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Archived Agenda notes for Nyx Linden

February 2, 2011

  1. Last tiny robot office hour ever! Linden community involvement in the future.
  2. 'Show Updates' debug overhaul? (Need more data, like bytesize of network updates, delays, packet lost, etc. Need to be able to truly identify bandwidth hogs. Add more sources, such as Texture and Asset downloads beyond Object appearance and position updates. Be verbose and fun.) Inspired by this:
  3. How to go about getting at least an intern assigned to putting together a mailing list for content creators and collecting the feedback to send to the appropriate teams?
  4. Is it possible to sell the software which bundled the OBJ file of the avatar of Second Life?
  5. What are your comments about this: ?
  6. Built-in green-screening process for the snapshot tool:

January 26, 2011

  1. Re-evaluating "render cost" and how its looking for the future
  2. Changes to office hours in the future
  3. Is it more efficient to use four 256 x 256 textures on a mesh or one 1024 x 1024 texture if you have the option? Basically, is the load less if you use a multiple of smaller textures or one large one?
  4. Will the ability to scale be added to rigged mesh after the initial release?
  6. make the shape editor easier to see!
  7. avatar 2, mesh uuid flipping, and drag and drop editors. (someday youll learn not to ask me for topics)
  8. Is it possible to sell the software which bundled the OBJ file of the avatar of Second Life?
  9. Tell us about Rod. What makes him tick? What's your guess about direction? (Not holding you to ANYTHING, just random guesses assumed.)

January 19, 2011

  2. Please give the vertical scroll thumb a contrast color on Viewer 2.x it is really hard to see when the lists are very long, example:
  3. UUID flipping for mesh?
  4. After mesh, will your design team be capable of taking on two projects at once?
  5. how hard would it be to add some new poses to the appearance editor?
  6. when clicking on the "EDIT" button , for external editors for scripts, if no editor has been selected, show a dialog to select the editor, instead of doing it manually. ( no no jira either )

January 12, 2011

  1. Would it be hard to add joint rotations? Jira:
  2. Also, how do you attach a file to a jira so that only Lindens can see it?
  3. mesh uuid flipping... rumors it may be enabled but throttled? is there any truth to these rumors? -cm
  4. avatar 2.0... just cuase you know i'd bring it up -cm
  5. drag and drop... describe the sketches you never made? -cm
  6. what fast and easy things can be done to improve the shape / clothing editor while we wait for avatar 2.0? -cm
  7. This may be more suited to the viewer 2.x OHs, however the 2.x building window lacks features such as drag & drop tabs, clickable text for options that are check-boxes. These things are big on my list of items that would convince me to use the 2.x viewer as an effective builder's tool. Could we see these things restored? - as
  8. Any plans to bring in Qarl's build align tool into Viewer 2.0?
  9. What can be done to respect the wishes of mesh creators in respect of export from SL? Here is one approach: "Allow mesh creators to mark their meshes as Exportable, prior to mesh launch" - [1]. This is an important requirement for education, group work, and for general use with Opensim grids. Is there any hope for such a feature in SL? Without it, SL becomes less relevant by the day for those who need export.
  10. How do I create a (broken link) so I can try to figure out a way to delete them?

January 5, 2011

  1. Avatar 2.0 CTS-337 (Second Life Avatar Version 2 Before Custom Skeletons)
  2. STORM-831 (Drag and Drop Outfit Editor)
  3. VWR-24387 (Give us a new coat layer OVER the skirt layer)
  4. SNOW-423 (Request for ability to create copies at offsets to enable the creation of arrays of objects)
  5. Can we make the appearance editor easier for new users and those with various accessibility issues that find the currant one too hard to use please!!!
  6. When can we start merging the mesh and v-d viewers?
  7. Fast Easy Fun: how and when can we begin to incorporate these more into building and avatar manipulation?
  8. Nyx's team's goals for 2011?
  9. A recent (server 217968) drastic change to physics costs cause massive arbitrary returns from Mesh City. What was the change? Was it deliberate? Is it expected to stay that way?
  10. Are there any plans to make changes to LOD/physics mesh registration and/or origin/pivot point location befopre release (CTS-297)?
  11. In laymen's terms, can you explain convex hulls and how they affect mesh? My understanding is they have to do with LoD on the object and that can be assisted by making a physical shape. How close must this shape be to the original to help it from decomposing?
  12. Is the cost of the meshes we are bringing in, presently, based on the resource cost in the preview panel or is it the one that ends up on the edit tab?
  13. Most things I have tried to bring in with more than one level of subdivision have been a very high count, so I've only done one level. The smoothing is not bad, but is there anything we can do to improve this when we make or upload the mesh?
  14. Are we able to apply our own bump maps at this time? Will we, if not, and will we be able to have normal maps?
  15. Tails seem to be able to be added to the avatar, but as a single bone...any suggestions on how to deal with tails or wings (which I would imagine are the same)?
  16. How will vehicles work with the new mesh? Will it be a certain amount of mesh as there are a certain amount of prims now?

December 29, 2010

  1. Info in new chat system happenings (when it’s coming, ramifications to the new system)
  2. How is Windlight coming along? Is it still scheduled to be released on viewer 2.5? Will it feature the full controls for allowing us to configure our own daylight cycles?
  3. internal browser doesn't work in recent Linux viewers
  4. How should tiny robots relax on the last week of 2010
  5. Jackets Bottom Layers should appear over Skirts Layers as they already do over Pants Layers for more realism, logic and outfit options
  6. is there something going on to explain the more frequently occurring disappearance or unwanted permission changing of newly rezzed boxes?
  7. is there an eta on being able to build prims up to 64m? Or will it wait until mesh is out of beta?
  8. would there be any possible way to put back the More/Less button on the edit window?
  9. Is any serious consideration being made to small object culling beyond 20m from AV ?
  10. I heard that after considerable trys a small mesh bear was uploaded to a score of 29 prim count. Is this going to be typical of the prim allocation of MESH ?
  11. Is there a way to get a current copy of the featuretable.tx and featuretable_mac.txt files that the Viewer gets from the server? What's in the source repository is very outdated

December 22, 2010

  1. no office hours this week for the holidays. OH resumes on the 29th.

December 15, 2010

  1. What have you done to Aditi? The mesh sims are almost unusable (14.12.10).
  2. Do new mesh viewers have the advanced option(s) in the wizard? If not, when will they?
  3. Outfit editor replacement proposal! VWR-24210
  4. Beyond Mesh...
  5. Are there any plans or talks about incorporating mesh with terraform in the future to allow such things as better texturing, tunneling and finer detail in the land itself? I do know people are already making their own mesh terrains, but would really love to see the capability with the existing terrain. I dont like to envision all these beautiful mesh models coming inworld and looking like they are sitting inside a super mario brothers land!
  6. Please call for a meeting of the FastEasyFun! Oversight Committee within the Lab to see how well the plan is going. Your own perspective on progress towards FEF! would earn bonus points here. ;-)

December 8, 2010

  1. Mesh upload "wizard" UI flow - we need your feedback!
  2. Local lights patch for v-d & v-b branches? SH-157
  3. Prim multi-texture layering...
    1. Uses?
    2. Advantages/disadvantages
    3. Can it be done?
  4. Avatar 2.0 tail vs. tailbone vs. tailbone default with tail option.
  5. Avatar 2.0 how to make 2.0 humanoid mesh compatible with 1.0 texturing..
  6. Avatar 2.0 Appearance editing?
  7. Are there plans to permit multiple rigged meshes to be worn on an avatar? i.e. for forming clothes/accessories around a specific body kit
  8. Are there plans to implement Havok Cloth into SL's upcoming Havok upgrade? If so, will deformations be calculated server-side or client-side? If server-side, will they be physical or phantom (i.e. a Havok Cloth object dragged across a ball would both deform and roll the ball)?
  9. The display distance of the physical object got shortened. So, we can't open the event of the car race and mini-soccer etc. Please check
  10. Is there a way to get a working pipeline from Blender 2.5 (skinned meshes)?

