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Patty Cortes is a Second Life(tm) resident since February 2007.

She is the Founder & CEO of GLANCE International Agency (GIA), a full service fashion PR agency launched in 2008 geared towards real and virtual worlds professionals. GLANCE International Agency publishes a monthly publication, GLANCE Magazine, and produced over 120 virtual fashion shows to date. The agency is regularly featured on Rezzed TV and SecondNighters Magazine.


Patty Cortes has been featured in several virtual world medias, evoking the projects of her agency as well as virtual fashion marketing and fashion designers promotion.


  • - GLANCE International Agency Founder/CEO (visit GIA Style Blog)
  • - GLANCE Magazine Publisher / Layout Designer (visit GLANCE Magazine on Issuu)
  • - Virtual World Business Bureau Chairwoman
  • - GLANCE Runway For Life, RFL Team Captain