no housing cost…
[12:49] ALLZAP Barrymore: in my mind the strategy will be good for sponsoring
[12:49] Bolek Amat: This meeting, for example is a good example
[12:49] Bolek Amat: If Noelle had to pay all of us the plane ticket‚Ķ well‚Ķ :p
[12:50] ALLZAP Barrymore: not just for buisness
[12:50] Trinity Darbyshire: haha
[12:50] Noelle Linden: I don't think my manager would like that ;-)
[12:50] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol
[12:50] ALLZAP Barrymore: dont ask him Noelle
[12:50] MasterJ Chaplin: i always need a sim for build a lot a lot alot i'm addicetd for the 3d model nammed here sculpty (but it's another way of build) so for example it's hard for me to show all stuff i made on sandbox (free zone for test and build)
[12:50] Yann Dufaux: lol Noelle
[12:50] Noelle Linden: "her" please
[12:50] Noelle Linden: :-)
[12:50] ALLZAP Barrymore: ok her ^^
[12:51] MasterJ Chaplin: no need to ask him Noelle just purpose him to hire me as Linden Police in world lol
[12:51] MasterJ Chaplin: her
[12:51] MasterJ Chaplin: ^^
[12:51] Noelle Linden: :-)
[12:51] ALLZAP Barrymore: imagine a region in which all artists in the rl world can do something for free
[12:51] Samia Bechir: it's quite likely that other companies managers might catch the point, noelle.. international meeting , but no airplane tickets, nor hotel room..
[12:51] Bolek Amat: Now the big problem, why should they buy a sim on SL, instead of using their own opensim ?
[12:51] ALLZAP Barrymore: LL can invite some for 1 week
[12:51] Yann Dufaux: well, why the artist french or english, don't have more visibility on the official site for sl for event or launching of region?
[12:51] ALLZAP Barrymore: and create events
[12:51] Trinity Darbyshire: this is a fantastic discussion. what other things do you think we could do to increase the french speaking user base?
[12:51] MasterJ Chaplin: my dream i purpose that to all but my connection is really really really not enough :)
[12:52] Blaise Timtam: I think the best idea to attract more french people on sl would be all sl residents speaking french „ã°
[12:52] Blaise Timtam: more seriously, adding a translating function to the IM system would be cool
[12:52] Trinity Darbyshire: ooo, that would be cool
[12:52] Noelle Linden: doesn't snowglobe have that?
[12:52] MasterJ Chaplin: faisable en plus
[12:52] Yann Dufaux: oui, je pense aussi mais vue que tous parle anglais* „ã°
[12:52] Trinity Darbyshire: i just used google translator earlier to translate some of your french comments. =)
[12:52] Noelle Linden: Google transalte incorporated?
[12:52] Trinity Darbyshire: what is snowglobe?
[12:53] Yann Dufaux: yeah on snowglobe „ã°
[12:53] ALLZAP Barrymore: you have also translators inworld
[12:53] Samia Bechir: no noelle, snowglode des not have it (yet)
[12:53] Noelle Linden: ok
[12:53] Trinity Darbyshire: it would be nice to have a translate button in the chat window
[12:53] MasterJ Chaplin: google is not the best one
[12:53] Blaise Timtam: you find many for chat but not in IM. i don't know snowglobe well
[12:53] Noelle Linden: well, let's face it, machine translation has many limitations
[12:53] Trinity Darbyshire: if you guys think about your friends and acquitances in RL, what do you think could get them to use SL?
[12:54] Blaise Timtam: true Noelle but many use it anyway
[12:54] Yann Dufaux: many limitation? LOL
[12:54] Samia Bechir: honestly, I think focusing on how attracting more french people is not the real thing. attracting more people, wherever they come from, is the actual issue. french will follow.