December 1, 2010

  1. Why cant we have a patch to let us choose which sublayer to wear clothing on?
  2. When will the bug that causes you to have to relog before you can detach multiworn attachments be fixed?
  3. Ui Tweaks for builders?
  4. Local lights toggle... please import from mesh?
  5. - Dual monitor baking fails
  6. In deferred rendering, light source falloff is calculated to be 3 times longer for alpha content than regular per-pixel shaded content. That's why alpha is lit wrong! =D
  7. Any chance of getting some info on Max/Min values for depth of field debug options? (want to finish my little ui mod) -Uni
  8. Will the mesh main grid release happen after mesh is stable or will you wait to add a new feature such as custom bones?

November 24, 2010

  1. Normal mapping (VWR-3250)
  2. Nyx, can you comment on why the + is not in Inventory/Recent? (VWR-23903)
  3. What should we do if we see an inconsistency between the wiki and the (un)real world? Example is Note 2 of the Physics cost wiki page: truth: Meshes without physics shape CAN be set to type prim.
  4. Are physics costs recalculated at start/during/after movement?
  5. What is now the effect of scripted changes (eg scale) that cause prim limit to be exceeded?
  6. Nyx, did Esbee ever get to talk to you about the AgentHeight bug?
  7. Uhm kind of a thing i've forgotten about... The mesh representation for round objects doesn't seem to have a good number of segments. Good would be, say, 12, and multiples thereof, because that is divisible by both 3 and 4, making many kinds of builds join up neatly. At anything but insanely high LOD a discontinuity between, as an example, a quarter of a cylinder and a cube is apparent, perhaps because number of cylinder segments isn't multiple of 4.
  8. When a large number of primitives are removed, the resulting lag; What is the best way to mitigate the effect and what causes it? (When I say large I mean between 1024 and 2048 prims)
  9. Why can't the fix for sh-157 be imported to viewer development? (please we desperately need this fixed)
  10. Can we work on ways to streamline avatar shape and clothing creation/editing PLEASE?
  11. Avatar 2.0 updates/discussion.
  12. On the thought of meshes, are there any plans to add LSL commands, or to update the current animation commands, to animate rigged meshes NOT worn by avatars? (For example, Scripted NPCs that are animated, or giant mecha vehicles that are animated.)
  13. Shininess seems to work differently between viewers based on 1.23 vs 2. A series of cylinders for instance, in a row, set to medium shininess; in 1.23 the shine lines up nicely from cylinder to cylinder, in 2.0 each appears to have a shine that is not lined up. Is this a bug?
  14. Physics of mesh objects. When a mesh is made physical, it's physics shape becomes convex hull type, yes? Does this mean the physics shape cannot have hollow portions if it is a vehicle?
  15. Can you convince the other lindens to use agendas for OH's, especially for the MESH OHs?
  16. What ever happened to Lee Linden? ;^)

November 17, 2010

  1. Fed up with slpluign.exe. (1) has to be set to W95 compatability mode to avoid load failure error messages (2) is left running after most viewer crashes and then prevents (hangs) startup of SL and Blender, and blocks viewer installation. Solutions? Drongle McMahon 09:30, 17 November 2010 (UTC)
  2. What happened with the mesh server? I can now rez meshes that were invalid since several months ago.Drongle McMahon 09:32, 17 November 2010 (UTC)
  3. As a builder and a consumer of other peoples items, I would love the ability to remove scripts from all linked objects at one time. e.g., removing resizing scripts from 112 prim object takes a very very long time. And since script cost is a big deal it would be a useful feature. :) Update: Let me make this more general - the ability to modify/delete components of multiple objects in a linked set would be extremely useful.(Honour McMillan)
  4. When editing tiny prims you can't select them easily around the arrows - I find myself clicking on a distant linked prim first and then moving back to the one I want. Would it be possible to have the controls become smaller/finer if you cam in close to permit detailed work? (Honour McMillan)
  6. When do meshes come to the main grid?

November 10, 2010

  1. Can someone please post the transcript of this office hour to the wiki? (I cannot attend due to Class) -Brookston Holiday
  2. Will linking rules change along with the 64 meter size limit?
  3. Is a new mesh viewer going to be released in the coming days/weeks/months/years?
  4. 64 meter size limit is too small, it needs to be slightly larger with a tolerance band so there can be a small overlap to account for mesh inconsistencies and quantization errors from the 16 bit encoding of the mesh.
  5. Any new info on alpha content being lit inconsistent with non-alpha content in deferred rendering? Example pic: here Jira: VWR-16972
  6. Any news on the new ARC algorithm?
  7. On the forum, a user reported that if you make a skinned mesh small and then wear it, it has a lower ARC than wearing it at its original upload size. Is this a bug? (Post number 17 of this thread:
  8. Any news on new mesh related LSL functions?
  9. VWR-23787
  10. BEAR
  11. Would making mesh holiday items be too hasty?
  12. Any news on transparent and Shiny? Last real use for invisiprims, and then they can finally be killed.
  13. Are the LOD switch distances different for standard prims and meshes? (I saw r/0.03 in the source).

November 3, 2010

  1. Will the new prim size also mean a new rule set for linking prims together, in other words, will the 30 meter limit change?
    • Andrew Linden is working on new linkability rules that simplify the equation to 54m from the center of objects being linked, regardless of scale. 54m is the current maximum linking distance. --Stickman 16:47, 3 November 2010 (UTC)
  2. Is this a bug or expected behavior? Should mirroring be allowed for meshes?
    • Sometimes collision models aren't updated until the object is re-rezzed. Does this still happen after re-rez?
  3. (General rendering, not Mesh) Shiny and especially pre-defined bumpmaps are broken (for me) with experimental "Lighting and Shadows" enabled (although "brightness" / "darkness" bitmaps still work). Is this intended? (Breaks some of my content, but if it's a necessary step for future Materials or something, I won't jira it.) Qie 13:27, 3 November 2010 (UTC)
  4. (Another general rendering) Experimental shadows from sun and projected lights passing through an 8-bit alpha-textured surface appear (to me) to be 1-bit alpha-masked, regardless of rendering settings. Is that intentional (perhaps for computability)? Qie 13:37, 3 November 2010 (UTC)
  5. What happened to the neck attachment slot! :( --Stickman 16:47, 3 November 2010 (UTC)
  6. What's the current status on UUID swapping for meshes, and custom bones at release? --Stickman 16:47, 3 November 2010 (UTC)
  7. Can we get a rigged avatar in more formats? DAE version crashes Maya on import.
  8. How about offering an updated avatar mesh? The current shape is so old, people are considering uploading their own replacements. This will render the Appearance menu and shape modding useless - how about adding a new base mesh option for our avatars?
  9. In deferred rendering, 8-bit alpha textures are omitted from shading and don't match up to alpha-less textures. Are their plans to eventually fix this? Alot of content depends on varied partial transparency. (VWR-16972) - User:Adeon Writer
  10. Sigh ... Mac build?
  11. FYI. One TPV team says they have the fix for current Mac/sculpt upload issues in the post kdu world. The fix won't be available to users right away, but it does sound promising.

