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[10:59] Jack Linden: Juko summoned me. :)

[10:59] Juko Tempel: hello Jack :-)

[10:59] Juko Tempel: haha

[10:59] Juko Tempel: I wish

[10:59] Jack Linden: hey folks!

[10:59] Herne Diker: hello Jack

[10:59] Talarus Luan: Wish I had that ability. :P

[10:59] Juko Tempel: hehe so do I

[11:00] Talarus Luan: "Summon Jack!"

[11:00] Fontte Newbold: Pres butan, reveive Linden.

[11:00] Fontte Newbold: Receive, too.

[11:00] Juko Tempel: you might want to take that sign down Jack?

[11:00] Talarus Luan: That would be the "easy" button, though.

[11:00] Moon Corrigible: Darn Juko is good!

[11:01] Juko Tempel: haha i feel so powerful

[11:01] Jack Linden: :)

[11:01] Juko Tempel: you can run it now if you like though

[11:01] Juko Tempel: lol

[11:01] Jack Linden: so how are things? who has something they would like to talk about?

[11:01] Ewan Mureaux: why you said no more mainland then released more

[11:01] Talarus Luan: How's the estate managing gig coming?

[11:02] Juko Tempel: as Ewan said..

[11:02] Jack Linden: Ewan: the basic 'no new mainland' through the normal route continues, these city regions are unusual and don't happen regularly

[11:02] Juko Tempel: they still affect mainland though..

[11:03] Timo Daehlie: how many mainland for sale did you discover jack ?

[11:03] Ewan Mureaux: especially when the week preceding prices dropped further and since you released more mainland, back door or not, prices have plumetted

[11:03] Talarus Luan: L$2/sqm for Premium mainland is cheap. Kinda makes the rest of the L$2.5-3.0 stuff look like what it is.. garbage.

[11:03] Jack Linden: If Nautilus follows the way Bay City went, it won't have a lasting effect, Bay City had an impact but only briefly

[11:03] Ewan Mureaux: Bay city was dropped when the lowest price was what, 7?

[11:03] Jack Linden: Timop.. Nautilus is about 8 regions maximum, of resident land

[11:04] Jack Linden: Within 22 or so, Linden owned regions

[11:04] Ewan Mureaux: completely different times now as it has been engineered to make the rest of mainland worthless

[11:04] Timo Daehlie: +10 million more mainland for sale .. would it be more wise to improve that and have some more density over there ?

[11:04] Juko Tempel: and the moles have been working on Nautilus..

[11:04] Talarus Luan: Time will tell, but I am betting there will be a number of 1-bids, and a few no-bids as well.

[11:05] Sarah Nerd: Ty Timo

[11:05] Ewan Mureaux: What is the point in continued efforts to improve and beautify mainland when it has no value, if you pay buttons for something then you have less time for it than something that is worth its value

[11:05] Timo Daehlie: welcome ;)

[11:05] Ewan Mureaux: are you happy to see full sims at 3l/m?

[11:05] Talarus Luan: Hiyas Sarah :)

[11:05] Juko Tempel: are the efforts continuing, for that matter?

[11:05] Jack Linden: we will continue to work on the entire mainland, and even during building Nautilus we had more Moles working on other stuff than on that

[11:05] Sarah Nerd: Hey

[11:06] Jack Linden: roads, attractions, hubs and so on

[11:06] Ewan Mureaux: or more to the point, LL cant sell something twice so once it has passed on to the first chump/ buyer then it doesnt matter

[11:06] Timo Daehlie: i had an attraction but i was wanred and asked to pull it down

[11:06] Timo Daehlie: cause a 16m2 extortioning plot owner felt it was harasment

[11:06] Timo Daehlie: warned ..

[11:06] Jack Linden: not aware of that case Timo

[11:07] Talarus Luan: Not surprised. :)

[11:07] Jack Linden: if i need to look into it, notecard me the details

[11:07] Timo Daehlie: Harry was

[11:07] Sarah Nerd: Did I miss when those 31 news sims will make it to market?

[11:07] Ewan Mureaux: was that thje same one that terrorised people with 80m high towers covered in slander?

[11:07] Chaos Mohr: Jack considering that a quite a few mainland auctions are going without any bids, due to the current market glut, I am wondering why their is still a disparity in beginning auction prices between parcels of the same size?

[11:07] Timo Daehlie: well my building is deleted and the land was sold ..

