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Stone is working to make RL connect to SL. Although many SL users prefer to keep the two separate, there are many situations where a resident may want or need to get a message to someone in SL while not able to sign in to SL themselves. This can be done easily with a "Stone IM Server". Although as of this writing, Stone has not completed the IM Server, Early testing shows it will work exactly as intended and will be of benefit to anyone wishing to stay in touch with friends, customers, employees, and anyone else they desire to contact. The IM server works by waiting for data from a website ([1]) looks up the UUID of the avitar, and sends the message. The server costs L$50 per week (currently about $0.19 USD), and has a one time purchase price of L$150 which includes the first week. (These prices are subject to change). There will also be an email server (price not yet determined) which will have no usage fees, but has no web front-end. Instead, an email template will be completed and emailed to the server. Both servers will allow other residents to send emails or text messages to the owner (if enabled by the owner). One additional communication tool Stone is developing is the "Stone SL Phone" which will allow complete 2 way communication to and from any Stone SL Phone user via an interactive web site (URL to be determined). Stone's users wear the phone in their HUD and at any time (must be on a property which allows script execution) can contact another user, even if they are not logged in. The website will securely store users RL contact info and will send a SMS text message, email, or AIM message notifying them that another user is trying to contact them. There will be options to prevent unwanted contacts including block/allow lists, do not disturb hours, and "emergency only" contact where users can give a password to contacts to override a do not disturb setting.

LSL Class:

Stone is someone who believes that knowledge is power and everyone should be empowered to be able to create. This philosophy is why Stone is preparing to teach anyone interested about scripting in Second Life for free. Scripting can be very fun, and so his class will be too. This is not just about what functions do what and where to put them, Stone's class focuses on how to take advantage of readily available tools and self help as well. All projects are based on what students want to achieve, so you will be pointed in the right direction the whole time.

Custom Scripting:

There are many times someone wants a reasonably simple scripted object, but it seems that it doesn't exist, costs too much, or is too complicated for it's intended used. An IM to Stone or notecard describing your needs, and Stone will reply with a reasonable price if he is able to do it. Stone does these small jobs for a very small price so he can resell these items to others who might need them too. This way, your cost of a custom script is distributed to others with the same needs.