[12:54] ALLZAP Barrymore: when i speak to my rl friends from SL they take me for a crazy man lol
[12:54] Trinity Darbyshire: I think that's a good point Samia
[12:54] MasterJ Chaplin: get them to use sl? easy allow us to have the same inventory and avatar between opensim/realxtend and Second Life but it's long to explain what is open sim :)
[12:55] Bolek Amat: If someone manage to do a sms > *type any language here* translator, that person will be rich.
[12:55] Yann Dufaux: i'm from quebec , and when i talk of sl whit my friend all times my friends said what is*
[12:55] MasterJ Chaplin: or trought concert, singers, events (acrhitect, best sculptor etc ) then they come more easy
[12:55] Trinity Darbyshire: I have been thinking about these "partnership" opportunities because I think the people who have not tried SL to date need some sort of specific reason or application to try SL
[12:55] Samia Bechir: lol Bolek ... this is absolutely true
[12:55] Blaise Timtam: nods
[12:56] ALLZAP Barrymore: make expositions, concerts, and so on will be a very good idea
[12:56] Trinity Darbyshire: For example, a someone might be intrigued by an in world concert held by an artist that he knows
[12:56] ALLZAP Barrymore: right
[12:56] Bolek Amat: Yep, and here, in France, for most of the people SL is a place to… well… Having diplomatic relation in an horizontal way… if you see what I mean…
[12:56] MasterJ Chaplin: exposition i want to expose but .. again it's never free :(
[12:57] ALLZAP Barrymore: LL made U2 concerts inworld
[12:57] Yann Dufaux: yeah, but SL , need more promotion RL , to attrack some user of more
[12:57] MasterJ Chaplin: hard to expose more than 5 hours
[12:57] ALLZAP Barrymore: it was very very succesfull
[12:57] Blaise Timtam: something interesting though: I've been recently called by a evening courses institute to set up a course about metaverses and second life
[12:57] Yann Dufaux: how many people know the logo of sl if you go out and you show this hand?
[12:57] MasterJ Chaplin: lol bolek tellement vrai ^^
[12:57] Bolek Amat: Yann, SL need GOOD and REAL promotion. Not the crap the news media serve us
[12:57] ALLZAP Barrymore: outside you mean ?
[12:58] ALLZAP Barrymore: inworld all residents
[12:58] Samia Bechir: trinity, I think what SL has, to be attractive, is the capability for anyone to create things.. should it be furniture, clothings, houses, scripts, whatever... that's the real thing, and, to my mind, what LL should focus on
[12:58] ALLZAP Barrymore: in rl nobody
[12:58] MasterJ Chaplin: chocolate SL ^^
[12:58] Bolek Amat: I agree with Samia
[12:58] Yann Dufaux: Bolek, you don't need the media ... you need some big associate to promote sl „ã°
[12:59] Blaise Timtam: if i want a SL t-shirt in RL i have to make it myself yes?
[12:59] Yann Dufaux: lile university. like sport center, like other funy activity „ã°
[12:59] Trinity Darbyshire: do you guys play games in SL?
[12:59] Yann Dufaux: real club, and other ..
[12:59] Samia Bechir: nope
[12:59] Bolek Amat: Yes Yann, but if you don't have a media to support it, it will be rather limited
[13:00] ALLZAP Barrymore: which kind of games you mean ?
[13:00] ALLZAP Barrymore: rp ?
[13:00] Samia Bechir: nope to any kind of games ^^
[13:00] ALLZAP Barrymore: rp = role play
[13:00] Yann Dufaux: the media, are the part only for the stupid governement .. and bad news, not for the funy thing*
[13:00] Bolek Amat: What LL could do, for example, is sponsoring major sport events
[13:00] Yann Dufaux: sorry „ã°
[13:01] Yann Dufaux: yeah style NHL hockey ...
[13:01] Trinity Darbyshire: Bolek, you mean advertising during sports games?