[11:07] Timo Daehlie: i was and am pretty upset about it but then agai who am i ..

[11:07] Avi Arrow: hi sal, and everyone else :>

[11:07] Jack Linden: Sarah: the first auctions will start tomorrow

[11:07] Sarah Nerd: Ty

[11:07] Salazar Jack nods

[11:08] Qie Niangao: Well, Ewan, they *can* sell something twice. Speaking of which, Jack, will the opening price per sq.m. be reduced for L$ auctions?

[11:08] Jack Linden: Well timo, i'm happy to look into it if you'd like me to. Hard for me to comment on it otherwise.

[11:08] Timo Daehlie: i will ..

[11:09] Jack Linden: Qie, for nautilus we're starting at L$2k for 1024m. We may stick with that afterwards, not sure at this point. We have to see how they go

[11:09] Talarus Luan: Would like for you to look into some of my issues, too, when you have time.

[11:09] Sarah Nerd: Are they double prim and unable to subdivide like bay city was?

[11:09] Moon Corrigible gets in line behind Talaurs - hehehe

[11:10] Jack Linden: Average Mainland price has dipped slightly, to L$5.8, so we'll watch it closely

[11:10] Jack Linden: Yes Sarah

[11:10] Ewan Mureaux: jack can we get a mean average and not a median

[11:10] Qie Niangao wishes he could make his land no-subdivide before selling it.

[11:10] Sarah Nerd: List bottom is at 2.4. Thats lower than it was when I started land.

[11:10] Juko Tempel: yes please

[11:10] Ewan Mureaux: because 10,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,2,1 doesnt make the averagie price 5.8

[11:11] Timo Daehlie: sarah is right .. and even at 2.4 its hard to sell

[11:11] Jack Linden: if it was a governance issue, then you should file an Abuse Appeal ticket. those get reviewed and if upheld we would reverse the decision

[11:11] Sarah Nerd: I think Yohan said 38% of the mainland is currently set for sale

[11:11] Talarus Luan: Who was that directed to?

[11:11] Jack Linden: that was a Mean average. I can also get you the median

[11:12] Jack Linden: (it's a Mean of transactions, *not* of land set for sale which is what you see in search)

[11:12] Tammy Nowotny: hello

[11:12] Juko Tempel: all transactions? that wouldn't be good

[11:12] Juko Tempel: all land?

[11:12] Ewan Mureaux: so the extortion plots help pull that up and make everything rosey

[11:13] Jack Linden: no, we discount those at each end of the bell curve

[11:13] Juko Tempel: and transfers between alts..

[11:13] Tammy Nowotny: most land you see for sale is set WAY above the market clearing price

[11:13] Jack Linden: it includees buy For Group too, but excludes auctions, gov land, abd various other oddness

[11:13] Jack Linden: *and

[11:13] Juko Tempel: aah

[11:13] Sarah Nerd: My stuff in the two's has been sitting all week.

[11:13] Ewan Mureaux: if you look at the real world when you cant sell waterfront for 5 or protected for 3.5 then you get a different picture

[11:14] Juko Tempel: different on different continents too

[11:14] Chaos Mohr: in other words, they discount all the land aquired by landbots which over the past month or so has been well over 40 sims worth

[11:14] Tammy Nowotny: I can't even get the Nnjas to buy

[11:14] Jack Linden: yeah, there are many many ways to view the data, and we look at pretty much all of them.

[11:14] Tammy Nowotny: I am not sure if anyone otehr than landbots has been buying... oh and hello everyone :-)

[11:14] Talarus Luan: Hiyas Tammy

[11:15] Jack Linden: hi!

[11:15] Ewan Mureaux: so you didnt want to release more land until the average was 6-8 and now a direct consequence of more land being released using your figures has dipped the average below 6

[11:15] Tammy Nowotny: hey talarus

[11:15] Ewan Mureaux: thats a fact yes?

[11:16] Sarah Nerd: I figure the RL economy and lack of new users in sl has been hurting us a lot.

[11:16] Jack Linden: No Ewan. this happened pre-announcement of Nautilus.

[11:17] Ewan Mureaux: theres a more convincing argument for not releasing more land there then

[11:17] Jack Linden: As I said, we will watch it closely, if it seems to be having an adverse effect we will back it off again.

[11:17] Talarus Luan: That, and people getting frustrated and throwing in the towel.