October 27, 2010

  1. VWR-23500 - Seamless sculpted prim transitions/updates - Haravikk Mistral
  2. Qarl's "Prim Alignment" Tool - will we be getting one? (STORM-468)
  3. Licensing issues concerning mesh import. This is a matter that may considerably slow down mesh adoption. It would be in the interest of LL to provide advice to TPV devs on how to resolve this issue.
  4. There are reasons why many creators use TPVs rather than V2. It sure sounds like TPVs will have a hard time supporting creators as we move forward. For example, in the move to OpenJPEG some/many Mac users lost the ability to upload sculpts in one viewer. To whom should our viewer/creator-concerns be directed, how do we reach those individuals and what should we be doing to assure that our voice is heard?
  5. In deferred rendering, 8-bit alpha textures are omitted from shading and don't match up to alpha-less textures. Are their plans to eventually fix this? Alot of content depends on varied partial transparency. - Adeon Writer
  6. As we all know, there are countless online resources for mesh online. So, the chances of stolen content appearing will be greater than before. What are LL's plans to make users more accountable for the mesh they upload? Will there be account limitations? Pricer upload fees?
  7. A lot of avatar heads and faces have for years now had blinking eyes and basic expressions as the norm. The status quo is currently to do this via swapping sculpts. While there is a resource drain, not having an equivalent functionality in mesh is a real problem, and the 'proper' solution (custom bones) seems a long way off. (Or are they?) Alpha setting of submeshes is problematic due to it requiring far more states to set which can get out of order. This leaves meshes in a state of limbo as far as functionality equivalent to sculpts in avatar creation. This aspect may be more important than and more used than LL realizes. If LL is getting rid of UUID swapping, will there be a stop gap measure to allow equivalent functionality? Michi Lumin
  8. Do we know what happened to Mesh Sandbox 1? Drongle McMahon 19:09, 27 October 2010 (UTC)
  9. mesh-development viewer build broken.
    • Well on 64bit, which isn't officially supported (yet?), but still ...
    • Some fixes available (see issues in linked mail)

October 20, 2010

  1. updates!
    1. mesh viewer source code
    2. mesh project JIRA category
  2. Other Uses for UploadObjectAsset
  3. Streaming costs
  4. is it possible (or will this be considered) to let skinned mesh be influenced by the av's morph sliders
  5. When you give/sell a mesh to someone, will they be able to drag/drop it on a prim?
  6. Has anyone looked at the avatar distortion bug?
  7. Is there any news on mesh specific LSL functions?
  8. What would people like to see from a web inventory interface?
  9. Is the 64 Meter scale decided yet?
  10. Using mesh as a springboard to 'Avatar 2.0'?
  11. We were told windlight is in server code but viewer code hasn't caught up yet. Any ETA on viwer-side controls for estate windlight?
  12. could we get a water filled mesh beta sandbox?
  13. why do mesh beta regions do not load their map?
  14. There were rumors from an Aditi OH (with no transcript) that LL will not provide open source code for uploading meshes. Is this true? If so, support for open source is clearly being reduced. Please comment.
  15. Uploading multiple objects as a single mesh results in deformation?
  16. Offset pivots?
  17. bogus shadows:

October 13, 2010

  1. Mesh release day!
  2. Avatar 2.0 - Current av looks good with custom skins but has some weird issues (eg distortion of wrists and shoulders), no individual toes and a lot of problems with its UV wrap that make it hard to work with. An extended consultation with the community to make a replacement avatar would be ♥. This obviously breaks existing content and would complicate inventory item types but the longer it's left the more content there is to break
  3. Sim side persistent windlight settings
  4. More Info about the work LL has already done towards a web based inventory management system.
  5. Any thought to mesh morphs?
  6. Wiki page on known issues with mesh, or on incomplete/in progress features?
  7. Feature request: Client-side limit on number of simultaneous connections for mesh streaming. [2]

October 6, 2010

  1. Broken inventory (wrong icons on clothing, clothing not attaching)
  2. web inventory database ideas
  3. having trouble editing clothing in last few beta viewers
  4. new and improved ARC!
  5. Beta grid sim plan - normal Aditi with all sims for mesh?
  6. Triaged, but what's the result of that triage? "I can see my hair when walking, in 1st person mode" SH-274
  7. Idea: Ability to attach add'l tear off menus to sidebar (ex. the build window, the rendering types menu)

September 29, 2010


  1. Collada geometry origin not used? Will cause problem with LODs being off center without hacky work around?
  2. Will vehicles use the prim count of the physics hull and allow use of over 31 prims on the visible mesh part?
  3. Will scripting support changing an object between different meshes?
  4. Will mesh import support normal maps ? Or any other normal storing system ?
  5. Question about viewer technology: what data is in a "Shape", other than form and size? Reason for question: The "Shape" exported by TPVs that adhere to the ToS/TPVP rules contain 4 UUIDs that appear to correspond to textures (one or two seem to be eyes, despite Eyes being a separate wearable, and another appears to be related to the Alpha wearable). What is actually in a "Shape", officially?
  6. Bulk Reset/Compiling scripts doesn't show full feedback anymore: &
  7. Update on UI changes for content creators
  8. Fairwell to Aimee and the rest of the Brighton office...
  9. Information on size affecting prim count? What kind of scale is it likely to increase count? (Possibly Prim Count based ONLY on model vertex count)
  10. Will Rigged mesh attachments support linked objects?
  11. Purpose of submesh? Can they be treated as separate links, EG rotate, position etc different to the root?
  12. Any planned scale limit? large mesh is excellent for terrain, buildings, most sim building use. Mega prims are already used in this function
  13. Shadows: would be great to be able to designate which objects cast and receive shadows, as well as designate the color of shadows cast. Already put this on the PJIRA but I'd like to hear your thoughts.
  14. Hows that client side scripting coming?

September 22, 2010


  1. Workflow flaw: I have an outfit 'basic body' (containing shape/skin/eyes/hair), an outfit 'huds' with all the HUDs, and then any number of 'clothing' outfits. Now to dress the avatar, I replace whatever I wear with 'basic body' and then add 'huds' and the clothing on top. When trying to update the outfit now I can either 'save', which will save ALL the stuff to 'basic body'. That's bad. Or I can 'save as'. But when entering the name of the clothing set I added last, before adding/removing single pieces, that outfit is not overwritten but the client is saving a second outfit with the same name. Both ways are rather ugly.
  2. Workflow flaw: to remove an item from an outfit you have to switch from "My Outfits" sidebar tab to "Inventory", why not allow removing items on the Outfits tab?
  3. VWR-22972
  4. Script Limitations - any further developments?
  5. Possible system skirt improvement with current avatar mesh? (Not my thing, but may be of interest.) Qie 16:42, 20 September 2010 (UTC)
  6. Mesh instancing: If I make a zillion copies of a mesh, will they all share the same model asset, such that the model is only downloaded and decoded by the viewer once? Qie 17:47, 22 September 2010 (UTC)
  7. Mesh animation: Assuming the above-mentioned model asset exists, will a script be able to change the model in a rezzed mesh object to achieve the kind of "animation" that we get by swapping sculptmaps? (Or is some other form of mesh animation supported?) Qie 17:47, 22 September 2010 (UTC)
  8. Inworld mesh tool makers demand official mesh sample files so they may fairly compete with each other at having a mesh exporter working first, instead of relying on what the beta testers are sharing with some and not others. This is important in the RL rent-paying level so competition should be encouraged to be fair.
  9. Simple question: Will we be able to make avatars larger and smaller than the current SL avatar if we use the same joint layout?
  10. People are sad that they are restricted to default avatar skeleton when rigging meshes :(
  11. one more mesh q. IS the texture in the mesh collada file going to be limited to 1024x1024 as with all other textures?
  12. nyx with the new meshes, are there plans for a simple mesh editor to be eventually added to 2.1 for those of us that cant afford big fancy programs like 3dmax?

