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Silvana Schnyder

Hello i'am Silvana Schnyder

I work and live in the South Swiss area.

Technical Experience / Conoscenze Tecniche

Speaking Languages / Lingue

  • Italian
  • French
  • English

Second Life Experience / Esperienze Second Life

  • RL to SL Different RL project (RL Company presence)
  • Professional Build and Reproduction
  • Event's Arts, Concert, Disco, Promotion, Event Organizer
  • Huge "never see" Italian style Freebie Builder
  • Second Life Italian Speaking Mentor Area Reference and Builder
  • Second Life Mentor, Mentor Buddy, Mentor Building, Mentor Linguist.
  • Second Life Italian Speaking Mentor

SL Volunteer Island W (SLVIW) Second Life Italian Speaking Area / Area Mentori Lingua Italiana

  • A great place to relax and watch the sunset.
  • Un posto fantastico dove rilassarsi e guardare i tramonti.
  • Make of this space your space of culture and sharing, for an always better SL!
  • Trasforma questo spazio nel tuo spazio, per scambiari informazioni e migliorare Second Life!
  • any questions IM me Silvana Schnyder
  • per maggiori informazioni o domande inviami un IM Silvana Schnyder

Special Thank's and Reference

To all VTeam: George Linden, Blue Linden, Amber Linden, Mia Linden, Lexie Linden
Big Mentor Reference: Michel Lemmon, Robispy Barbosa

Office Hours

Silvana Schnyder

Contact me in IM