[11:17] Qie Niangao looks at the floor

[11:18] Juko Tempel: how much land is being abandoned?

[11:18] Ewan Mureaux: I'm not trying to give you a hard time for the sakeof it jack, just when given a straight answer to a direct question for weeks then that answer has caveats and loop holes, it leaves me frustrated

[11:18] Jack Linden: abandoned land is down, the number of 16m parcels in general is down too, the amount of land 'owned' on the Mainland is still growing, though not quickly

[11:18] Talarus Luan: Don't feel bad, Qie; you're hardly alone there.

[11:19] Moon Corrigible: Has there been any sort of thought to moderating tier fees - especially on things like private islands - to alleviate the problem of people forfeiting their holdings?

[11:19] Jack Linden: Ewan, we don't mean to frustrate, but we are also a business so we have to blance out decisions. And many people really want these areas, they want that choice of experience

[11:19] Moon Corrigible: Oh see I thought forfeitures were up - my misconception

[11:20] Ewan Mureaux: we have the land, why not focus on making it more useful

[11:20] Tammy Nowotny: I noticed you lowered the starting bid on auctions, Jack.

[11:20] Qie Niangao: I can see why abandoned land might be down: just a week or so ago I was picking up abandoned parcels, trying to glue them together.

[11:20] Jack Linden: We lowered them for the new area, we haven't decided if that will stick yet

[11:20] Talarus Luan: Yes, well, balancing decisions in favor of people who pay $0.05 in tier per month versus those who pay $125 a month is not exactly what I would call "balanced".

[11:21] Ewan Mureaux: there are abandoned continents, all the sanitised new areas do is cause ghettoisation

[11:21] Chaos Mohr: try 4000 a month in tier Talurus ;)

[11:21] Tammy Nowotny nods

[11:21] Talarus Luan: Oh, I don't doubt that, Chaos.. and probably more

[11:22] Fontte Newbold: Don't forget $25K Enterprise level support.

[11:22] Juko Tempel: Salazar are you typing? too far away maybe? i dont' see your comments?

[11:22] Salazar Jack: Jack, is Linden Lab growing the Grid too fast? Does the speed and expanse of it's growth put a strain in the infrastructure? And is this sudden and unexpected appearance of the island of Nautilus City a symptom of that?

[11:22] Juko Tempel: aah

[11:22] Salazar Jack: I'm just a slow thinker.

[11:22] Tammy Nowotny: it;'s even in old areas... I bought a 512 in Mindulle, a 2006-vintage 1st land sim, for $2k instead iof 2.2k this week

[11:22] Chaos Mohr: there is probably over 10k USD a month worth of tier payers sitting in this room right now

[11:22] Juko Tempel: nah

[11:22] Ewan Mureaux: its the LDPW the public is crying out for content where they have set up home and business, not to uproot to some bnew sim, dumping their land for buttons to end up paying bizarre amounts on new places

[11:22] Talarus Luan: Yup, and we probably represent the views of a lot more than that, too.

[11:23] Jack Linden: Salazar, good question and no. There is no 'scaling' element to the expansion if that is what you mean. We just want to give residents more choice about the way they live inworld.

[11:23] Fontte Newbold: Mm. Vocal minorities are fun. :D

[11:23] Tammy Nowotny: (I am down to US$75/month myself)

[11:23] Fontte Newbold: I need to get my stake from the last stakeholder's meetings.

[11:23] Jack Linden: And obviously we have to balance that with supply/demand and the current market

[11:24] Jack Linden: Nautlius is a drop in the ocean compared to the volume of land traded each month, it just happens to be very visible

[11:24] Talarus Luan: I just want the choice to live without abuse, fraud, and harassment everywhere I go.

[11:24] Salazar Jack: Jack, you mentioned on the Nautilus City wiki page that the regions of Nautilus City were a mystery because even after the Lindens had gridded that area "...we could never teleport there, and nothing ever showed on the map." Are there other areas that the Lindens have tried to grid with similar results? And if so, where are they?

[11:24] Fontte Newbold: More seriously, I'd like to see how the sales of mainland grid and their service implications impact LL's intention to move servers behind other corporate firewalls, like say, IBM.

[11:24] Fontte Newbold: I've always stated that it's not just the land, but also the service that LL provides that keeps things like OpenSim from really catching on.

