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Greetings This is Oliver Szondi! Welcome to my Wiki Page. If you have any questions feel free to im me inworld. Thx!

Who i am in RL:

My name is Oliver Szondi, in rl im known as Oliver Adams. i work in a RL datacenter and my main role is a network operations manager.

What I Do inSL:

Since the start of my SL life (5/20/2007) ive DJed,Built,Scripted and made lots of differnt items!. I now DJ for a inworld radio station called BOSL Radio. I run a web hosting company inside Second Life and i also own my own virtual search engine.


Mentoring is key to my sl life. i love to help residents and mentors whever they have a issue. feel free to im me if you do have one and ill try my best to help out.

RHN Mentor:

RHN Mentor for the following groups Phoenix Wave Team SecondAbility Mentors White Tiger Mentors Mental Mentors

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