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  • London United Kingdom
  • mid 30's, married
  • System & Network Architect (Linux, FreeBSD), Consultant
  • significant development experience (various languages)

I love developing stuff, fiddling with networking and servers. I do that for a living on a freelance basis, but I can hardly let go in my spare time -- my wife got used to it, fortunately :-)

Currently, I'm particularly interested in viewer development. My own viewer, called Snowglobe:Frequency, contains a lot of features from other viewers, but unlike others it is based on the original Snowglobe code. We've published the first version of Snowglobe:Frequency on October 7th, and it has been downloaded over 1,000 times since then. We are currently looking for people with development experience in C++ on either Linux (currently no maintainer), Windows (maintainer: Alex Fride) or OSX (maintainer: me, myself & I).

Also, I'm maintaining a blog about my SL encounters and other stuff, or at least trying to. Feel free to check it out and comment.

And as plurk seems to be the most popular social network for SL residents, I am there, too.