[11:25] Jack Linden: Salazar, not that we know of. Though Magellan's new vehicle got broken in discovering Nautilus so it might be a while until we can explore again hehe

[11:25] Talarus Luan: A lot more than that, Fontte.. OpenSim is "missing" a lot of stuff, still

[11:25] Fontte Newbold: Yeah, I know.

[11:25] Fontte Newbold: I still run one in a VM.

[11:25] Jack Linden: Our service metrics have improved a lot through the last 8 months, response times and call times are all down

[11:26] Jack Linden: average telephone wait time for concierge customers is under 1 minute

[11:26] Chaos Mohr: I will say that concierge level support has always been excellent

[11:26] Fontte Newbold: Fact is though, if LL intends to remain the market leader in virtual world and land-based solutions, there's going to need to be a reasonable assumption of quality and rollout.

[11:26] Jack Linden: and we are still recruiting heavily into support

[11:26] Moon Corrigible: Call times being down is not necesarliy a good thing

[11:26] Fontte Newbold: Or in less buzzspeak:

[11:26] Ewan Mureaux: because more people have been cleared off to OS's and have a more direct contact

[11:26] Fontte Newbold: Give the people what they want.

[11:26] Jack Linden: call answer times Moon

[11:26] Jack Linden: quicker pickup

[11:27] Tammy Nowotny makes noteof what Jack said :-)

[11:27] Jack Linden: :)

[11:27] Ewan Mureaux: negating the need for much lkinden contact

[11:27] Moon Corrigible: Ahhh my bad - sorry

[11:27] Talarus Luan: Just a curiosity, I have heard someone being asked to lower their AR rate, because the *TWO* people handling land abuse ARs are overwhelmed.

[11:27] Jack Linden: where did you hear that Talarus

[11:27] Jack Linden: ?

[11:27] Fontte Newbold: I don't think OpenSim adoption is all that high. I think most people are still in "wait and see" mode.

[11:27] Timo Daehlie: it is true jack

[11:28] Fontte Newbold: Sans possibly the users at IBM.

[11:28] Ewan Mureaux: OS - open space sorry

[11:28] Jack Linden: we don't have a 'land AR team' as such. we have a governance team, which is managing load fine

[11:28] Fontte Newbold: Oh. Okay.

[11:28] Talarus Luan: Came to me from the grapevine.

[11:28] Timo Daehlie: i cant tell the persons name but talarus is right

[11:28] Fontte Newbold: It'd be nice if we had some transparency into what their load looks like.

[11:28] Fontte Newbold: Is the police blotter still up and about?

[11:28] Talarus Luan: yup

[11:29] Moon Corrigible: Wow that just seems like none of our business - lmao

[11:29] Juko Tempel: i must say i had two minor ARs dealt with very efficiently lately

[11:29] Talarus Luan: It's called the "Incident Report" on the support page.

[11:29] Fontte Newbold: Well. The pipeline for support is our business, since it directly impacts the service we see on the ground.

[11:29] Qie Niangao: I gather, then that we should take it that ARs that aren't addressed are being judged valid. Which is kind of what I surmised anyway.

[11:29] Fontte Newbold: Things do seem to have picked up in recent months, separate from the ad ban, too.

[11:30] Qie Niangao: (*not* valid)

[11:30] Talarus Luan: Yeah.. another "transparency" peeve of mine.

[11:30] Talarus Luan: But that's a longtime one.

[11:30] Tammy Nowotny: I got ARed msyelf right after the ad ban --- apparently from a neighbour who sued to be in the small parecel business

[11:30] Talarus Luan: ARs are black holes. You don't know if it got lost, ignored, was valid, etc.

[11:31] Fontte Newbold: Which reminds me. Jack: What is Linden's stance on Ad Farmers that are attempting to get around the ban by offloading the "50" rule directly onto their business associates' accounts?

[11:31] Tammy Nowotny: I had BanLink from the Arbor Project up... those were all quietly deleted, BTW

[11:31] Jack Linden: Fontte, if people try to get around the ban or promote other to, we will deal with that. there have been two very clear cases of that recently

[11:31] Jack Linden: both have stopped

[11:32] Fontte Newbold: Essentially, folks like Robo have -- what was the buzzword? -- running where he's directly setting up 50 ads for clients.

[11:32] Fontte Newbold: And offloading it onto their accounts.

[11:32] Talarus Luan: "BIG 50 Ad Program"

[11:32] Ewan Mureaux: the big 50!

