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Inspired by the vote-links Microformat, I'm suggesting that voting for proposals on the wiki be done in the following format:

  1. Create, or otherwise reserve 3 articles within your user-space
    1. User:SignpostMarv Martin/vote/for
    2. User:SignpostMarv Martin/vote/against
    3. User:SignpostMarv Martin/vote/abstain (as defined in the vote-links microformat, votes default to abstain, and this page isn't necessary.
  2. When you come across a proposal, add a wiki link to it on the relevant page.
  • This frees up the talk page to discussion about the proposal
  • This makes it easier to reduce fraudulent voting (editing other's votes on a page, then attempting to bury them)
  • This makes it easier to verify voting, as the only edits in those 3 articles should be performed by the person making the vote, with no exceptions
  • Results of a vote can be viewed by accessing the Special:Whatlinkshere page for the proposal, and tallying the votes.

If you have any additional pros/cons, please sign them when adding them.

User-space based voting


  • Combats fraud
  • Keeps talk page to just discussion about a proposal rather than a series of Seconded, Against comments.
  • Allows people to pass a quick vote without having to read through the discussion
  • A person can change their vote without having to alter the edit history of an article.


  • Ballot counting would involve reading through the "what links here" page (ZOMG DEMOCRACY :-D)

Category based voting


  • MediaWiki does the counting


  • Database spam