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After I joined Second Life, I learnt soon that the Friendslist is a very rudimentary and non-flexible tool for managing contacts.

I often heard people with many contacts complaining about not being able to manage them thru the Friendslist in an efficient way. Not to mention the continuous notifications you get when friends log in and out - unless you disable that in Preferences.

I also read that a huge Friendslist could contribute to technical issues.

So I decided to keep my Friendslist to a minimum.

I wrote a notecard in which I explain my reasons, and every time someone offers me friendship, I give her this notecard.

Sometimes I just refuse the Friendship request and I give my Calling Card instead. Sometimes I accept, making clear I'll be deleting the friendship after the next login: this way, Calling Cards are automatically exchanged. Calling Cards don't disappear after you delete Friendship. With Calling Cards, even if you're not "my friend" you can easily check my online status, IM me, etc.

I find that by making my approach to Friendslist VERY clear since the beginning, I have been saved the drama of people coming to me saying "Y U SO EVIL, Y U DEFRIENDED ME".


Ciao, con questa notecard voglio spiegarti perche' abitualmente non uso la Friendlist.

Innanzitutto, con la mia Calling Card puoi facilmente verificare se sono online e contattarmi, cercando il mio nome nell'Inventory o guardando nella cartella delle Calling Cards. Se ho scambiato la Friendship con te hai ricevuto automaticamente la mia Calling Card. Non offenderti quando rimuovero' il contatto: la mia Calling Card restera' sempre nel tuo Inventario.

In secondo luogo, la Friendlist di Second Life è uno strumento piuttosto rudimentale, ed è inadeguato a gestire centinaia di contatti. Ma dopo anni e anni di Second Life, le dimensioni di una Friendlist "non controllata" possono facilmente arrivare a includere migliaia di persone.

In terzo luogo, una lista molto affollata puo' essere fonte di problemi tecnici: Non richiedete la mia Friendship solo "per essere amici". Se siamo amici, ci conosciamo e sappiamo come incontrarci :-)



Hi! Please know that I keep my Friendslist to a minimum.

Don't get offended if I remove Friendship. I prefer to use Calling Cards.

Please note that reasons are technical and practical. No personal issues. Just trying to avoid lag and information overload! Have a read to this article for more information:

Feel free to contact me for further details or to offer Friendship again if you feel we need to use it. Bye!

Opensource Obscure