[11:32] Fontte Newbold: I thought so.

[11:32] Ewan Mureaux: I want to set upo the bigger 50, give me 500k and i'll give you 50x1024m and you can be a ready made land baron

[11:32] Fontte Newbold: I have to admit. In terms of getting around the restriction, that would be brilliant... if this was the IRS.

[11:33] Jack Linden: I can't discuss individuals, but going against the spirit of the 'less advertising' decision is not cool

[11:33] Fontte Newbold: That's all I was hoping to hear.

[11:34] Talarus Luan: So, is this pretty much the end of the "new policy" implementation? IE, are we on the downhill side of it now?

[11:34] Juko Tempel: is OpenSpace takeup good?

[11:34] Tammy Nowotny: I mentioned the banlinks earlier... how/why were those deleted?

[11:35] Sarah Nerd: I have to divide a lot for someone. See you soon guys.

[11:35] Jack Linden: if you mean the ad farm issue, we're certainly in the latter stages of cleanup, but if you mean the overal push, we've only just started

[11:35] Chaos Mohr: tc Sarah :)

[11:35] Qie Niangao: have fun, Sarah

[11:35] Talarus Luan: The Arbor probes were killed by Arbor directly

[11:35] Ewan Mureaux: bye sarah

[11:35] Jack Linden: we've many more areas to tackle

[11:35] Jack Linden: bye sarah

[11:35] Tammy Nowotny: tc Saeah!

[11:35] Herne Diker: are the AR's helpful?

[11:35] Talarus Luan: Good, because landcutting has not abated.

[11:36] Jack Linden: incredibly helpful Herne

[11:36] Qie Niangao: Jack, a few weeks ago, you mentioned that next on the docket was policy to curb landcutting... what timeframe is that? ANd any update?

[11:36] Tammy Nowotny: it wasn't just a case of the list being cleared... the objects themselves vanished, even from my inventiry

[11:36] Jack Linden: yes, i was looking at some incredible land cutting today in Jun* something region

[11:36] Talarus Luan: We've got even more creative mess now. "Waffling"

[11:37] Ewan Mureaux: land cutting continues and the people who hold thousands of meters of land on tier waiting to rejoin are losing patience and are constantly let down with the management of land stock

[11:37] Talarus Luan: Though some had started some of that a while back

[11:37] Jack Linden: i would like to start the forum feedback loop in the next week or two on landcutting

[11:37] Jack Linden: see what the views/ideas are

[11:37] Chaos Mohr: having land available at 2.4/m isn't helping matters as the land cutters have so little capital they have to invest in order to destroy something

[11:37] Moon Corrigible: I"m sorry Talarus.. what is 'waffling?'

[11:38] Talarus Luan: Interesting, Tammy; I still have all my Clocktower probes in inventory

[11:38] Jack Linden: yeah the waffling thing is pretty awful

[11:38] Talarus Luan: Waffling.. well, let's see

[11:38] Talarus Luan: You take a good-sized plot..

[11:38] Talarus Luan: Say 1024-4096

[11:38] Tammy Nowotny: oh I checked again... I stil;l have a efw after all... I guess they just pinged all the vendors and probes and killed them

[11:38] Tammy Nowotny: I stand corrected

[11:38] Talarus Luan: Then you carve out a pattern of 16sqm holes in it, probably about 10%.

[11:39] Fontte Newbold: Mm. Waffles.

[11:39] Talarus Luan: Then you dump the larger plot to the landbots and leave the holes connected at some hidesoun price

[11:39] Talarus Luan: *hideous

[11:39] Ewan Mureaux: and the trick about setting the landing point in another piece of cut up land, tricking people into buying the wrong plot

[11:39] Talarus Luan: Yup

[11:39] Chaos Mohr: which of course the landbots cut up, sell at the bottom of the market, driving the market even lower

[11:39] Juko Tempel waves

[11:39] Moon Corrigible: Goodness what people wont think of!

[11:40] Fontte Newbold: Most of these people need to work in marketing.

[11:40] Talarus Luan: Well, what is bad is the poor landbot owner ends up holding the bag.

[11:40] Qie Niangao: or making license plates

[11:40] Talarus Luan: So, yeah, like Chaos says, he has to chop up the mess somehow to sell it

[11:40] Qie Niangao: Jungreung looks pretty well shredded.