September 15, 2010


  1. Let's talk about mesh, baby... lalala... *sing*
    1. What kind limitations meshes have? How they are converted to prim counts?
    2. Can you create your own avatar mesh?
    3. Can use current bones/armature of LL avatar mesh in your avatar meshes?
    4. Can you hide part of verticles by textures (like using alpha texture)?
    5. How are physical collision handles with meshes?
    6. Is your bear going to be mesh bear?
    7. Will open beta start in 2 weeks, or later?

September 8, 2010

  1. Avatar clothing change invisible to all in-world, but visible to oneself. Seems to be a recurring problem that still affects residents to this date, despite trying all the fixes suggested and despite having 0% packet loss when connecting to SL.
  2. Internal Animation Override
  3. Username changes
  4. SVC-3811 Sit disabled on prims that are: inside a prim's bounding box (eg, phantom prim).
  5. VWR-1793 Animations with incldued hand poses randomly overridden by other animations with hand poses and or 'hand_motion' (background anim)
  6. Difficulty for Clothing / Skin designers
  7. Proposed Menu Changes
  8. VWR-20552 Path cut alters prim face texture settings.

September 1, 2010

  1. More shortcuts for keys.ini so it can be used as an API (relates to
  2. I can see my hair when walking, in 1st person mode: VWR-20988
  3. Inventory: Please replace the inventory icons with some better ones VWR-20965
  4. inventory: Please add in the snowglobe options on the outfit menus to snowstorm
  5. Inventory: please add in a way to kick the asset servers to automatically fix a broken inventory item ( like one thats in inventory but wont properly load because of "missing database" linkage issues
  6. Inventory: is the new "feature" where new outfits are sometimes layerd over previous ones even on the same layer intentional or a bug?

Just a note to Nyx: added those to JIRA ( Tillie Ariantho 19:07, 1 September 2010 (UTC) )

  1. Inventory: Outfit folders: enhance search VWR-20982
  2. UI: Rename outfit: opened rename floater doesnt get focus VWR-20967

August 25, 2010

  1. How can I make all my clothing folders client 2.0 outfits without hours of work?
  2. Edit window: texture selection box is VERY slow very often, even if I only want to set texture to BLANK, I need to wait till the inventory got loaded. Besides that I miss BLANK texture in the Library. There is only a 'white transparent'. To circumwent this problem made my own 16x16 white texture, but that can't be the favoured solution.
  3. Resizing linked objects: x OR y or z, not ALL THREE at the same time with the white handles.
  4. better avi shaping controls
  5. better default animations... built in ao?
  6. Modular Appearance: When you want to wear any combination of one of N bodies (consisting of body parts + attachments that act as body parts, e.g. a tail) and one of M clothing sets (consisting if actual clothing items + attachments that augment or act as clothing, e.g. a belt), then you could create N * M full outfits for all possible combinations.
    • When using folders instead of full outfits, this can be done with N + M folders instead:
      • Create a folder for each body
      • Create a folder for each clothing set
      • Select a body folder and a clothing folder (use Ctrl-Click)
      • right-click one of the selected folders (selection will be preserved) > "Replace Current Outfit"
    • Of course this isn't limited to Clothing sets and Bodies. One could have another folder for HUDs one always wears and always select that folder when changing outfits, so the HUDs stay attached.
    • Are there any plans to make this possible with inventory-link based outfits, too? Currently those have to be full outfits. Also, the above procedure is clumsy and error prone, so a better one might be needed.
  7. Shadows on Mac Client: Pretty Please
  8. Texture icon in inventory is the ugliest ever!

August 18, 2010

  1. Augmented Reality 3d support in the future for SL? Is it possible, is it viable? Imagine manipulating your prims in popout 3d.
  2. Looking at wire-frame model I can see that the viewer converts a cube to a mesh with too many triangles. Instead of 2 triangles per face it uses 18 which for each prim increases the total number of triangles from 12 to 108. Wouldn't this cause performance drop for the renderer? Could prim-to-mesh transformation be optimized to increase performance? (Latif Khalifa)
  3. Update on status of VWR-19767 (Incorrect height displayed in Viewer 2.1 appearance editor) Will Snowstorm affect this (using the Snowglobe height information) or is there still a plan to possibly change AgentHeight?
  4. Recap on VWR-19238 (Request for improved default camera placement.) Please?
  5. When will you scrum team start working in a public HG repository.

August 11, 2010

  1. Bug: Wearing 2 different clothing layers at the same time pushes the inventory into an inconsistent state VWR-20608
  2. Feature Request: Improve avatar skirt mesh and morphs VWR-2258 (quite old one, but with the recent rumours about meshes not coming this might be a valid request again)
  3. Feature Request: Allow another person to edit your attachments for you VWR-458
  4. Close "Alpha Clothing Layer should be applied between skin/tattos and underwear" VWR-18984 because its a misunderstanding of what the feature is meant for.
  5. Feature Request/Bug: Toggle Light in Appearance Mode VWR-13389
  6. Have you had time to look? VWR-9530 (gap between the shirt and pants layers) - Imaze
  7. Is the mesh NDA really even in force now? (If so, who's been funnin' with Tateru?) Qie 17:33, 11 August 2010 (UTC)

August 4, 2010

  1. Any possibility of improving camera placement? VWR-19238
  2. Http textures, the good, the bad, and the ugly. (http bugs metajira, SNOW-782)
  3. We've been discussing with Oz the issue of making the V2 UI switchable, which would benefit from an internal Viewer API to which different UIs could talk. In your avatars area, do you see any roadblocks to making the avatar editor operate through such an abstract interface? How might you do it?

July 28, 2010

  1. Owner-After-Next Permissions for 1st Tier Content Creators -
  2. Shared Media does not allow for interaction or audio on HUDs in v2.1 (
  3. What happened to Samuel?
  4. Perhaps have a rendering Linden share this OH (and take BigPappy's place)?
  5. Mesh?
  6. UI! (had to be done)
  7. Custom skeletons -Stickman 19:06, 28 July 2010 (UTC)
  8. Any update on the incorrect height info in the appearance editor? ( )
  9. Scripted Controls of web Prims.
  10. specific timeframe for introduction of mesh imports, what restrictions will be imposed on them (vertex/poly wise) and what kind of rigging will be implimented.
  11. Windlight estate controls
  12. Improved windlight defaults?
  13. Any possibility of improving camera placement?

July 21, 2010

  1. 2.1 UI (PLEASE bring a UI person. Despite UI person's presence at Monday's Triage, they didnt actually allow discussion of UI)
  2. VWR-6713: Allow Alpha Channel of Textures to be used as a 1-bit Mask (Alpha Masking)
  3. [12:26] Vickie Greenwood: Okay.. what measures is LL taking to improve content creation for builders that is NOT mesh
  4. Every Linden who has voiced an opinion agrees that SL terrain is a bit of a prehistoric calamity and badly needs upgrading. Is there any available dev resource for such work after the cutbacks, which devs would control such a project, how can we talk to them, and is there any likelihood of progress on it prior to 2027? On the technical front, what could be done with terrain to modernize it?