[13:01] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol Yann
[13:01] Bolek Amat: Yes
[13:01] Yann Dufaux: if ll can have a assotiate like nhl with some contract to showing the logo of sl with the logo of nhl „ã°
[13:02] ALLZAP Barrymore: its very expensive
[13:02] Trinity Darbyshire: If we had more resources I would definitely want to advertise everywhere
[13:02] Bolek Amat: Or, why not, sponsor a sailing boat, that participate in some of the most famous race
[13:02] Trinity Darbyshire: =)
[13:02] Bolek Amat: It should be less expensive
[13:02] Yann Dufaux: each hockey fans , look the logo heatr second life, and search on google for more information:)
[13:02] Bolek Amat: Like the Fastnest for example
[13:02] Blaise Timtam: yeah a 2min ad during superbowl break ^^
[13:02] ALLZAP Barrymore: but if one artist say to his friend come on SL i make a concert it will be very cheep for LL and will be a very good promotion
[13:02] Trinity Darbyshire: But I think advertising alone is not enough. I think many people are aware of SL but are not sure what it is for....
[13:03] Bolek Amat: Right Trinity
[13:03] Noelle Linden: definitely
[13:03] Yann Dufaux: you have possibility to give a virtual visit to differant event* like IBM with the tenis*
[13:03] ALLZAP Barrymore: comment dit on parrainage ?
[13:03] Trinity Darbyshire: And that is why I think specific "uses" like attending a concert or an art exhibition are a good way to get people in the hopes that they explore the vast possibilities
[13:03] Bolek Amat: Sponsoring ?
[13:03] Noelle Linden: sponsorship
[13:04] ALLZAP Barrymore: merci ^^
[13:04] Yann Dufaux: yeah
[13:04] Bolek Amat: Thanks Noella
[13:04] Noelle Linden: ;-)
[13:04] Bolek Amat: -a+e
[13:04] Yann Dufaux give a hug to Noelle „ã°
[13:04] Samia Bechir: advertising SL will be efficient if, and only if, the ad is related to what's possible inworld. Boat race ? right ! you can boat race in SL. but an add in the middle of some "not SL related" event will be a waste of time and money
[13:04] ALLZAP Barrymore: you can also give lindens to residents who make sponsorships to friends
[13:04] Noelle Linden: good idea....
[13:04] Trinity Darbyshire: What do you mean ALLZAP?
[13:05] ALLZAP Barrymore: you say to your friends to try the game
[13:05] Blaise Timtam: there is a lot of crap on sl, so attracting new visitors directly to something nice is a good idea
[13:05] ALLZAP Barrymore: when the inscription his done you win Lindens
[13:05] Yann Dufaux: Noelle, you have the winter olympique game in canada, now, why ll don't give some sponsoring, for the usa team?
[13:05] Yann Dufaux: for exemple
[13:05] ALLZAP Barrymore: you understand what i mean Trinity ?
[13:06] Samia Bechir: Yann, because its not SL related^^
[13:06] Trinity Darbyshire: i understand Allzap, thank you! =)
[13:06] ALLZAP Barrymore: yw ^^
[13:06] Blaise Timtam: hmmm a thought: an SL web TV, anyone could watch some SL events without joining. what do you think?
[13:06] Trinity Darbyshire: do you guys talk to people you know in RL in SL?
[13:06] Yann Dufaux: Samie, sorry sl need more client, but sl need to make good relation with the public „ã° i think*
[13:06] Bolek Amat: And so Samia ? When Toyota is sponsoring the World Cup, is it car related ?
[13:06] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes i do
[13:07] Samia Bechir: I do too
[13:07] motion Newsletter <3 owned by Cynthia Ultsch gave you 'Triple O~T Shopping district - [, Ooot Ooot2 (192, 155, 21)' ( ).
[13:07] Blaise Timtam: i do a lot
[13:07] Trinity Darbyshire: what would SL web tv look like?