[11:40] Chaos Mohr: Talurus, the landbot owners never end up holding the bag, they make so much off what they do get, even abandoning the crap doesn't hurt them

[11:40] Ewan Mureaux: I would like to see a map thhat that was less yellow, where people valued their land, could love it

[11:40] Jack Linden: Qie, that might be the one I saw

[11:41] Juko Tempel: me too Ewan

[11:41] Talarus Luan: Yeah.. I was being minimally sarcastic, but it still is a loss for them, especially as the practice continues to be allowed.

[11:41] Timo Daehlie: yeah and meet people instead of bots

[11:41] Melodie Darwin: so the waffle in jumeoni is pretty bad, is anything in the works for that amount of land fraud?

[11:41] Ewan Mureaux: trouble is another raft of purple will turn yellow by monday or tuesday

[11:42] Jack Linden: Melodie, yes, i think landcutting will have to be dealt with, probably by another policy shift that allows us to consider the practice as being against the ToS

[11:42] Talarus Luan: Checkerboarding used to be against the ToS.

[11:42] Talarus Luan: Why did that change?

[11:43] Timo Daehlie: can we report it as land fraude for now jack ?

[11:43] Jack Linden: checkerboarding, yes.. we used to frown on that, especially when done as harrassment.

[11:43] Jack Linden: reporting it wouild be good, it helps

[11:43] Talarus Luan: Well, uhh.. it is ALWAYS done as harassment, or fraud

[11:43] Timo Daehlie: ok .:)

[11:43] Jack Linden: we can detect it at our end, by looking for regions with high parcel counts, but it's more useful to get reports

[11:43] Jack Linden: as they tend to have more context

[11:44] Talarus Luan: Map overlay

[11:44] Talarus Luan: EASY to spot

[11:44] Moon Corrigible: Plus there's always the possibility of people cutting up their own land for different usages with no intention of selling it

[11:44] Talarus Luan: I can get you 30-40 of them in about 10 minutes

[11:44] Qie Niangao: Now, Talarus: you know kidnapping is just babysitting, with the aid of firearms. ;)

[11:44] Juko Tempel: lol

[11:44] Melodie Darwin: so if the policy shifts, will it include the cutting that has already been done?

[11:45] Jack Linden: ah yes, Jumeoni is the one I was reviewing earlier.

[11:45] Jack Linden: Yes Melodie

[11:45] Melodie Darwin: good

[11:45] Juko Tempel: can't warnings be sent before action is taken?

[11:45] Talarus Luan: Yes, but you buy a perfectly fine plot, carve it up TOTALLY into 16s, and then dump all but the corners, which you set for L$20000, I think it is pretty clear what is going on

[11:45] Jack Linden: (assuming the Cutter is still owning some of it)

[11:45] Moon Corrigible: Oh of course Talaurs *grin*

[11:45] Timo Daehlie: who buys 64m2 for 12999

[11:46] Talarus Luan: That, and I would like to see a "land grievance" board with policies for dealing with donut holes.

[11:46] Talarus Luan: and similar land grievances between residents.

[11:46] Qie Niangao: (oh, yes, Jumeoni makes quite a pretty map, it does.)

[11:47] Jack Linden: as we staff up against this stuff, you'll see them being dealt with more quickly. we've a number of open hirs specifically against Mainland

[11:47] Talarus Luan: Thing is, just like the previous two years of handwringing and backroom "discussion" about the issue, it goes on unabated.

[11:49] Talarus Luan: You definitely got the low-hanging fruit. No doubt. It's "better", but the problem still grows, because the source/cause/origin remains largely unaddressed.

[11:50] Jack Linden: It's a process Talarus, not a big switch we can just throw. We will go as quickly as we can, and you guys will judge whether we have done what is needed over the next few months I'm sure

[11:50] Jack Linden: We are highly motivated, believe me

[11:50] Timo Daehlie: some more months for me is 10000us$ + tier costs jack

[11:50] Talarus Luan: Actually, it easily could have been a "big switch". You already had/have the policy. You just have to choose to enforce/fix it.

[11:50] Timo Daehlie: plus low mainland prices ..

[11:50] Timo Daehlie: what would you do ?

[11:51] Talarus Luan: ..and yes, you assume that there will be any people left to give you feedback.

[11:51] Fontte Newbold: I think he's talking about the social implications, as opposed to the technical.