July 14, 2010

  1. I do not wish to make problems but find ways to help build a new path of helping Users od Second Life learn new and better tools and shape Second Life to better fit in to the work place. - This is just the first step i hope this video i found help every one understands Metadata and why it will become inportent in years to come with in Second Life. If you wish you can call me crazy. xstorm Radek
  2. As we see by this link work was started as small as it is.
  3. Multi-Attachables: Limitations and release date. What changed on the server that makes it require 1.40? Stickman 18:41, 14 July 2010 (UTC)
  4. Native Megaprims
  5. What's up with mesh?

July 7, 2010

  1. "ARC - Avatar Rendering Cost. How and when can it be trusted?" It was bugged in the past. Its behaviour/counting changed with Viewers 2.x - is it reliable now? --oobscure 15:49, 7 July 2010 (UTC)
  2. Nyx, is there anything to be said about the texture atlasing feature of Viewer 2.x yet? It's still far from ready, right?

June 30, 2010

  1. Nyx linden bear
  2. when will mesh go public beta?

June 23, 2010

  1. Image linking so that a image can be updated on items with out the person needing to be at the oject to edit it.

Such as a texture UUID update link so a person will have a texture side link to a ubject and a list for there textures to use. -xstorm

  1. Image texture that are UUID on a Object that can have a metadata list and a list of link texture on a website so you do not need to be in SL to update them Textures.
  2. Since this is a tiny robot OH this time, how will the future be for tinies? Will it still be supported and in what way could it still keep working? (or getting improved)

June 16, 2010

  1. VWR-7253 - Height indication in the Avatar Appearance Editor - (inaccuracies vs feet/meters)
  2. SNOW-704 Crash on loading clothing
  3. VWR-1177 & VWR-17999 Customizable user interfaces.
  4. Multi Image Layers for user side image render order. - xstorm
  5. Missing Image list maker for obj. - xstorm
  6. Image coding data that can be setup in Inventory. - xstorm
  7. COF corruption (great explanation from Kitty here VWR-18780 ) Are there any easy steps that Residents can take to avoid this bug ?
  8. VWR-9530 There is a gap between the shirt and pants layers - both shirt and undershirt seem to stop short of the waist seam. -imaze
  9. Previously asked, Possibility of additional hand/facial expressions? ( or would this fall into avatar 2.0?)

June 2, 2010

  1. Linden bear
  2. higher uv resolution of ground texture (or a all new paint on ground texture system for roads/paths etc)
  3. having official support for linksets that contain phantom and non phantom prims (was also discussed recently with andrew)
  4. small ui enahcements, like adding sliders to number inputs on edit flaoter, select prim by link number etc
  5. Region windlight updates/progess, throw me a bone? :)
  6. Avatar script memory limits?
  7. Folder only for Sculps Textures and setting sculpt load refresh and load order. - xstorm Radek
  8. Temp Mesh upload for testing befor paying to upload. - xstorm Radek

May 26, 2010

  1. Multi-Attachment Points and Multi-Wearables
    VWR-19535, VWR-489 comments
  2. High res/vector versions of UI windows, for PDF documentation. - Xugu Madison
  3. Folder only for Sculps Textures and setting sculpt load refresh and load order. - xstorm Radek
  4. Temp Mesh upload for testing befor paying to upload. - xstorm Radek
  5. VWR-19558 - FJ and Howard are Women
  6. Issues changing clothing/attachments
    1. VWR-19333 - Skin is removed when applying any clothes to avatar
    2. VWR-19425 - Cannot wear two different bodyparts at the same time
  7. VWR-19155 - My feet are missing when walking on the ground
  8. I can't rez a Wearable shirt on the bed, then put it on. Nor can I take off a Wearable shirt and put it down in-world. This is not adequate as a world simulation. To compound the problem, mesh prims are coming but there is no body-conforming property to make them behave as Wearable clothing. Clearly this is a mess. Are you giving LL any solutions for the future to address this issue, or waiting passively to follow where other worlds will lead? [If you have any tentative solutions, please discuss.]
  9. Grid Textures and better land Textures - xstorm Radek
  10. Cannot delete broken links. More comments being added to VWR-17469 -- is this the right place to bring this up? - Jonathan Yap

May 05, 2010

  1. [A week in advance of the OH to give time to prepare a useful answer (:P)] ... How might you implement portal apertures in the viewer, for the specific case where the area behind the portal contains the scenegraph belonging to a different part of the SL grid? This is required both for simple remote 3D viewing, and for step-through region-crossing / teleport.
  2. Update on source code availability for multiwearables project. - Nyx
  3. Update on avatar meshes in general
  4. Image error logs to be recorded for user.
  5. Image load data and time graph.
  6. Texture added cost on objects info.
  7. HTTP image to object in script
  8. multi-attachments, what? :) - Nyx

transcript posted here

April 28, 2010

  1. Viewer 2.0: Worn items tab, Any possibility of having folder structure shown for the items worn (Apologies if this is listed somwhere under jira etc)
  2. Viewer 2.0: Possible increase in time taken to fetch inventory to a fresh cache. Any other people noticed this?
  3. Viewer 2.0: Save Outfit should not save HUD attachments.
  4. Viewer 2.0: 'Drop' in attachment context menu should not be right near 'Detach'! No one ever wants to drop attachments directly to the floor.
  5. Place sofas where you can actually sit on!
  6. Viewer 2.0 Search issues
  7. Need full and public documentation on Viewer 2.0 XUI.

April 21, 2010

  1. it is possible to fix the tons of bugs before adding new features to SL ? (Because jira mutates more and more to a griefer-information-plattform) ANSI Soderstrom 18:04, 21 April 2010 (UTC)
  2. Further discussion on adding a neck attachment point - is it possible?
  3. Being able to set a sound to play within a bounding box/sphere with no falloff - viewer side capability?
  4. Any plans to implement temporary textures, animations, or sounds in Viewer 2.0 to allow for checking of content in situ prior to final upload?
  5. Bug in avatar skin rendering, hopefully fixed in V2
  6. llTextBox - put it in the SG JIRA, but, no progress? Can this be implemented in v2.0 -Without- going into SG? (It's been several months now since this was last spoken of)
  7. Does Setting my bandwidth higher than 500 cause noticeable lag for other people in the sim. (Please settle this bet for me)

April 14, 2010

  1. The future of invisiprims: does Linden Lab need to keep invisiprims as part of rendering regression tests?
  2. megaprims
  3. Sculpty Phantom linking to non phantom prims.
  4. Robots, Food etc.:
    1. Rakes and the danger of leaving them where people can trip over them
    2. Canned food - Cannibalism?
    3. Sweet, sugary goodness - good for tiny bots?
    4. Rain - The dangers of rust! - Weather effects in Second Life
    5. Nuts. Brain food for you!
  5. Patch at VWR-17762 (adds "Add To Current Outfit" to Outfits sidebar) --Boroondas Gupte 15:54, 14 April 2010 (UTC)
  6. More then one Mesh layer and texture layer to a prim.
  7. Has any internal discussion been engaged regarding viewer 2.1+ implementing some type of Avatar Animation controller (site example of Emerald viewer)
  8. Controllable Windlight? Scripting or estate functions.

