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Please note that the first 10 min of the OH seem to be missing from this transcript. However, I had difficulties logging in, that's all :) - Gruss, Simone

List of Attendees


[12:10] Phillie Rhode: Simone, Deine Argumente sind ja sooooooooo durchsichtig
[12:10] Jedda Mint: back
[12:10] Jewell Laryukov: *:::* WELCOME BACK *:::*
[12:10] Jewell Laryukov: sissy
[12:10] Phillie Rhode: ROFL
[12:10] Simone Linden: LOL
[12:11] Simone Linden: Na bitte!
[12:11] Jedda Mint: reloging
[12:11] Simone Linden: :)
[12:11] Jewell Laryukov: mhm
[12:11] Phillie Rhode: Erinnert an Hollow man
[12:11] Jewell Laryukov: also ich sehe immer noch nur einen Kopf und attachements
[12:11] Kuraiko Yoshikawa: jup
[12:11] Simone Linden: That is weird!
[12:11] Simone Linden: Hmh, I can see my complete avatar now.
[12:12] Phillie Rhode: Ich auch, ist doch egal. Solange man den Kopf sieht und den Chat lesen kann
[12:12] Jewell Laryukov: naja, das ist doch die Hauptsache ㋡
[12:12] Simone Linden: Yep
[12:12] Simone Linden: wb Jedda
[12:12] Jewell Laryukov: welcome back sissy
[12:12] Simone Linden: Do you speak German?
[12:12] Jedda Mint: Woofta. Net is bad herewhere Im visiting. lotsa deadzones :P
[12:12] Jedda Mint: Nope! Just a little french
[12:13] Jewell Laryukov: ich sehe den Rest ㋡
[12:13] Jedda Mint: Haha Jewell, :P I have nightmares in German, ahahah
[12:13] Simone Linden: Ok. that's fine. We will have the meeting in English then.
[12:13] Jewell Laryukov: aha das right
[12:13] Phillie Rhode: Ohhh, now I see Simone in full beauty!
[12:13] Jedda Mint: oh I don't mind
[12:13] Simone Linden: Ah, see...
[12:13] Jedda Mint: I dream in german :P hahahahha Right Jewell? :P
[12:13] Jewell Laryukov: my sissy is just here for toys, bears and to give me some company
[12:13] Simone Linden: So, the only official stuff I have today is that next week, there will be no meeting!
[12:14] Phillie Rhode: ohh
[12:14] Jewell Laryukov: yes, dreaming of evil germans...
[12:14] Jewell Laryukov: awww
[12:14] Jewell Laryukov: holidays again?
[12:14] Jedda Mint zips her lips.
[12:14] Simone Linden: I will be in a plane next week to San Francisco :)
[12:14] Simone Linden: to meet some other Lindens :)
[12:14] Simone Linden: Yay!
[12:14] Jewell Laryukov: oh even worse, a work trip ㋡
[12:14] Phillie Rhode: Family meeting?
[12:14] Simone Linden: And I won't arrive there until late, so I can't do the meeting!
[12:14] Phillie Rhode: ;-)
[12:15] Simone Linden: But I will be online on Tuesday, so if there is anything, just ping me on Tuesday.
[12:16] Phillie Rhode: Okies :D
[12:16] Simone Linden: Jewell, please say Thank you to Torben for finishing the JIRA he was translating.
[12:16] Jewell Laryukov: I will ㋡
[12:16] Jewell Laryukov: he wasn´t sure if he did a good job on that one but he tried
[12:17] Simone Linden: All our viewer strings were incorporated into the viewer...
[12:17] Jewell Laryukov: yay ㋡
[12:17] Simone Linden: I have a copy here on my Mac, we will have lots of truncations to fix!
[12:17] Jewell Laryukov: did you find the swear words I added?
[12:17] Jewell Laryukov: *kidding*
[12:17] Jedda Mint: Im telling!
[12:17] Phillie Rhode: hihi
[12:17] Simone Linden: I will try to start a bug spreadsheet before it goes into public beta... to log some of the worst bugs!
[12:18] Simone Linden: Once the public beta starts, then we I will ask you all for help again to help with the QA and bug hunting.
[12:18] Simone Linden: We can then still change strings that are wrong or too long, etc.
[12:18] Jewell Laryukov: is there a timeline yet?
[12:18] Simone Linden: Not really.... lol
[12:18] Jewell Laryukov: ok
[12:19] Jewell Laryukov: so this year...
[12:19] Simone Linden: I don't think they gave an official date yet....
[12:19] Simone Linden: Oh yes definitely!
[12:19] Jewell Laryukov: looking at the JIRA makes me think it might be around may
[12:19] Phillie Rhode: M mentioned first half of the year in his blog post
[12:19] Simone Linden: No,that should be a lot sooner.
[12:19] Simone Linden: for the public beta?
[12:20] Jewell Laryukov: just a guess, considering all the reported bugs ㋡
[12:20] Simone Linden: Yes. But they are working hard on the bugs...!
[12:20] Jewell Laryukov:
[12:20] Simone Linden: But if you guys get bored in the meantime, there are some JIRAs open.....
[12:21] Simone Linden: for translation and editing
[12:21] Jewell Laryukov: I might have time for a translation
[12:21] Simone Linden: There are two JIRAs were it says 'unassigned' but the status says