[11:51] Fontte Newbold: That does seem to be the gating factor to a lot of these discussions.

[11:52] Talarus Luan: The social implications of cleaning up the griefing and harassment with land are not really ultimately disputable.

[11:52] Ewan Mureaux: isnt tghe social implication causing "white-flight" to new sanitised managed areas at a higher rate than normal?

[11:52] Jack Linden: I'm a resident too Timo, and I'm keeping hold of my land because I know how rapidly it will improve. :)

[11:52] Qie Niangao: Jack: wanna buy some more? :p

[11:52] Juko Tempel: in which continent? i think it will vary..

[11:52] Fontte Newbold: The way I see it, the social element comes down to one clear factor: consistency.

[11:52] Juko Tempel: Sarah has some cheap...

[11:52] Talarus Luan: Yeah, really, I have 32ksqm if you're interested. :-/

[11:53] Fontte Newbold: If you can instill a sense of consistency and transparency into the enforcement process, I think we'll see a massive improvement.

[11:53] Fontte Newbold: Easier said than done, I know.

[11:53] Jack Linden: hehe. listen, i absolutely know how pressing these issues are, and I know how much resource they take to properly stop them. ad farms had to be the number one, as you guys all told us it was.

[11:53] Jack Linden: we will roll after the other areas as quickly as we can

[11:54] Fontte Newbold: Well. At the end of the day, it's all a connected process. If things transition from putting out specific fires to improving things as a whole, it'd be all for the better.

[11:54] Ewan Mureaux: Jack I have a different question, what about these ugly building put up saying "mainland is a piece of shit come live on my estate"

[11:54] Tammy Nowotny: you did fix the ad farms, Jack... Thanks! I was pleasantly surprised that it worked out as well as it did.

[11:54] Ewan Mureaux: why are they allowed?

[11:55] Talarus Luan: Yeah, see that in land search at times, too

[11:55] Jack Linden: Ewan.. do you have an example?

[11:55] Talarus Luan: Hiyas Yohan. :)

[11:55] Ewan Mureaux: yes, come to jubata at the great wall, look st the sim next door

[11:55] Yohan Pintens: Howdy :)

[11:55] Juko Tempel agrees about the ad farm

[11:56] Ewan Mureaux: there

[11:57] Ewan Mureaux: "dont buy land" "mainland is full of extortion and banlines"

[11:57] Jack Linden: Consider that Ad Farms were the biggest issue we had, and we have drastically improved the situation in just 4 weeks. That includes several hundred warnings/suspensions. So we can go very quickly when we need to.

[11:57] Juko Tempel: ready.. set.. go!

[11:57] Juko Tempel: lol

[11:57] Ewan Mureaux: and porno dispensers but those belong to the same people as who are saying "come tomy estate" so its clear their long term goal was toruin mainland

[11:58] Fontte Newbold: That's just it. We're not talking about a one-off thing, so much as a process of keeping issues LIKE ad farms and extortion at bay. ;)

[11:58] Talarus Luan: Yeah, Tarames Schuman did a lot of that, but she's gone now.

[11:58] Yohan Pintens: Jack in your spare time (ha!) can you share official names of the continents for those maps I just gave you?

[11:58] Ewan Mureaux: they have a load of "information" posters up

[11:58] Fontte Newbold: Because if the issue lapses, it will creep back into the system.

[11:58] Jack Linden: exactly Fontte. which takes constant vigilance and therefore resource.

[11:58] Jack Linden: which is what we're doing

[11:58] Juko Tempel: thanks Jack.. sorry have to go

[11:59] Talarus Luan: Yep. Looks like the hour is up.

[11:59] Fontte Newbold: I genuinely hope so. Fact is, you should not even *have* to tell me that's what you're doing. I should have access to an open copy of the charter or the precedent and be able to read it myself. ;)

[11:59] Fontte Newbold: But this is how these things go.

[11:59] Moon Corrigible: I do have a question I'd like to pose but its very much a niche issue and wont be of interest to most - I'm wondering if I can just notecard it to you so as not to waste everyone's tme?

[11:59] Tammy Nowotny: TYVM Jack

[11:59] Jack Linden: feel free Moon

[12:00] Moon Corrigible: thank you! I really appreciate that!

[12:00] Fontte Newbold: Have a good one.

[12:00] Jack Linden: okay guys, I have to run. take care everyone and thanks!