[13:07] Trinity Darbyshire: I'm intrigued
[13:07] ALLZAP Barrymore: look the link i gave you
[13:07] ALLZAP Barrymore: in im
[13:08] ALLZAP Barrymore:
[13:08] Noelle Linden: can I have it too>
[13:08] ALLZAP Barrymore: ^^
[13:08] Blaise Timtam: well to experience sl there is only one way
[13:08] Noelle Linden: merci
[13:08] Blaise Timtam: join and learn the client use
[13:08] ALLZAP Barrymore: de rien ^^
[13:08] Blaise Timtam: it takes time
[13:09] Noelle Linden: it does
[13:09] Blaise Timtam: when nice event are organised, LL could braodcast them on web
[13:09] Samia Bechir: In my opinion, there should not be such thing as SL web tv : because, basically, SL implicates active participants, while TV implicates passive viewers..
[13:09] Blaise Timtam: giving a look befor join opportunity
[13:09] ALLZAP Barrymore: samia not if the casting is done with avatars
[13:10] Yann Dufaux: Samie, the tv could be implicate if LL give more sponsor RL , i think „ã°
[13:10] Samia Bechir: the huge difference, between using free time in SL , or wathing TV, is the active part. You watch TV, you act in SL..
[13:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: help for a rl movie promotion and before the diffusion make a movie inworld
[13:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: that will be good
[13:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: people want see pics from taht
[13:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: we have to give us "envie" for coming
[13:11] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol
[13:11] Trinity Darbyshire: i think SL could be interesting for directors to "test" concepts. show a movie in world and then get feedback from SL users
[13:11] Blaise Timtam: ok samis, compare to sport, you see a match on tv, you like it next you want to go see a match in real and feel the atmosphere, next you want to play that sport yourself
[13:12] Samia Bechir: Peter Greenaway will have SL machinima in his next movie.
[13:12] ALLZAP Barrymore: thats good
[13:12] ALLZAP Barrymore: there was a movie from the Experts in france
[13:13] ALLZAP Barrymore: sl was the base
[13:13] ALLZAP Barrymore: we receive this day a lot of french news residents
[13:13] Yann Dufaux: SL , are the future media in importance after the IRC network*
[13:13] Samia Bechir: but, it will not attract any new resident.. I repeat myself, the real point is showing what residents can do inwold : creation.
[13:13] Blaise Timtam: that episode brought a wave of french newbies on sl
[13:13] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes
[13:13] ALLZAP Barrymore: as mentors we were full lol
[13:14] Noelle Linden: but Samia, creating/building cannot be done by everybody though
[13:14] Samia Bechir: yes, how many of them are still here ?
[13:14] Blaise Timtam: and not at first hour
[13:14] Trinity Darbyshire: do you think having celebrity interviews would bring people in world?
[13:14] ALLZAP Barrymore: i dont know Samia
[13:14] Trinity Darbyshire: it could be politician debates as well
[13:14] ALLZAP Barrymore: of course
[13:14] ALLZAP Barrymore: U2 in concert was very famous
[13:14] Samia Bechir: noelle, building can be done by absolutely anyone..
[13:14] Yann Dufaux: Trinity, yeap with the voice and some virtual studio .. its possible „ã°
[13:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: no politic
[13:15] Blaise Timtam: big attack on le Pen headquater brought interest too lol
[13:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: we are there for dream
[13:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: lol Blaise
[13:15] Noelle Linden: do you know if there are still political parties with an SL prensence?
[13:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: during the election for french president
[13:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: there were all there
[13:15] Bolek Amat: Hum… I think there are, yes
[13:15] Noelle Linden: but now?
[13:15] Samia Bechir: not replicating F.L.Wright's work immediatly, of course. but building, yes...
[13:15] ALLZAP Barrymore: i dont know
[13:16] Bolek Amat: But they're awake during election time, mostly
[13:16] Noelle Linden: ;-) Samia
[13:16] ALLZAP Barrymore: dont forgett SL is for dreaming politic is unfortunately not a dream
[13:16] Samia Bechir: not much piolitical parties. but, political groups, many, and very active
[13:16] ALLZAP Barrymore: but a nightmare ^^
[13:16] Blaise Timtam: agree
[13:17] Trinity Darbyshire: Samia, what do these active political parties do in SL?