April 7, 2010

  1. Possible to add "Add to Current Outfit" to the right-click context menu of an outfit, in the Outfit tab?
  2. VWR-18780 Wear Skin Removes Worn Hair, and vice versa -- It either worked in 2.0.202711 or I didn't notice the problem, broke in 2.0.203055
  3. Adding new features + options to the Outfit Tab; tails, ears, masks, basic hats, beard/mustages, etc. We need more options and new ones!
  4. Adding more attachment points (like in Emerald etc.)? - Tillie Ariantho 18:04, 7 April 2010 (UTC)
  5. Build tool: mirror feature? Mirror a selected set of prims vertical/horizontal/both? - Tillie Ariantho 18:04, 7 April 2010 (UTC)
  6. Build tool: delete scripts in selected? eg for getting rid or recolor/resize scripts in a 100 linked prims - Tillie Ariantho 18:11, 7 April 2010 (UTC)
  7. Brainstorming about how to do the UI for 'wearing any number of clothing textures'? - Tillie Ariantho 18:13, 7 April 2010 (UTC)
  8. Cube Mapping on prim faces:
  9. Is Fast-Alpha going to be a prim face parameter any time soon and how will the deferred render pipeline and global illumination affect these fast-alpha faces?

March 24, 2010

  1. Building a bot-net of coders for avatar features - a call to keyboards! - Nyx (a bot net is clearly a network of coders who just happen to be tiny robots. What were you thinking of?)
  2. The future of outfit and wearable editing - Nyx
  3. artoo wants the edit window enhanced to be a bit more up to date.. sliders at the numberfields, keyboard shortcuts for all the functions like "use grid" or "edit linked" etc.. also the ability to edit multiple prims at once to switch light for them or edit theyr size.. numberfield in 3D programs often also understand when you type in for example "+10" to increase the value thats in there by 10...
  4. r2: are new avatar meshes in the linden pipeline ? like a bit more detailed and supporting finger and face animation ?
  5. Quick question: When you think up new ideas for avatars, or for the future of outfit and wearable editing, do you consider how those avatars could be used in other worlds with which your client will interop through VWRAP, or how your outfit/wearable editors can be used to edit the portable avatars that your client will be using in other VWRAP-compatible worlds?
  6. -- In Viewer 2.0, with Deferred Pipeline enabled, attachments with alpha show a "speckly" look when zoomed in close. Lighitng also behaves very differently on them.

March 17, 2010

  1. no office hour this week - tiny robot was busy getting a tune-up. OH resumes next week.

March 10, 2010

  1. Content Forums: Stickies & locking Scripting Library to original posters (only OP replies)
    -- Void (talk|contribs) 18:57, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  2. Building workflow is broken, you cant build anymore when there is no visible ground, only prims. You need to go to the top menu now or use Ctrl-B to continue building (create new prims). Can we get back 'Build' to the context menu? -- Tillie Ariantho 19:37, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  3. Why is there no "sit" so the avatar can sit on the ground? -- Tillie Ariantho 19:37, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  4. "Show color under cursor" - this would be more helpful if it would grab the color from the texture, not from the view (light alienates the value) -- Tillie Ariantho 19:37, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  5. Any timeline for mesh import (interested in the avatar part here)? -- Tillie Ariantho 19:01, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  6. Any minor updates on the current avatar in the pipeline? there are some jiras that suggest VERY small changes like a fix for the crotch area. Would not really break content. -- Tillie Ariantho 19:01, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  7. "Correction: This issue was incorrectly reported as fixed in Viewer 2. We sincerely regret the error. 366 Votes - VWR-11397[c]: Smaller Avis without being Tinys :) or More features for poor Tinys" ... is this coming or was this just a COMPLETE error at all? -- Tillie Ariantho 19:21, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  8. Snapshots: I keep crashing due to exhausted memory (about 1,3 GB) when doing snapshots, why is that? Can we have a 64bit client? Would maybe help. I just used only FRAPS today and didnt crash once, even with many prims around and huge viewrange, its definitely the snapshot feaure that crashes the client: It has a DEV id now, so I can expect that it gets fixed? -- Tillie Ariantho 19:01, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  9. Any updates on the Nyx Bear? -- Tillie Ariantho 19:02, 10 March 2010 (UTC)
  10. How extensive were the changes required to implement the two new wearables. Is porting to 1.23 code mission impossible if a TPV dev would attempt it? Latif Khalifa
  11. Any tidbits or fun stuff you can tell us about what is coming? -- Sebastean Steamweaver

March 3, 2010

  1. Starting gently... new attach points for tail, horn(s), wings, anything else I've forgotten? - Xugu Madison
  2. So, about tinies.. apparently supporting tinies properly would require a whole second avatar system. Can we have a recap on why, and an idea of feasibility as a long term project? - Xugu Madison
  3. 2.0 is out... but no Ogre support. Is this ever going to happen? What is the status?
  4. Can we have some focus on rendering bugs, flickering skies (since 1.23) and disappearing prims (since 2.0)

February 24, 2010

  1. Viewer 2.0 new features!
  2. Viewer 2.0 internals -- the secrets of colors.xml, panel_nearby_chat_bar.xml and other fun files.
  3. Viewer 2.0 WebPrims -- Hosting web pages with LSL servers possible? Having images local to the LSL server possible?
  4. Now 2.0 is out, can we talk tabbed browsing in 3.0? :) - Xugu Madison, who will be in later, please hold off until he's there
  5. "has there ever been interest in rewriting on the java and/or .net runtime with a new language", Mogley Radikal, but added by Xugu Madison. In particular, possibility of porting to .Net so that client-side scripts could be done in the Mono sandbox, similar to server side? (last bit by Xugu)
  6. While I'm breaking Nyx's mind, can we have revision control, implemented as pseudo-time-travel, with parallel timelines created when you fork a region? - Xugu, again

February 17, 2010

  1. Cake!
  2. Pie!
  3. Hugs!
  4. Nyx BotBear!
  5. In the absence of more "topical" topics, please continue viewer tutorial sessions: scene graph implementation?
  6. Questions regarding mesh importing and ways to minimize uploading.
  7. Can we have 1-bit transparency masks for prim faces?
  8. Your topic here!

February 10, 2010

  1. How about a modification to the lsl functions so that you can load the UV map of a sculpty? Then, with an also slightly modified llSetTextureAnim, you could have a, say, 512*512 texture with a grid of 64*64 UV maps and when animated your sculpty would become a shape shifter.

February 3, 2010

  1. Firefly - are you involved with this Nyx? Can you tell us anything? - Xugu Madison
  2. Throwing an idea into the group: Static Content Cache
  3. [[3]] - Ability to add alpha to base avatar skin- last I heard this was going to be a 1.24 addition ( maybe ), however SINCE then I have heard about the 2.X viewer expected to come out sometime in February? Where did this issue end up being passed to Nyx -Kaine Lowenstark

January 27,2010

  1. Office hour cancelled. Will resume February 03, 2010.

January 20, 2010

  1. YAY! Bear?!
  2. How are multi level avatar textures coming together? When we can start using them? Is there going to be other special textures available beyond invisiprim replacement? Shininess map? Bumpmaps?
  3. Any official information about mesh imports? When we get them? How mesh LODs are handled?
  4. When we get official shadow support?
  5. [2010/01/19 10:34] Pae Sinister(Saved Tue Jan 19 08:53:53 2010) pokes the JIRA skunkie, and wonders if there's an article or proposal out there to support scripted changing of textures and tints on the SL avatar. --- I looked and didn't find one. Is such adjustment a likely feature? --- Ardy Lay
  6. What kind of extensions might make the Plugin-API model suitable for avatar support?
  7. All body parts currently have clothing associated with them, with the sole exception of the face. It would we useful to add the missing part, for masks etc. Any problems with this?