[12:21] Jewell Laryukov: is there something short without legal stuff?
[12:21] Phillie Rhode: I dont think I have time the next weeks
[12:21] Simone Linden: Editing in Progress and Translation in Progress, however, they are not.
[12:21] Simone Linden: I just could not reset the Status.
[12:21] Simone Linden: They are to be translated and the other to be edited.
[12:22] Jewell Laryukov: do you have the number at hand?
[12:22] Simone Linden: CT/426
[12:22] Simone Linden: Ct-466
[12:22] Phillie Rhode: If I am inside SL, I make my travels on the Linden roads to bother the LDPW withtheir bugs ;-)
[12:23] Phillie Rhode: Heya Youri
[12:23] Youri Ashton: hello
[12:23] Youri Ashton: ty simone :p
[12:23] Simone Linden: CT/559
[12:23] Simone Linden: Hi Youri!!!
[12:24] Youri Ashton: :)
[12:24] Jewell Laryukov: hi Youri
[12:24] Simone Linden: yw, Youri!
[12:24] Simone Linden: Was the planned meeting with the Dutch NDA group?
[12:24] Jewell Laryukov: I´ll take CT-466 for translation
[12:24] Youri Ashton: mm... is it me or is the couch slightly tilted?
[12:24] Simone Linden: Yay!!! Many thanks, Jewell! That's awesome!
[12:25] Phillie Rhode: Do you have your AO active?
[12:25] Jewell Laryukov: I won´t be able to stay within the deadline though
[12:25] Simone Linden: LOL, Youri.
[12:25] Youri Ashton: lol, noticed it :p
[12:25] Simone Linden: hehe. Jewell.
[12:25] Jewell Laryukov: ;)
[12:25] Simone Linden: I think this is a long article.
[12:25] Simone Linden: I will reset it.
[12:26] Jewell Laryukov: it´s not that long, mostly videos
[12:26] Simone Linden: Ah, ok.
[12:26] Simone Linden: I mixed it up with CT426
[12:26] Simone Linden: But that one is for editing.
[12:26] Jewell Laryukov: and pretty short sentences: "Click Map."
[12:27] Simone Linden: Perfect!
[12:27] Jewell Laryukov: Yuuuuuuuus!
[12:29] Simone Linden: I have nothing else to share with you today!!! How about you guys?
[12:29] Simone Linden: Any questions?
[12:29] Jewell Laryukov: noppers ㋡
[12:29] Youri Ashton: only NDA stuff
[12:29] Youri Ashton: think i best discuss with my own group and ramzi
[12:30] Simone Linden: Yeah, Youri. That is probably the best.
[12:30] Simone Linden: Unless you have any quesitons that can't wait.
[12:30] Simone Linden: But then we take it somewhere else.
[12:31] Jewell Laryukov: so cool!
[12:31] Jewell Laryukov: short office hours are :)
[12:31] Youri Ashton: only direct questions to ramzi and my team
[12:31] Jewell Laryukov: *giggles*
[12:32] Simone Linden: Hehe.
[12:32] Simone Linden: Yeah. Sorry, short OH tonight....
[12:32] Simone Linden: well, if no-one has questions, that is.
[12:33] Jewell Laryukov: us go play?
[12:33] Youri Ashton: was just popping in for a break more :p
[12:33] Jedda Mint: Wif crayons?
[12:33] Jewell Laryukov: aha
[12:33] Simone Linden: thanks for stopping by, Jewell and Jedda!
[12:33] Jewell Laryukov: Guten Flug Simone ㋡
[12:33] Simone Linden: Have fun playing!
[12:33] Simone Linden: Danke, Jewell :)
[12:33] Youri Ashton: have fun ladies :)
[12:33] Jedda Mint: *˜`*❤*˜`* I LUV U *˜`*❤*˜`*
[12:33] Jewell Laryukov: I´m horrendously jealous that you get to go to SF
[12:33] Simone Linden: huggles
[12:34] Simone Linden: I sooo look forward to it!!!!!
[12:34] Simone Linden: Can NOT wait!!!
[12:34] Jewell Laryukov: omg I bet
[12:34] Jewell Laryukov: bye bye all
[12:34] Youri Ashton: bye bye :p
[12:34] Simone Linden: Bye!!
[12:34] Jewell Laryukov: us go home sissy?
[12:34] Jedda Mint: ⓞⓚⓐⓨ
[12:38] Simone Linden: Kurai, Phillie? Alles klar bei Euch?
[12:39] Kuraiko Yoshikawa: jub alles klar ^^
[12:40] Simone Linden: Hehe. Ich habe leider nix mehr zu berichten. :(
[12:40] Youri Ashton: hello klaus
[12:40] Kuraiko Yoshikawa: ja hab ich mitbekommen *g* willst uns loswerden? ^^
[12:41] Simone Linden: Noe, duerft gerne hierbleiben!
[12:42] Kuraiko Yoshikawa: naja ich geh trotzdem mal :D viel spass bei deinem 'ausflug' ^.~
[12:42] Youri Ashton: have fun kur :)
[12:43] Youri Ashton: and yes, i can read a little german :p
[12:43] Simone Linden: Danke, Kurai!
[12:43] Simone Linden: Have a nice evening!!!
[12:43] Kuraiko Yoshikawa: nix zu danken ^_^
[12:44] Simone Linden: Oki. Philie. Ich mach mich vom Acker!
[12:44] Youri Ashton: bye phillie
[12:44] Simone Linden: Vielen DAnk, dass Du hier warst :)
[12:44] Simone Linden: Schoenen Abend noch!!1
[12:46] Phillie Rhode: Guten Flug Simone
[12:46] Phillie Rhode: Komm' gesund wieder
[12:46] Simone Linden: Danke, Phillie!
[12:46] Simone Linden: Mach ich :)

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