[13:17] Noelle Linden: SL is definitely a great place to meet and chat about any topic
[13:17] Bolek Amat nods
[13:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes but we have a lot of nazis mouvements in sl Noelle
[13:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: do you think its a good thing ?
[13:17] ALLZAP Barrymore: not me
[13:17] Yann Dufaux: yeah, with the textures and media integrated, and a tools of devlopement*
[13:17] Samia Bechir: meetings, chats, sharing ideas with people who are not (or think they are not) concerned
[13:17] Noelle Linden: no of course
[13:18] ALLZAP Barrymore: and LL dont do anything against that
[13:18] Samia Bechir: freedom of speech, allzap.
[13:18] ALLZAP Barrymore: SL is not done for nazis promotion
[13:18] Blaise Timtam: "made by it's residents" is the main point of sl. for the better and the worst unfortunately
[13:18] ALLZAP Barrymore: no Samia sorry freedom yes but not with racism
[13:19] Blaise Timtam: and even WOW has its nazis :-(
[13:19] ALLZAP Barrymore: but that not the subject ^^
[13:19] Trinity Darbyshire: true, that us unavoidable
[13:19] Samia Bechir: 1st amendment of the US constitution, 1st paragrah of the bill of rights : free speech . absolute free speech. even if we dont like what's said
[13:19] ALLZAP Barrymore: so politic is very dangerous
[13:19] Bolek Amat: LL is bound by US law Allzap. And in the US, those parties are allowed. We may not like it, but it's their constitution.
[13:19] Blaise Timtam: not to be encouraged of course
[13:20] ALLZAP Barrymore: ok i respect the USA constitution ^^
[13:20] ALLZAP Barrymore: that was just my opinion
[13:21] Trinity Darbyshire: if we invited some controversial politicians or celebrities to come in world to hold discussions, this would draw new users?
[13:21] Bolek Amat: Now, if I was to be cynical, better they "act" in SL rather than in RL
[13:21] ALLZAP Barrymore: it depend who
[13:21] Blaise Timtam: those new users would have to spend an hour on orientation island just to attend?
[13:21] Blaise Timtam: turnoff!
[13:21] ALLZAP Barrymore: right Blaise
[13:22] Bolek Amat: It may, but it may also made some other to leave SL. It's a two eadged sword
[13:22] Blaise Timtam: that's why i think those discutuions should be broadcasted on web
[13:22] Samia Bechir: but Trinity, to give an exemple, there's a group in SL, which has a land : Pierre Bourdieu, un hommage. They hold meetings, etc. And I strongly believe very few of the audience read Bourdieu (a radical sociologist from the 60/70s). Still, it improves the debate
[13:23] Noelle Linden: isn't thakt now?
[13:23] Trinity Darbyshire: What exactly improves the debate?
[13:23] Noelle Linden: are you talking abou the Bibliotheque francophone Samia?
[13:24] Samia Bechir: and no, inviting controversial politicians will not draw new users. what would be interesting is to have moderate politicians coming inworld and speak without self censoring...
[13:24] Trinity Darbyshire: hmm
[13:24] Trinity Darbyshire: interesting
[13:25] Samia Bechir: what improves the debate is raising complex issues, with people that would not have read the book
[13:25] Blaise Timtam: if not directly bringing new users, i beleve showing SL contents outside will break the idea that SL is only a sex place
[13:25] Trinity Darbyshire: ah
[13:27] Trinity Darbyshire: I want to be conscious of your time everyone
[13:27] Samia Bechir: no, noelle , the bibliotheque does an awesome work, but like the cooperation francaise, or the constructeurs et scripteurs, hugo has to be "consensual", since the bibliotheque is meant for everyone
[13:27] Trinity Darbyshire: This has been an amazing disussion and I have learned so much!