January 13, 2010

  1. What prevents lowering the minimum size limit for avatars? Residents have been calling for this since day 1, so my recent Jira on "it's time for an end to tiny folding" is just the latest in a long line of requests. What's so hard about changing one number?
  2. M took a leaf out of Philip's book recently and blogged a "vision", focusing mainly on better quality visuals. To that end, I suggest the following core enhancement for avatars, which would also happen to reduce the load server-side: "new Hair prim type". This could quite easily reduce most hair objects to a single prim or at most a few, it would improve appearance immensely because hair would consist of filaments instead of blocky prims, and the download requirement would be miniscule compared to large numbers of prims. How does this kind of avatar enhancement grab you? Any further suggestions to improve on it?
  3. -- Avatar attachments are visible in mouselook when viewed through the water plane

January 06, 2010

  1. Linden Bear!
  2. will there be alpha maps for avatars to make bodyparts transparent ?
  3. on slcc we saw multiple html mediastreams. will that come with client v2 ?
  4. i would like to have building features to arange prims in arrays
  5. also i would like to have new prim types like hexagons or ngons
  6. will (and when) sim-custom windlight-settings come ? (like green sky or such) (VWR-7677, 427 votes)
  7. 'inspect' helps content creators find illegal copies of their work.. i need something as animation creator
  8. alpha sorting bug
  9. bigger size prims

December 30,2009

  1. Nyx amazes and confuses us with announcements. Ardy Lay
  2. Nyx wows us with discussion of plans to enable integration with industry 3D content creation tools. JB Hancroft
  3. Nyx wonders why Xugu is bringing in scripting changes ( ), before realising they're actually also heavily client-side... okay, stretching here... Xugu Madison.
  4. Philip wrote an inspirational blog post a couple of days ago, envisaging an SL way beyond the current one. What internal projects could you create or promote personally to make that vision happen?
  5. Is the joint haunted?

December 23, 2009

  1. Canceled due to holidays

December 16, 2009

  1. Client-side AOs (Emerald style), especially given memory limits, desire to move away from LSL2 VM and rez-delay with Mono scripts
  2. Please identify Reset Linden, so that we can ridicule him/her more effectively. ;P Alternatively, please discuss how one might get this specific design principle into Linden UI devs' minds: "Don't add unnecessary camera resets or movements just because you feel like it, unless accompanied by a checkbox." For those who know how to control their camera and don't want it overridden, the "free" resets and unsolicited movements are highly annoying. The problem has been going on for years and is spread out all over the code. A Jira on a UI design principle would not be effective.
  3. From AW Groupies, about Tillie's addition of an EXIF block to snapshots: "Sounds like a topic for Nyx's OH then --- how can Tillie compute an equivalent zoom length for EXIF from viewer frustum parameters?"
  4. Where did Xugu's face go?
  5. A top Linden dev recently stated publicly:
  • "the shadow pipeline is pretty much completely different in 2.0 onward. Most 1.23 bug reports won't be helpful"
  • "We'll probably have a lot of those shadow issues against the old engine actually - what's the best way to handle that?"
So, there's a new rendering engine in Viewer2.0 and it's acknowledged that a lot of bug reports and patches for the current engine will be effectively obsoleted. That would be a good tradeoff if it means that the bad old coupling between rendering and networking in the old engine is removed. Is it removed?

December 9, 2009

  1. Client-side content creation tools ala
  2. Whats the status on that busy mode object handling?
  3. How about a client way to toggle the ~200 meter fly restriction

December 2, 2009

  1. The downloadable reference avatars doesn't match the inworld test character
  2. Please help with a multi-linkset rotation coordination problem by supporting the improvement of LSL rotation functions
  3. Enough is enough! When are you going to overhaul the horrid avatar mesh? :-))

November 25, 2009

  2. Tutorial help: (This assumes there are no docs --- if there are, just point me to them instead :P) If I wanted to begin to understand the rendering system in the viewer, where should I start, what are the main subsystems that come into play, and what's a good way of beginning to poke at the rendering engine with learning-type changes? (Eg. adding instrumentation.)

November 18, 2009

  1. Possibility of layered texture system on prims, similar to that of layered clothing to allow decal customisation of prims, and sculpted prims and allow animated testure effects on a layered Basis. (Yes i know baking the stuff onto the texture would work but people have been asking)
  2. Status on Avatar alpha masking, hows it going?
  3. Prim Alpha masking, any developments?
  4. One Linden has said publicly (my wording) "The lack of a usable whiteboard facility is widely recognized as a barrier to cooperation in SL". (i) Do you (Nyx/Papi) agree with this? (ii) Can you help remedy it by proposing some highly interactive building block?
  5. Texture Animations possibly bugged in viewer - might be server -
  6. Is there progress on VWR-14463 Avatar clothing change invisible to all inworld, but visible to me. - It's very annoying/embarassing when others see something different from you and even a snapshot is not showing what others see.

November 11, 2009

  1. Office hours cancelled. Regular office hours resume on the 18th

November 4, 2009

  1. Thoughts on fully skinnable UI, not just color theme, but placement, size of controls. Dynamic loading of XUI, etc.
  2. Region Windlight settings - possible?
  3. [4] - - 3 frames repeating - status?
  4. Can PSYS_PART_MID_COLOR, PSYS_PART_MID_SCALE, and PSYS_PART_MID_ALPHA be added to the particle system?
  5. Can we get an llTextBox implementation in the standard viewer?
  6. Scripted text chat lags entire UI.
  7. Can you make yourself a bear? Or can we make one for you?

October 28, 2009

  1. Attachment positions on opposing limbs are not equal
  2. Any progress on Text on a Prim Face?
  3. Windlight is Wonderful
  4. Meshes & Media Works
  5. Particle Pleasures
  6. Ideas for Avatar 2.0
  7. Which parts of the current graphics system could you refactor into plugins?

October 21, 2009

  1. The proposed ban on encryption.
  2. Technical details on registering third party client.
  3. Technical details on how to properly resister a own use client. ie:create and use one own patches without violating the ToS.
  4. Request to Nyx/BigPapi, as tech Lindens, to represent the case to the technically unaware Lindens who are making policy that the contributions of the open source community will disappear if LL erects barriers to open source development.
  5. Question about VWR-12906 : avatar part disappear under certain circonstances -> workaround ?
  6. is there a way to take action against people like the person distributing "neillife" which enables breaking TOS and is in violation with the GPL?

October 14, 2009

  1. Any chance EVER for Emerald's 'bouncy boobs' mod to get into official SL client?
  2. Status on

October 7, 2009

  1. Announcements from the Lindens.
  2. Render pools, what are they and how can we optimize their use?
  3. Texture atlasing, how is it good for residents in general and how can creators best use it?
  4. your topic here!
  5. Free/unasked-for camera movements. Do we HAVE to suffer them, forever?

September 30, 2009

  1. What changes should be made to office hours to make them constructive again and so that all parties are able to show respect for others?
  2. Render pools, what are they and how can we optimize their use?
  3. Texture atlasing, how is it good for residents in general and how can creators best use it?\
  4. Simple Text on a Prim Face - We Beggeth Thee

September 23, 2009

  1. status of fix for bug reported in VWR-12604 (9 votes) link
  2. status of fix for bug reported in VWR-12230 (13 votes) link
  3. was the animation bug that distorts attachments (reportedly a bug in the lead out) looked and, and was anything found, if yes?
  4. there are reports of ppl experienceing ghost prims after the 1.30 sim roll, any info on that?
  5. alpha mask avatar/prim, any news? (sorry, gotta ask)
  6. With third party viewers getting popular, emerald has about 30-40 percent concurrent usage. Is there any concern about third party viewers taking over the main viewer usage wise that may have possible bad network traffic due to un-supported features?
  7. Looking at the texture console in Snowglobe I see a column labled Area that often has a zero in it for a texture (face) I can certainly see and am wondering if this area calculation is part of the image loading problems Snowglobe is having.
  8. Currently for sculpties, the Texture-alpha sorting for the whole model is static. That means top-right renders first(in front of all); bottom-left last. Is it possible for polygon based alpha-sorting, making complex grass and tree foliage look better?

