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This is an introduction/preamble for the topics raised by the jiras:


Prokofy Neva, and no doubt others, have have blogged about these issues. It's an important enough issue that the AWG has debated about it for a year, and recent Linden Office Hours have touched on it:

The Issue has arisen due to Zha Ewry's recent demo of logging into a beta-test SL grid and arriving in a private IBM=hosted OpenSIm, as part of the AWG project to make SL and OPenSim interoperate in various ways, as well as the creation of 3rd-party utilities that allow users to copy assets to OpenSim simulators.

It has gathered enough attention due to the discussions in the above jiras that Xan LInden will be guest-hosting Zero Linden's office hours on Tuesday, 1 July 2008, at 1PM SLT, to discuss them specifically. I'd like to start a conversation about these issues before the meeting and will suggest to Xan that the meeting needs to be hosted somewhere at bit larger than Zero's office, as his office hours have been known to attaract as many as 80 avatars before when the discussion topic was hot enough. I'd also like to suggest that we set some ground rules for the discussion to keep it from turning into a disaster. Perhaps a simple microphone object as is used with the GTeam office hours could help keep things under control.

Please add comments in the discussion section.