[13:27] ALLZAP Barrymore: if you need Trinity you can reach me ^^
[13:27] Bolek Amat: yes. Most of the time, the first thing a newbie ask is "wherecanI‚Ķ" :(
[13:27] Noelle Linden: it's been great to have you here
[13:27] ALLZAP Barrymore: thanks for invitation Noelle ^^
[13:27] Trinity Darbyshire: Would it be okay for me to reach out to any of you individually if I have other follow-up questions?
[13:28] Noelle Linden: and to have such a good audience
[13:28] Bolek Amat: No problem Trinity
[13:28] Noelle Linden: and participants
[13:28] Laurent Bechir: ok
[13:28] ALLZAP Barrymore: of course Trinity
[13:28] Blaise Timtam: sure
[13:28] Noelle Linden: I think you're doing very good trinity for a newbie ;-)
[13:29] ALLZAP Barrymore: yes lol
[13:29] Trinity Darbyshire: Thank you so much Noelle for organizing and allowing me to come and ask questions
[13:29] Noelle Linden: how many hours have you spent in SL so far?
[13:29] Yann Dufaux: haha
[13:29] Samia Bechir: sure Trinity
[13:29] Trinity Darbyshire: And thank you all for coming and sharing your expertise and your ideas!
[13:29] Yann Dufaux: yes thanks, i love this discuss about marketing* „ã°
[13:29] Noelle Linden: Trinity we will post the transacript of the discussion on our wiki
[13:30] Trinity Darbyshire: Haha. I have clearly spent very little time in world. =(
[13:30] Noelle Linden: turns to Laurent to see if he can assist her with that :-)
[13:30] Laurent Bechir: yes :)
[13:30] Noelle Linden: and hopes Laurent will say yes
[13:30] Noelle Linden: oouf
[13:30] Laurent Bechir: :)
[13:30] ALLZAP Barrymore: „ã°
[13:30] Yann Dufaux: allzap t'es copieur! lol
[13:30] Noelle Linden: I think we should have more debates like this one
[13:31] Noelle Linden: ohh les belles voix
[13:31] Trinity Darbyshire: If you guys have any other ideas, please feel free to get in touch with me!
[13:31] Noelle Linden: Thank you all for coming
[13:31] Trinity Darbyshire: I will be working on this project until mid December when our team presents our ideas to Linden
[13:31] Noelle Linden: oh la mauvaise langue!!!
[13:32] Laurent Bechir: thank you for this meeting
[13:32] Noelle Linden: :-))
[13:32] Noelle Linden: bon je pars si c'est comme ca
[13:32] Trinity Darbyshire: My email is
[13:32] Noelle Linden: thank you all
[13:32] Trinity Darbyshire: Thank you so much and have a great day!
[13:32] Noelle Linden: see you all soon
[13:32] Noelle Linden: hugzz
[13:32] Laurent Bechir: have a nice day/evening
[13:32] Samia Bechir: trinity, before we talk again, consider one thing LL"s motto is "Your world, you imagination". And you know what ? this is absolutely right, and the key for SL success
[13:32] Noelle Linden: bises
[13:33] Noelle Linden: ciao
[13:33] Kede Cerise: bye
[13:33] Bolek Amat: Only drawback of those meeting is that it make Noelle late to give us translation works to do :p
[13:33] Samia Bechir: @++ Noelle :)
[13:33] Noelle Linden: ;-)
[13:33] Bolek Amat: Bye Noelle :)
[13:33] Noelle Linden: bye bye
[13:33] Trinity Darbyshire: Thanks and I totally agree Samia. I am only starting to see all of the possiblities and it is incredible!
[13:33] Noelle Linden: thanks Trinity
[13:34] Blaise Timtam: one of these is IM Trinity. have a look at them „ã°
[13:34] ALLZAP Barrymore: salut mes amis ^^
[13:34] ALLZAP Barrymore: bye bye for now Trinity^:)
[13:34] Blaise Timtam: bye tout le monde
[13:34] Laurent Bechir: bye everyone !

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