September 16, 2009

  1. just to get it out of the way, when can we have avatar alpha mask?
  2. Can we have the sim crashme back, and or is there a reason its no longer on the grid, and if so, where can we go to stress test the sim code?
  3. Any morsels of information regarding Region/Estate windlight? / What current features are being actively discussed with plans for implementation?
  4. Modularization: All Lindens who have expressed an opinion about this have agreed that the viewer would benefit from greater modularization. (i) Do you agree with this too? (ii) Is increasing modularity a general goal in LL, or does it require a special project? (iii) Are you currently working on this, or asking for dev time to do so? (iv) Do you have any personal ideas on how graphics could be modularized that you could promote in LL?
  5. Text on a prim face - We Need It! :(
  6. Is there going to be crop on textures?
  7. Improvements to the particle system.

September 9, 2009

  1. VWR-6116 , VWR-13110 , DEV-32001
  2. How far is LL with opening of SL, the offline sims for residents and teleporting to opensim? (from Youri Ashton)
  3. xstorm's weird ghosting prim problem
  4. This is an addition to Youri's question, and is specific to the Linden graphics specialists at this Office Hour. When residents of other grids eventually TP into SL, this will require that their avatar representations in SL reflect their assets used back in the home grid, or there will be no continuity of visuals. Are you thinking of ways in which your avatar handling in the viewer can accomodate non-SL avatars arriving from other worlds? (You can answer "No" to dismiss the question in one word, but I'm hoping for an answer that shows more foresight, and that identifies some ideas you're considering.) [This question is not about OGP, but about the viewer avatar designers' forward thinking.]
  5. Status on VWR-3783

September 2, 1009

  1. VWR-6713: Allow Alpha Channel of Textures to be used as a 1-bit Mask (Alpha Masking)
  2. Animation bug that distorts attachments (reportedly a bug in the lead out)
  3. any news on mechanisms for security that can prevent rouge 3rd party clients from cleaning out our linden balance, or buying more linden via credit card
  4. Megaprim support
  5. When avatar masking will be released?
  6. Mesh Import - when we get it? Can you mesh avatars?
  7. Avatar 2.0? - Updated avatar mesh, if not replacement or additional meshes, then maybe 'small' fixes that should improve the look a bit? Fixes for pointy collarbones, indent right above the knee, small peak on nose and chin (you see it from the side), wrists
  8. Content creation: better tools for editing prims: mirror, rotate, ...
  9. Prim edit dialog: texture picker extremely slow, move the 'default texture' to the texture tab?
  10. Deadline for more clothing layers?
  11. Animated textures on body?
  12. VWR-15114 - fix local lights throttle for graphics cards that don't need it.
  13. How far is LL with opening of SL, the offline sims for residents and teleporting to opensim?
  14. Raise number of local lights?
  15. For the 9th MISC-3309 This was mentioned near the end of the office hour. BigPapi Linden agreed this needs to be as soon as possible.
  16. Nyx suggested on Tues 1 Sept that a Jira for LL viewer crashes occurring in OSgrid would be useful. Questions: (i) Would such Jiras actually be examined, or rejected at Bug Triage as being non-SL? (ii) Will you try to repro in OSgrid? --- if not, there's not much point. (iii) Would any relevant fixes get merged into mainline, or rejected if they cannot affect users in SL?
  17. How far is LL with opening of SL, the offline sims for residents and teleporting to opensim? (from Youri Ashton)

August 26, 2009

  1. Efficient content: what is it, how is it created, and how can we best share tips for making it?
  2. How to measure content complexity / load of content
  3. when avatar masking will be released
  4. What in the pipeline that due to be disclosed/relised in the next few months.
  5. How do we get more people to use full bright glow?

August 19, 2009

  1. Update on status of mesh importing into SL, after demo at SLCC
  2. Official deformation support -- any new word? VWR-2374
  3. 3D Skyboxes for private estates. SVC-4118
  4. Megaprim support
  5. Possibility of providing a second, owner-only space (alternative reality/mirror universe) along with each in-world space, for storing server prims (XStreetSL boxes) etc. - Xugu Madison to explain what he's babbling about.
  6. Integration of client with revision control systems (Subversion?) for scripts?
  7. Rendering text on prims SVC-4715
  8. First frame of animation (still) playing too long. VWR-3783
  9. Modify animation priority, ease, etc, after uploaded. VWR-14703
  10. Right/down arrows when editing HUD don't work. VWR-5518
  11. llTeleportAgent() SVC-212
  12. AOs and other means of overriding animations. VWR-386
  13. General Texture Questions

August 12, 2009

  1. The "Reference" selection in the Ruler dropdown in edit seems to be highly contingent on a number of factors including linked set issues, Edit Linked prims, whether one is in the Position, Stretch or Rotate mode, etc. But even when dealing with a single prim, often the drop down does not work, without deselecting and reselecting the prim several times. CTRL G is equally inconsistent to make the choice.
  2. Progress of VWR-812, when will it be in an alpha viewer?
  3. Negative lights. Essentially, light sources that would create darkness, rather than light. That would be highly useful, many other games have that.
  4. Inventory improvements, like searches for dubs, creators, descriptions, etc. API for plug-in to do even more.
  5. Sim persistent windlight settings.

August 5, 2009

  1. Avatar - bugs or 'by design' ? Deformed avatar Break in avatar body creating strange "joint" Ellla McMahon 18:01, 4 August 2009 (UTC)
  2. Client plugins via gridproxy. Would it be possible to register external event handlers with the client so gridproxy isn't needed? What kind of events would be available? Security? Etc. Saijanai 17:50, 5 August 2009 (UTC)
  3. camera bugs; VEHICLE_FLAG_DECOUPLED_CAMERA fails on nonphysical objects it seems
  4. The "Reference" selection in the Ruler dropdown in edit seems to be highly contingent on a number of factors including linked set issues, Edit Linked prims, whether one is in the Position, Stretch or Rotate mode, etc. But even when dealing with a single prim, often the drop down does not work, without deselecting and reselecting the prim several times. CTRL G is equally inconsistent to make the choice.
  5. Implement ability to turn the avatar to face a given position

July 29, 2009

  1. more facial animation options
  2. megaprims
  3. Flexiprim improvements
  4. Animation Replacement vs. Animation Overides.
  5. textures not loading from inventory in snowglobe and 1.23
  6. Improved sim terrian detail and/or terrian painting at a simplified level.
  7. Request any update on Region/Estate Windlight sky/water manipulation.
  8. Fixing mini-map and client side avatar list/scanner. VWR-6484
  9. Attachment improvements. ( VWR-489 and )

July 22, 2009

  1. Feedback on process for managing discussion topics
  2. Snapshot issues: (META entry, collecting most bugs)
  3. Hot permission issues: and
  4. Improve avatar skirt mesh
  5. Antique jira entries, but worth undusting - user created Linden Plants: and
  6. Windlight water on a prim (Materials)
  7. Customizable Key-bindings for Viewer functions (to increase functionality and Accessibility).
  8. 1.23 vs 1.22
  9. [Deferred] more facial animation options
  10. [Deferred] megaprims